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Haven Energy Raises $7M Series A Funding Round

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Led by Giant Ventures, the round includes participation from Lerer Hippeau and Raven One Ventures, and new participation from Comcast Ventures, LifeX, TO VC, and Habitat Partners

The Climate Tech Company Announces The Launch of a New Sales Platform to Drive Consumer Home Battery System Adoption

LOS ANGELES, January 30, 2024-- Haven Energy, a climate tech company that is accelerating the adoption of home battery systems, today announced a total of $7 million in Series A funding. The round includes returning investors Lerer Hippeau, Giant Ventures, and Raven One Ventures, and new participation from Comcast Ventures, LifeX, TO VC and Habitat Partners. Haven Energy has experienced rapid growth in its first year of operation by streamlining the entire process of getting a home battery, from installation to ongoing energy management. The company will use its latest raise to grow its footprint in new markets and to launch a first-of-its-kind software platform for selling home battery storage at scale, opening new revenue streams for solar and home energy partners.

Haven Energy is co-founded by a team of Casper and Uber executives, including Vinnie Campo, Jeff Chapin, and Philip Krim.

“We anticipate that over half of US homes will have energy storage by 2030 and we want to be front and center to help lead the transition," said Vinnie Campo, founder and CEO of Haven Energy. "Home battery systems are one of the best investments a homeowner can make – lowering monthly electric bills, putting an end to power outages, and paving the way to energy independence.”

“Battery storage is crucial in the race to net zero, because it solves one of the major barriers to renewable energy scaling: intermittency,” said Tommy Stadlen, Co-Founder of Giant Ventures, who led the round. “We are doubling down on our previous investment in the company after witnessing first-hand the extraordinary demand generated by what is one of the strongest teams building in the climate technology space globally.”

“Americans are increasingly investing in home electrification and battery backup systems as the benefits and incentives for clean technologies continue to grow,” said Marc Silberman, Partner, Comcast Ventures. “With the founding team’s deep consumer and industry expertise, we’ve been impressed with how Haven Energy has been able to simplify the installation process in a way that aims to help speed and scale adoption. This investment also aligns with Comcast’s ongoing focus on decarbonization as part of our carbon neutral goal as well as improving the resilience and reliability of services critical to homeowners.”

The clean tech economy has grown to include over 100,000 professional sales representatives in the solar industry alone. Yet, none have access to a tailored platform designed specifically to support the sale and installation of home battery systems. Sales representatives play an important role in educating consumers – a survey conducted in June 2023 by Haven Energy online through AYTM among 1000 adults 18+ located in California found that 34% of respondents are unaware of home battery storage and over 78% of are unaware of federal and state subsidies for installations.

Haven Energy’s new sales platform will support sales teams with a robust suite of tools for reaching consumers and scaling their business opportunities in the home battery system market. The platform includes smart tools, tailored quoting, industry-leading installation times, and competitive payouts. The sales platform will be an important tool in informing consumers, scaling home electrification, and speeding up the transition to clean energy.

“Haven Energy is a game-changer in the clean tech industry because it's the first company to streamline both the sales process and the installation of home batteries,” said Robert Stoeckle, Haven Energy Sales Consultant. “Now I have all the tools I need to educate the customer, customize their quote, and manage the experience from start to finish. Haven has opened the door to a lucrative career in home battery system installations, advancing clean energy resilience, and supporting a climate-smart future.”

Home battery systems can be connected to solar panels or directly to the grid for emergency backup power. A 13 kWh battery can power the basic operations of a house for at least 24 hours. Software maintained by the company automatically switches a home to draw from its stored energy reserves during an outage and reduces electricity bills by $500-$1,000 per year through optimized time-of-use (TOU) programming. Some localities may permit selling stored energy back to utility companies.

Haven Energy recently launched a virtual power plant (VPP), available to all California homeowners who have energy storage. Enrolling in Haven's VPP program helps people improve the resilience of their community, earn income from their stored energy during periods of peak demand, and bring down the cost of home battery ownership.

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About Haven Energy

Haven Energy is a climate tech company that is accelerating the adoption of home energy storage. Haven guides homeowners through the selection, quoting, and financing of a home battery system, pairing homeowners with vetted, qualified electricians to perform the installation. Post-installation, Haven works with homeowners to integrate their batteries into an aggregated virtual power plant, enabling customers to monetize participation in grid services and significantly reduce their electricity costs. For more information, visit

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