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Maximus Raises $15M to Optimize Men’s Health & Hormones Using Cutting-Edge Medicine

LOS ANGELES, August 10, 2022-- While the world is striving to solve the COVID pandemic, it is waking up to a problem that’s just as big: the hormone pandemic. Testosterone levels and sperm counts have dropped approximately 50% in the last 50 years, and a cutting-edge technology startup has risen to help men restore their vitality and masculinity. Maximus ( is a Los Angeles-based consumer telemedicine company that provides at-home lab testing and doctor-prescribed protocols to optimize men’s health and hormone function, and has raised $15 million in venture financing, including its latest Series A funding round.

Led by Keith Rabois at Founders Fund, other investors include 8VC, Abstract Ventures, 10X Capital, Unshackled Ventures, OneVC, Gaingels, Correlation Ventures, Chamaeleon VC, Rational Ventures, WhatIf Ventures, Shrug Capital, Electric Ant, and operators/angel investors including Dave Asprey (Bulletproof), Ryan Holiday (Daily Stoic), Brain Lee (The Honest Company), Jeff Weiser (L Catterton), Brian Nogard (ex-Tinder), Kyle Samani (Multicoin Capital), Matteo Franceschetti (Eight Sleep), & Geoffrey Wu (HVMN).

Maximus’ proprietary King Protocol uses prescription medication & health coaching to optimize testosterone levels—which increases energy, motivation, sex drive, & lean mass. They achieve this with safe pills that are easy to prescribe and take (without TRT, injectables, or controlled substances) and prove it works with before & after at-home lab tests. Their newest protocol, the Lover Protocol, uniquely uses a synergistic combination of prescription medications that enhances blood flow and libido to improve both sexual performance and enjoyment. All of Maximus’ protocols can be taken by healthy men who are looking to optimize how they look, feel, and function, with doctor approval. Currently, Maximus is available in 15 states across the U.S. and new funds from this round will be used to expand access, grow brand awareness, and invest in product development.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Keith Rabois, Founders Fund, and our entire group of investors to Maximus. Our investors and team are the very best in Silicon Valley, which has allowed us to innovate and grow faster than any telemedicine company in this space,” said Dr. Cam Sepah, CEO of Maximus. “Before we came along, so-called men’s health startups have sold ineffective supplements that don’t work or unsafe medications that actually worsen infertility or sexual dysfunction. Our advisory board of the top medical school professors and doctors helped us develop cutting-edge scientific protocols, with proven safety and efficacy to enhance performance. We’ve helped thousands of men become the best versions of themselves, along with the peace of mind that our protocols benefit their overall health and well-being.”

Maximus was also recently featured in GQ magazine, which interviewed several doctors and patients about the performance-enhancing effects of optimizing testosterone levels. One of Maximus’ members, Chris Jones, increased his testosterone levels 2.8X on lab tests, reporting “I definitely feel more energy, more calm, more focus… just overall stronger and better,” and that the naps and extra cups of coffee he occasionally needed in the afternoons have tapered off. He also found that it enhanced his sports performance when training with an athletic coach—resulting in an eight-inch increase in his vertical leap in order to dunk a basketball. While performance enhancement was once the realm of professional athletes, Maximus is ushering in a consumer trend of ‘corporate athletes’ who are smartly using performance-enhancing drugs to find an edge from the boardroom to the gym to the bedroom.

About Maximus

Maximus is a Los Angeles-based consumer telemedicine company for men’s health and hormone optimization. Maximus is revolutionizing the performance enhancement space by democratizing doctor-prescribed protocols developed by some of the world’s leading experts in men’s health. Maximus’ King Protocol utilizes a convenient prescription medication capsule to stimulate natural testosterone production, proven by at-home lab tests. Maximus’ Lover Protocol is a synergistic combination of prescription medications that enhances blood flow and libido to improve both sexual performance and enjoyment. Maximus also helps its members optimize their nutrition, exercise, sleep, and focus through its live weekly health coaching sessions with Dr. Cam and its online Discord community where new and fellow members support and learn from each other. For more information, please visit

Gabe Plesent, 9149075330