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VCPro Database 2022 25th Edition

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VCPro Database 2022 is a downloadable venture capital and private equity directory with complete profiles of over 6,800 venture capital and private equity firms worldwide. Compiled by a veteran VC researcher, VCPro Database is available in both Windows and macOS formats.

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AGC Partners  —  Investment Banks 

Aquilo Partners, L.P.  —  Investment Banks 

Cascadia Capital LLC  —  Investment Banks 

Dominion Partners, L.C.  —  Investment Banks 

Gerken Capital Associates  —  Financial Advisors 

Healthcare Growth Partners  —  Investment Banks 

High Tech Ventures  —  Human Resources 

Hyde Park Capital Partners, LLC  —  Investment Banks 

Mackinac Partners  —  Financial Advisors 

MidCap Advisors, LLC  —  Investment Banks 

NewOak Capital Markets LLC  —  Financial Advisors 

Proskauer Rose LLP  —  Attorneys 

Salem Partners  —  Investment Banks 

SDR Ventures, Inc.  —  Investment Banks 

Stonington Capital Advisors  —  Placement Agent 

The Sage Group, LLC  —  Investment Banks 

Walker Sands Communications  —  PR & IR Firms 

Wye River Group, Inc.  —  Financial Advisors 

XMS Capital Partners  —  Investment Banks