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Venture Capital Presentation / Pitch

Sample venture capital pitch / presentation for sale
This is a PowerPoint presentation for firms that are looking to begin pitching for angel investment or venture capital. Whether it be venture capitalists, angels or strategic investors, the pitch must follow certain criteria within certain time constraints.  This presentation was developed over the course of over 50 pitches to venture capital institutions and angel investors all over the country.  This investment pitch raised over $9 million in venture financing for my company and is used as a template in my consulting practice for other startup companies seeking to raise capital.

The pitch now has three sections.

This is the actual sample Investment Pitch. Each slide has a corresponding notes page, so don't forget to "view" the notes.

19 slides

Tips on how to customize your pitch to your audience, whether it be venture capitalist, banker, angel, or friends and family! Additionally, each slide now contains notes on that slide and how it relates to the pitch, and even more suggestions on how to succeed raising cash.

10 slides

The section speaks to the process and negotiating points of a typical venture capital transaction.  It explores such issues as board composition, liquidation preferences, anti-dilution clauses, veto rights, rights of first refusal, founders issues, capitalization, etc.

24 slides


  • 20 slides or less (you will average 1 minute per slide, that's just a fact).
  • Know your elevator pitch.
  • Build a story, the slides are in a particular order for a reason. The story has to make sense and it has to grow and build upon each successive piece. However, the order of the slides should be how you best tell the story.
  • Never present too much information.
  • Never talk to your slides...use the slides as your talking points.
  • Never use small fonts.
  • Don't waste your time with fancy graphics or animation.
  • Make sure the slides are printable on a black and white laser printer.
  • Don't assume that high speed or dial-up access will be present when you give the pitch. Call ahead.
  • Have the pitch on your home turf, unlikely but helpful.


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