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"The VCPro database has been invaluable in keeping up with the priorities and focus of VC and private equity businesses around the globe as a fast-track way to match with lead investors. Highly recommended no matter what your stage of business."

Marie Ryan

"I have been using VC Pro for years to great success. Of particular note, is Doug's level of customer a word, "Superb""

Martin Weitzman
Managing Director
Gilbert Career Services

"We are a market research and consulting firm that studies breakthrough technologies in the life sciences. Venture capital firms play an important role in commercializing new technologies in the sciences and frequently turn to us to help them in their evaluation of investment opportunities. When it came time to refresh our marketing list we evaluated numerous sources but chose VCPro over the others due to its breadth, currency, database functionality and export features. VCPro is an excellent product backed by responsive customer support."

Bill Kelly
BioInformatics LLC

"I was referred to VCPro by a VC pro who gave it a glowing review, and even so I was surprised how really good it is, full of up-to-date data and super-easy to use.

In a sense, VCPro's name is misleading, because VCPro is a lot more than a tool for finding venture capital. I'm using it right now to locate multi-billion dollar hedge funds able to underwrite two large, overseas mixed urban developments (with traditional and R&D uses). VCPro has almost all the information I need to serve my clients, at the touch of a Search engine.

Support has been excellent, often within the same day or even hour of a request -- and always useful.

How Access InterComm manages to keep VCPro up to date with the vast amount of data it provides, and still keep the price down, is beyond me ... it's one of the best software/directory values I've come across, ever. In terms of locating capital and investors, it's simply the best thing out there.

I recommend VCPro without reservation. Buy yourself a copy and several copies for your friends -- now! They'll thank you for it."

Robert Jacobson, Ph.D.
Bluefire Consulting

"My firm consults to VC and PE backed companies. We have used VCPro to both help our clients identify new sources of capital and for our firm to prospect for new business.

This is an incredible product. The information is complete, accurate and presented in a great format. The export ability is very powerful and we use this feature constantly to import to Outlook and a CRM product.

The value is amazing. For comparable products, you will pay at least 5X to 10X and it will be far inferior to VCPro."

Joe Faris
Accountalent Management Corp.

"As it enables startups to identify potential investors with pinpoint accuracy, VCPro Database is an essential tool for technology entrepreneurs. We have successfully used the database to identify expert speakers for panels, conferences and other events. The regular database updates are invaluable in an industry that moves as rapidly as ours."

David Smith
Silicon Valley Business School

"Speaking of VCPro Database I have found this source of information to be extremely valuable because of the way the information can be sorted, saved, moved to mail programs and notated in other applications. It just works with no hassles and no software capability hang-ups. For business expansion focus this information is the absolute best value in data base content anywhere."

Will Robertson
Entrepreneur's Association of California

"We're owners of six companies and we were seeking finance for three. We spent six or eight months trying to work with "finders." All fine people but frankly, they didn't bring interest from a single source.

We used your database.

In two to three weeks we now have upwards of over 100 real funders actively working one of our three companies.

Your information is very current and accurate. Your database set-up is easy to use. By the way, the total value we're raising for our three companies combined is slightly under $32,000,000.

It was well worth the $100.

Thanks again."

Mark Clancy
President and CEO, Troubled Company News
Corporate Secretary, HealthCentrics, Inc.
Corporate Secretary, Florida Engineered Construction Products
Partner, Elite Corp.

"We have used VCPro Database as the source for contacting private equity firms regarding our acquisition program. Specifically, we recently sent our criteria to over 600 private equity firms and have received several promising responses."

Howard Rush
AWH Corporation

"I have found the VCPro Database to be a very useful tool for developing business for our executive search firm. I am capable of targeting a variety of venture capital groups via different geographies. It is a valuable tool for developing business for our organization."

Jason Matkowski
Evan Scott Group

"I am a very satisfied customer and user of the VCPro Database. By far it is the best of the several tools I use to identify and "qualify" VCs for my clients."

Phil Lancaster, CPA
Vice President
Pine State Capital

"This is a unique application that is a pleasure to use. It provides accurate and reliable information with no hassle. I found it to be far superior to anything else on the market. It has added considerably more value to the service that I provide to my clients."

Larry Cobb
Business Plan Preparation Service

"I have used the VCPro Database very extensively and I have been able to develop some very good strategic relationships with a number of the members. Further VCPro has allowed me the ability to diversify our business by partnering with firms that specialize in different areas than I may have considered before. Our business is about successfully projects and VCPro has aided us substantially."

Marvin Boyko
Tyco Capital Ltd.

"I found VCPro Database to be the most efficient means of targeting VC's per our industry, amount requested and location. Unbeatable for the cost of admission."

Kelly T. Burris
Illumine Studios

"We have found that with the aid of the database we have been able to provide greatly enhanced information services to our clients - a real success!"

Paul F. Sumner
Operations Director
B.L.I.F. Ltd.

"Your database has saved us months in mapping out potential partners for future co investment opportunities. Great work!"

Aaron Rothenberg
Senior Associate
Giza Venture Capital

"The VCPro Database has allowed me to maximize profits by drastically reducing the amount of time required to find the most appropriate investor for each project and everyone knows that time is money!"

Melissa Gard
Commercial Loan Broker

"VCPro Database has allowed us to expand our net of VC sources, especially outside the US. Additionally, we are able to perform more efficient searches using the defined search criteria functionality."

Paul R. Pillat
Senior Vice President
Hartsfield Capital

"I found VCPro Database very easy to use especially looking for Venture Capitalists which also save my time when searching. It is a very powerful tools for entrepreneur to use it."

Hee Seng, Kok
K-Edu Dot Com Sdn Berhad

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