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THE ENTREPRENEURIAL BIBLE TO VENTURE CAPITAL: Inside Secrets from the Leaders in the Startup Game

By Andrew Romans

The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital is packed with invaluable advice about how to raise angel and venture capital funding, how to build value in a startup, and how to exit a company with maximum value for both founders and investors. It guides entrepreneurs through every step in an entrepreneurial venture from the legalities of raising initial capital to knowing when to change tactics.

Venture Capitalists at Work: How VCs Identify and Build Billion-Dollar Successes

By Tarang Shah, Sheetal Shah

This book is a must-read for entrepreneurs and venture capital/private equity investors. It's also for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs in emerging markets who want to apply to homegrown ventures the Silicon Valley model of building billion-dollar startups. Corporate executives focused on innovation or mergers and acquisitions will find the book's insights priceless. Finally, business students and aspiring entrepreneurs will find this book a great reference guide and how-to manual for starting companies, building new products and services, and helping move the 21st century economy forward.

Venture Capital, Private Equity, and the Financing of Entrepreneurship

By Josh Lerner, Ann Leamon (Author), Felda Hardymon

Venture Capital, Private Equity, and the Financing of Entrepreneurship explores the exciting world of active investing and lays out in a clear and readily accessible way their key features, ways of doing business and likely evolution. The book follows the cycle of active investing. Raising funds, considering transactions, structuring and overseeing transactions, and exiting investments are considered in turn. The focus is not just on the U.S. market, but on the increasingly global nature of these activities.

The Business of Venture Capital: Insights from Leading Practitioners on the Art of Raising a Fund, Deal Structuring, Value Creation, and Exit Strategies (Wiley Finance)

By Mahendra Ramsinghani

The definitive guide to demystifying the venture capital business The Business of Venture Capital, Second Edition covers the entire spectrum of this field, from raising funds and structuring investments to assessing exit pathways. Written by a practitioner for practitioners, the book provides the necessary breadth and depth, simplifies the jargon, and balances the analytical logic with experiential wisdom. Starting with a Foreword by Mark Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), this important guide includes insights and perspectives from leading experts.

Essentials of Venture Capital

By Alexander Haislip

The first comprehensive guide for mastering venture capital Essentials of Venture Capital is your guide to understanding how venture capital and technology finance works from the inside out. Author Alexander Haislip easily explains the most complex concepts in venture capital and how the business is evolving to meet modern market needs.

Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist

By Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson

As each new generation of entrepreneurs emerges, there is a renewed interest in how venture capital deals come together. Yet there is little reliable information focused on venture capital deals. Nobody understands this better than authors Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson. For more than twenty years, they've been involved in hundreds of venture capital financings, and now, with the Second Edition of Venture Deals, they continue to share their experiences in this field with you.

Venture Capital: Investment Strategies, Structures, and Policies

By Douglas Cumming

An essential guide to venture capital Studies have shown that venture capital backed entrepreneurial firms are on average significantly more successful than non-venture capital backed entrepreneurial firms in terms of innovativeness, profitability, and share price performance upon going public. Understanding the various aspects of venture capital is something anyone in any industry should be familiar with. This reliable resource provides a comprehensive view of venture capital by describing the current state of research and best practices in this arena. Issues addressed include sources of capital-such as angel investment, corporate funds, and government funds-financial contracts and monitoring, and the efficiency implications of VC investment, to name a few.* Opens with a review of alternative forms of venture capital* Highlights the structure of venture capital investments* Examines the role venture capitalists play in adding value to their investee firms This informative guide will help you discover the true potential of venture capital.

Introduction to Private Equity: Venture, Growth, LBO and Turn-Around Capital

By Cyril Demaria

This second edition of Introduction to Private Equity is more than an update, it reflects the dramatic changes which have affected an industry which is evolving rapidly, internationalizing and maturing fast. What is recognized as a critical yet grounded guide to the private equity industry blends academic rigour with practical experience. It provides a clear, synthetic and critical perspective of the industry from a professional who has worked at many levels within the industry; including insurance, funds of funds, funds and portfolio companies.

Mastering the VC Game: A Venture Capital Insider Reveals How to Get from Start-up to IPO on Your Terms

By Jeffrey Bussgang

Entrepreneurs who dream of building the next Amazon, Facebook, or Google have the opportunity to take advantage of one of the most powerful economic engines the world has ever known: venture capital. To do that, you need to woo, impress, and persuade venture capitalists to back your endeavor. That task alone is a challenge. But finding and choosing the right investor can be harder still. Even if you manage to get backing, you want your VC to be a partner, not some dictator who will undermine your vision and take control of your life's work.

The Issuer's Guide to PIPEs: New Markets, Deal Structures, and Global Opportunities for Private Investments in Public Equity

By Steven Dresner

Regulatory changes, market fluctuation, and new deal structureshave ushered in a new era for the PIPEs market. Companies mustunderstand the complexities of a market gone global, with privateinvestments in public equity expanding in the United States as wellas in Asia and Europe.

Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money and Having Fun Investing in Startups

By David S. Rose

Praise for Angel Investing: "The world of entrepreneurial startups is where the most exciting and creative action is happening in todays business world, which is why I was a strong supporter of the Jobs Act of 2012. No wonder millions of people are wondering how they can get involved as investors. Theres no better place to start than by reading". (David S. Roses Angel Investing. U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer, Senate Finance Committee).

Private Equity at Work: When Wall Street Manages Main Street

By Eileen Appelbaum, Rosemary Batt

A career in today's private equity (PE) arena—which also includes venture capital as well as PE fund of funds, hybrid funds, and secondary funds—can be extremely rewarding. But with the popularity of this profession on the rise and the number of candidates far outweighing the positions available, landing a job in this field can be a difficult endeavor. Gaining a better understanding of the PE career path and how the hiring process works is a distinct advantage for those seeking to break into the business. And Getting a Job in Private Equity has the targeted advice you'll need to achieve this goal. Here, you'll discover what it takes to make it in PE from different "entry points"—out of undergrad, as a pre-MBA, from business school, and even once you've been out of school for several years—what sort of experience is needed to set yourself up for a position, and what can be done to improve your chances of landing one of these limited opportunities.

Venture Capital and Private Equity: A Casebook

By Josh Lerner, Felda Hardymon (Author), Ann Leamon

The 5th edition of Lerner's Venture Capital andPrivate Equity: A Casebook continues to present the importanthistorical cases of private equity while incorporating a number ofnew relevant and timely cases from previous best-selling issues. Itincludes more cases relevant to the texts four main goals:understanding the ways in which private equity firms work, applyingthe key ideas of corporate finance to the industry, understandingthe process of valuation, and critiquing valuation approaches ofthe past and present- an approach which has proved very successfulover the past four editions.

Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation, 2nd Edition

By Andrew Metrick

This useful guide walks venture capitalists through the principles of finance and the financial models that underlie venture capital decisions. It presents a new unified treatment of investment decision making and mark-to-market valuation. The discussions of risk-return and cost-of-capital calculations have been updated with the latest information. The most current industry data is included to demonstrate large changes in venture capital investments since 1999. The coverage of the real-options methodology has also been streamlined and includes new connections to venture capital valuation. In addition, venture capitalists will find revised information on the reality-check valuation model to allow for greater flexibility in growth assumptions.



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