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Kinspire Raises $3.6M to Reimagine Pediatric Occupational Therapy By Including Parents for Better Outcomes

DENVER, Colo., January 20, 2023-- Kinspire, the leading pediatric occupational therapy platform designed to pair expert therapists with parents, co-founded by Lily Baiser and Robert Seigel, today announced it has closed $3.6 million in seed funding. The round was co-led by Corazon Capital and Looking Glass Capital, with participation from Difference Partners, Great Oaks VC, Service Provider Capital, The Fund, Copper Wire Ventures, and Bradley Tusk.

Launched in 2020, Kinspire provides a family-centered and value-based care model for pediatric occupational therapy to families of children with developmental delays and disabilities. Roughly 1 in 6 children in America are diagnosed with developmental delays or disabilities and can greatly benefit from services such as occupational therapy. However, long waitlists for evaluations, high costs of services, and inconvenient provider distribution produce accessibility and affordability constraints.

Moreover, studies have repeatedly demonstrated that involving parents in their child's occupational therapy leads to better outcomes and faster progress. Despite this, traditional OT approaches do not always fully incorporate parent involvement. These constraints often lead to significant delays or a complete lack in children receiving critical pediatric therapeutic services, such as occupational therapy.

“The current model for delivering development support services to children fails far too many kids. We have invested in Kinspire to accelerate its mission to make occupational therapy more accessible, affordable, and effective,” said Sam Yagan, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Corazon Capital.

In response, Kinspire has pioneered an entirely new approach to pediatric occupational therapy designed to empower parents to support their child's therapy at home and become an active member of the treatment team. This family-centered care model is in alignment with Harvard’s Center for the Developing Child and Early Intervention Programs. The Spiral Foundation conducted a 12-week study on the use of the Kinspire app for occupational therapy in pediatrics. Over 70% of parents reported that Kinspire made it easier to select activities for home therapy, and the study concluded that the app has preliminary potential as a tool for augmenting clinic-based services. Guided by Kinspire’s expert occupational therapists, children receive high-quality care and parents learn the skills, strategies, and techniques needed to help their child reach their full potential and reduce their own stress. By focusing on the unique needs and goals of each child, Kinspire provides the most effective and efficient care possible for the entire family unit.

"As a parent who has personally gone through OT with my child, I have seen firsthand the benefits of being an active participant in the therapy process. That's why we have made it a cornerstone of our pediatric OT platform at Kinspire. This funding allows us to create high levels of collaboration between therapists and parents for better outcomes and faster progress for every child.” said Robert Seigel, CEO & Co-Founder of Kinspire.

Unlike traditional occupational therapy, families who use Kinspire pay a monthly membership fee for Kinspire’s multimodal connection to their therapist. Families receive around-the-clock support from their Kinspire therapist with unlimited messaging services, a live 1:1 monthly session, daily parent education, and ongoing access to Kinspire’s mobile app and video library to monitor and measure progress.


Kinspire is the leading family-centered and value-based care model for pediatric occupational therapy on a mission to deliver the highest quality developmental care with better outcomes in less time. Currently providing services in Florida, California, Colorado, and Texas. Kinspire accepts FSA and HSA and is actively working to expand its list of insurance coverage providers to ensure its services are accessible to more children and families.

For more information about Kinspire, please visit

Christina Goldstein

Jennifer Mingucci