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Curie.Bio Raises $380M Pro Rata Series A Fund To Support Portfolio Companies Through Clinical Trials

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 26, 2024-- We’re excited to announce today that we have closed $380 million for our latest fund, bringing the total funds raised by Curie.Bio to nearly $1 billion. These funds will enable us to continue investing in successful early-stage therapeutics companies on their path to generating meaningful clinical data. We anticipate that the majority of this capital will be directed towards Series A rounds for clinical proof-of-concept studies, demonstrating clinical benefits for patients.

Visit our website or read our post below to learn more about our unique model and incredible team.

Curie.Bio: a better VC model for all biotech founders

We built Curie.Bio to free the founders. Curie.Bio significantly improves your ability to create impactful medicines while minimizing long-term dilution. Our unparalleled team and capital-efficient model provide you with immediate access to the industry’s top drug hunters, operators, and R&D services from day one.

With better planning and more progress at the seed stage, you’ll have a significantly higher chance of a future where you retain agency and upside from your company’s success. We’ve raised nearly $1 billion to provide founders with the world’s best people and to fund their companies from the idea stage to meaningful clinical data.

What do we offer?

• Services from an unparalleled team: We provide all the essential functions of a large biotech company, so you don't have to build them yourself. Our 50-person team of experienced drug hunters and biotech operators, typically inaccessible or too expensive for small biotech companies, joined us full-time to support our early-stage portfolio. They work as fully integrated members of your team on a day-to-day basis. We leverage this institutional IQ to make sure you have everything and everyone you need to reach the milestones that unlock your next round of funding at a higher valuation. We do real work.

o Co-Piloting: Our co-pilots help you define and execute the best possible seed work plan. This group has made significant contributions to 150+ clinical-stage drugs and 30+ registered products. With expertise in the art of drug hunting, we help you choose the best therapeutic targets and the right TPPs to enable efficacy in the optimal indications. We guide you in setting appropriate, value-inflecting milestones based on future investor feedback and tailor experimental plans to achieve those milestones. We evaluate each data readout with you to help determine which experiments need to be adjusted from the initial plan. We monitor and help you react to updates from your competitors to ensure you’re always aiming for best-in-class.
o Founder Services: We support you in all aspects of building your company so you can execute your plan more efficiently. We interview drug discovery vendors and help you select the ones that get shit done. We help identify the expertise needed to support your key programs and access the right experts. We help you source, recruit, interview, and hire top talent. We help you run the fundraising process to maximize interest from later-stage investors and partners.

• Excellence In Execution: We get the best people in the world to help you make impactful medicines. This ensures our invested capital drives the most progress.

o External R&D: With over 200 CRO partnerships, we’ve turned the global vendor ecosystem into an on-demand R&D service for our portfolio companies. This ensures you get the best team at the best CRO to complete each experiment in your R&D plan. Our scale provides leverage in pricing, quality, and speed that small, early-stage companies cannot access alone.
o Drug Discovery All-Stars: We’ve created an optional, fractional staffing service to help fill operational and scientific gaps on your team. Our CXOs and Drug Makers in Residence are highly skilled in the craft of drug making and help you execute experimental plans.

What do we invest in? Our portfolio of 20 early-stage therapeutics companies includes a wide diversity of founder backgrounds, therapeutic areas, drug modalities, and geographies. We invest in platform and asset-centric companies, and in either case, each of the company’s programs must have blockbuster potential ($1B peak sales) on their own.

How does our model work better for founders? We helped our first portfolio company, Forward Therapeutics, develop clinic-ready therapies with blockbuster potential in less than 18 months on just $8M of capital. That helped the founders to raise a $50M Series A at an impressive 5-fold valuation step-up, enabling them to retain substantial equity in their company.

We believe the single greatest unlock of innovation in biotech over the next decade will come from giving founders with great therapeutic ideas the support and access they need to build successful companies.

Do you have a therapeutic idea worthy of funding? Connect with Curie.Bio here.

Dan Budwick

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