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Telstra Ventures Rebrands to Titanium Ventures

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“Accelerating Extraordinary”

SAN FRANCISCO, June 24, 2024-- Telstra Ventures announced today that it has changed its name to Titanium Ventures. The new brand reflects the continued evolution of Telstra Ventures’ relationship with Telstra since its successful spin-out in 2018 and Telstra’s strategic decision to explore selling its current investments in Telstra Ventures’ funds as part of its focus on capital discipline and active portfolio management.

The firm’s team and investment thesis remain the same. Titanium Ventures will continue to identify and scale the most promising companies across a variety of AI, digital and software sectors by complementing its strong, experienced team with proprietary Data Science insights and its Revenue Acceleration platform. The firm, which has almost US$1B funds under management, has invested in 99 portfolio companies during which there have been 12 IPOs, 17 unicorns, 42 liquidity events which have returned US$678M cash to investors.

“Our journey over the past 13 years has been remarkable and this is a significant milestone for us as we approach 100 investments in our portfolio,” said Mark Sherman, San Francisco-based Managing Partner. “We are grateful for Telstra’s support since our inception in 2011. Our new brand is a natural progression as the team has been operating as an independent, global VC firm since 2018. Today we have more than 50 LPs and we have refined our identity and what we represent. We look forward to continuing to work with Telstra on a commercial basis to generate more revenue for our portfolio companies. It’s business as usual.”

Just as titanium is a strong and durable element used in cutting edge applications, the metal best represents the firm’s unique approach to investing as they look towards successful and enduring innovative companies across a range of sectors, using Data Science to help discover that potential and then leveraging its Revenue Acceleration program to help investments grow throughout all types of environments. Since the firm’s inception, it has generated more than US$580M of revenue for its portfolio companies across 1,600 enterprise customers via 20 channel partners.

“This is a proud moment in our evolution, allowing us to communicate our differentiated venture model to drive revenue growth for our portfolio companies and returns for our LPs,” said Matthew Koertge, Sydney-based Managing Partner. “We chose Titanium Ventures because it best represents who we are and who we want to be - a firm that backs very strong, resilient entrepreneurs who resist cracking under pressure. Titanium has the highest durability and strength-to-weight ratio of any metal in the world and like the leaders we invest in, we punch way above our weight,” he said.

Telstra CFO Michael Ackland said Telstra was proud of the role it had played in setting Titanium Ventures up for future success and valued the relationships it had built with the firm’s team and portfolio companies over the last decade.

“The new brand reflects the independent strength and capabilities of the team and the trust that they have earned from a range of global institutional investors,” Mr. Ackland said.

“Consistent with our focus on capital discipline and active portfolio management, we are exploring options to sell our current investments in Telstra Ventures’ funds. We believe that through the relationships we have fostered over the years, we can continue working together and Telstra will be able to access leading edge technologies in the portfolio companies of Titanium Ventures.”

Mr. Koertge added, “This is an exciting next chapter in our story. Titanium Ventures will accelerate the extraordinary, fueling the growth of standout disruptors, that’s what we have done for over a decade and that’s what our investors and founders expect us to do in the decades to come.”


Titanium Ventures Accelerates the Extraordinary – we fuel the growth of standout disruptors. In our thirteen years, we have taken minority investment positions in 99 investments, have generated 42 liquidity events including Auth0, BigCommerce, Box, CrowdStrike, DocuSign, GitLab, OpenGov, Snap, and Whispir. To date, the Revenue Acceleration Platform has driven US$580M+ in revenue for its portfolio companies, extending their reach across Australia, Asia, U.S. and the UK. In 2022, the firm announced the close of its third fund, bringing Funds Under Management to US$1B. To see Titanium Ventures’ full portfolio and learn more, visit

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