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Healthcare Growth Partners

2001 Kirby Drive, Suite 814
Houston, TX 77019
United States

Christopher McCord, Managing Director
Type of Business:
Investment Banks
Services Offered:
Mergers and Acquisitions - Buy-side and Sell-side Advisory; Capital Strategy - Venture Capital, Growth Capital, and Recapitalizations; Corporate Strategy - Strategy Development, Partnership Development, and Market Analysis; and Valuation - Fairness Opinions, Fair Market Valuations, and 409A Valuations.


Healthcare Growth Partners is an exceptionally experienced Investment Banking and Strategic Advisory firm exclusively focused on the transformational Health IT market.

Disclaimer: does not take a commission on sales. Additionally, we cannot make any guarantees about the services provided by these firms or their response time. This service is provided "as is," and the purpose of it is to save you time; it lets you reach these firms quickly by forwarding your mail to people who can determine if there is a match between your needs and the services they provide.

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