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Liminal Secures Additional Funding to Accelerate Generative AI Adoption in Regulated Industries Through Robust Data Protection and Secure Workflow Tooling

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New investment fuels expanded capabilities to empower life sciences, healthcare, banks, financials services, insurance, and public sector organizations to rapidly leverage generative AI in every use case.

DENVER, June 5, 2024-- Today, Liminal, the leader in horizontal generative AI data security, announces they have added more than $5M in funding in an oversubscribed seed round led by Fin Capital, with participation from High Alpha, Matchstick Ventures, Craft Ventures Scout Fund, and veteran regulated industry executives. The new investment expands Liminal's ability to quickly enable customers to securely deploy and use generative AI.

The proliferation of generative AI over the past 18 months is unprecedented. With thousands of new models and more than 12,000 generative AI-enabled applications released over the past year alone, regulated organizations are forced to contend with a new and vast set of data security and privacy challenges.

Using Liminal's model agnostic, horizontal platform and secure workflow tools, regulated organizations can unlock the immense productivity benefits of generative AI while confidently maintaining regulatory compliance and protecting sensitive data such as intellectual property, employee, customer, and other private information. Liminal's platform secures every interaction with generative AI, providing both a seamless experience for end users and total AI oversight, administration, and observability for security teams.

"The rise of generative AI and its associated security risks have made it challenging for regulated enterprises to adopt these technologies," said Steven Walchek, founder and CEO of Liminal. "Our platform and workflow tools are designed to help organizations quickly get started with the low-lift, high-impact use cases, while also providing the necessary safeguards for more complex and transformational AI implementations."

"Generative AI represents a massive leap forward in productivity for every enterprise," said Edmund Murphy III, Liminal Investor and CEO of Empower. "Liminal's platform is purpose-built to help regulated organizations quickly leverage this new technology, without compromising on security and user experience."

"We are already seeing the transformative power of AI in financial services. However, the barriers to its full adoption and potential are significant," shared Christian Ostberg, General Partner at Fin Capital. "With generative AI budgets expected to triple between 2023 and 2025, Liminal is uniquely positioned to unlock the adoption of AI for large enterprises in regulated industries by solving AI data privacy, security, and sovereignty."

About Liminal

Liminal empowers regulated enterprises to securely deploy and leverage generative AI across all use cases. With Liminal, organizations have complete control over the data submitted to large language models (LLMs). Whether that be through direct interactions, through the consumption of off-the-shelf software with generative AI capabilities, or via the generative AI-enabled applications built in-house, Liminal's model agnostic, horizontal platform helps ensure protection against regulatory compliance risk, data security risk, and reputational risk. Across every model, in every application you use, and in every application you're building. For more information, visit or follow Liminal on LinkedIn.

‍About Fin Capital

Founded in 2018, Fin Capital is a global asset manager focused on full lifecycle investing in B2B fintech software companies. Fin Capital is passionate about rolling up its sleeves and partnering with repeat entrepreneurs that have deep financial services experience, differentiated products, and a global mindset. Fin is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles, London, Miami, and New York. To learn more, visit

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