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Aptible Closes $12 Million Series A Funding, Launches Small Business Security Management Platform

New product Aptible Comply targets underserved small business market with simpler workflow for security and compliance

SAN FRANCISCO, June 18, 2019-- Aptible, a leading provider of secure, compliant infrastructure hosting, today announced it has closed $12 million in Series A funding led by Maverick Capital, with additional investors Thrive Capital and Western Technology Investment. The company has used the funding to launch its new security management platform, Aptible Comply (, which helps companies of all sizes to automate security and compliance workflows for common regulations and security frameworks such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR.

“We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about security and compliance and turned that into Aptible Comply,” said Chas Ballew, Aptible’s co-founder and CEO. “We’ve been fortunate enough to help hundreds of innovative companies deploy assets to the cloud securely, and assist them in passing compliance audits along the way.” Ballew served on active duty in the Army as a lawyer at the Pentagon where he was a regulatory expert.

Delivered as software-as-a-service so it’s easy to implement, Aptible Comply fills a major need for companies that have historically had little choice but to wade through complicated sets of disjointed documents, build a DIY solution from document management tools, or engage an audit prep consultant for a short term project. Comply automates much of the compliance process and puts in place best practices that integrate with modern workflows for maintaining on-going security. Comply acts as a consistent source of truth for security and privacy activities, keeping companies in compliance with audit frameworks but also helping them continuously improve security/privacy.

“We’ve designed Aptible Comply to act as a company’s first security hire,” said Frank Macreery, Aptible CTO.

"At Maverick Ventures, we partner with early stage companies solving large unmet needs with novel approaches. Data security and privacy has been largely ignored by many small companies, but that’s no longer possible,” said Matt Kinsella, Managing Director, Maverick Capital, who led the Series A investment in Aptible. “As regulatory pressures and public scrutiny about privacy practices increase, building a strong security management program is paramount for companies of all sizes. Aptible helps companies automate away the pain of complying with security rules, while increasing confidence in data privacy and protection."

Key Use Cases for Comply

Achieving Certification in Regulated Industries
Teams trying to bring great ideas to market in regulated industries need to achieve and maintain compliance and prove to regulators that they're carrying out the activities required for compliance. Aptible Comply helps companies build a central record of what should happen around security, what did happen, and what the difference is; making it easier for the teams to be compliant and to prove it to regulators.

Making Vendor Security Questionnaires Turnkey
Teams are being asked earlier and earlier to prove that they're secure. Customers are asking startups questions that previously were only asked of enterprise companies. These questionnaires slow down the sales cycle and can complicate deals. Aptible Comply gives companies a single source of truth; a best-in-class security program that they can export and hand to a customer or bring the customer in and point to in order to say "This is what we're doing around security."

Objectively improving Data Protection
Teams, regardless of size, are spending more time and money trying to protect data, but hardware and network security alone are insufficient. For data protection to be successful, it requires a people-centric view of security. Security needs to be built into your culture. Aptible Comply helps teams understand what needs to be done to protect data and why it is so important. It gives companies a way to get everyone aligned around being secure and treating data with the proper care.

Success Stories for Lighthouse Aptible Customers

PathAI is using Aptible Comply to Build Trust with High-Profile Partners and Customers
PathAI’s mission is to use machine learning to help pathologists change the way patients are diagnosed and treated. To tackle this mission, PathAI has partnered with companies like Philips, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “When I first learned about Aptible, I had never been so excited about security work,” said Joe Adu, Director of IT and Information Security Officer at PathAI. Ultimately, with Aptible Comply Adu and his team were able to achieve ISO 27001 certification without slowing down key projects, proving to customers and partners that the company is investing in security. Read more about PathAI's engagement with Aptible (

Fortmatic uses Aptible Comply to Build New Blockchain Infrastructure and Drive Web.30 Adoption
Arthur Jen, Co-Founder of Fortmatic, says Aptible Comply helped Fortmatic to quickly draft the guidelines, including the policies and procedures, needed in order to maintain security and become SOC 2 compliant. “SOC 2 is really important because we want our end users to know we take security and integrity seriously.” With Aptible, Arthur says that Fortmatic is able to “secure our SOC 2 audit very quickly.” Watch a video describing Fortmatic’s engagement with Aptible (

About Aptible

Aptible gives small companies easy access to enterprise-grade information security, providing a competitive advantage that helps them to scale their businesses faster and more efficiently. Business leaders at 150 of the fastest growing companies use Aptible Comply (formerly Gridiron) to quickly and confidently create a Security Management program that demonstrates strong data protection policies, while automating the procedures needed to ensure ongoing compliance. Developer teams at 250 innovative companies use Aptible Deploy (formerly Enclave) to deploy secure, audit-ready apps without sacrificing the speed of software development. With Aptible, companies can be confident that they are always audit-ready and continuously communicate that trust to customers, auditors, and regulators. Aptible also supports small companies with free educational resources, such as our upcoming Security Management Guide. To learn more about Aptible, visit

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