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What is Venture Capital?
Venture capital has enabled the United States to support its entrepreneurial talent and appetite by turning ideas and basic science into products and services that are the envy of the world. Venture capital funds and builds companies from the simplest form – perhaps just the entrepreneur and an idea expressed as a business plan – to freestanding, mature organizations.
Source: National Venture Capital Association

Venture Leasing: The Other Venture Capital
"Venture leasing" is a creative vehicle that allows start-up companies to finance certain infrastructure and equipment needs. The practice has financial advantages, but it also carries some risks. This article explains what venture leasing is and how it works.
Source: Jay Hollander,

Fixing Venture Capital
Many software companies these days are built using some form of venture capital. But the VC industry has been hurting lately. A lot of investments in dotcoms turned out to be spectacular flameouts. As a result, VCs are becoming ever more selective about where to put their money.
Source: Joel Spolsky

Growth Company Guide 2000
The Growth Company Guide 2000 - Investors, Deal Structures, and Legal Strategies is the latest, expanded and updated edition of a unique resource that has been used for more than a decade by entrepreneurs and private company investors to help them grow successful companies and understand the business fundraising process.
Source: Clinton Richardson

Raising Venture Capital: Tips for the Medical Start-up
Savvy entrepreneurs need to do a lot of homework and planning before seeking funds from venture capitalists eager to invest in medical start-up companies.
Source: Fred Dotzler, Managing Director, De Novo Ventures

Is the Venture Capital Market in India Getting Overheated?
The Venture Capital market in India seems to be getting as hot as the country’s famous summers. However, this potential over-exuberance may lead to some stormy days ahead, based on sobering esearch compiled by global research and analytics services firm, Evalueserve.
Source: Dr. Alok Aggarwal, Chairman, Evalueserve Inc.

The Alternative to an Initial Public Offering
For over a year, the market for initial public offerings (IPO) for promising private companies has been slow. In 2007, there were just 234 IPOs, down from a decade high of 486 in 1999. As a result, private companies and their investors (including venture capital and private equity backed companies) have been left without a crucial exit strategy.
Source: Kevin A. Pollack, Esq., Managing Director, Paragon Capital LP

How Venture Capital Works
SVB Financial Group, the parent company of Silicon Valley Bank and financial partner to technology companies and venture capitalists worldwide, released a video entitled, "How Venture Capital Works," - a panel discussion about the dynamics of the venture capital process, including how money flows and emerging companies are developed.
Source: SVB Financial Group

Venture Capital 101
Are you an early stage entrepreneur with venture capital dreams? Then you need to read Venture Capital 101.
Source: Bill Snow

Wall Street’s Impact on the Venture Capital Landscape
The venture capital industry is undergoing a major change from its elitist past of restricting investor access to “friends of the firm only”. As Wall Street embraces dozens of new initial public offerings (IPOs) of venture backed companies, hopeful investors are flocking to this asset class. These Venture Capital investments continue to deliver positive returns at a better rate than public market indexes such as NASDAQ or S&P. The venture-backed technology sector led on trading volume with 44 companies going public last year.
Source: Igor Sill

It’s a New Game for Corporate R&D and Venture Capital
It would appear that US innovation has never been brighter. US corporations are spending in excess of $200 billion on R&D annually with the top expenditures coming from IBM, Intel, Microsoft, HP and Cisco accounting for over $20 Billion. This outdated internal development model has been eclipsed by the reality of venture capital backed start-ups that achieve far greater competitive advantage through rapid cycles of innovation and global distribution. IBM accounted for $6 Billion of R&D which ironically exceeded all of the annual venture capital industry’s investments made. The technology innovations and investment returns are obvious-- venture-backed technology companies have consistently exceeded every corporate R&D outcome.
Source: Igor Sill



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