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Hemera Officially Launches to Democratize On-chain Intelligence

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Company unleashes the full potential of Web3 data to empower developers with the Hemera Protocol and end users with SocialScan Hemera raises $2.6 million; earns support of partners across its ecosystem

SAN FRANCISCO, May 7, 2024-- Hemera, the company transforming Web3, launched today with a public beta of the Hemera Protocol, the Large Language Model (LLM) operating system of Web3.0 created for developers, and SocialScan, a community-owned AI built on top of the Hemera Protocol that reimagines user experiences through customizable Hemera AI Agents. Together, Hemera's contributions reimagine future internet experiences.

In addition to its launch, Hemera announced $2.6 million in funding from boutique Web3 investors. LIF Capital and Nomad Capital co-led the company's zero-day round, with the participation of SNZ and Chainlink. Angel investors also included the founders of ZetaChain, Sending Labs, Wish Co-founder Danny Zhang, Microsoft Senior Vice President and AI expert Harry Shum, and more. Funds will be used to fuel aggressive growth and ongoing development.

"SocialScan opens up this territory to all through the Hemera Protocol. It will be game-changing not just for developers but for the entire Web3 community. An entirely new level of innovation is about to be unlocked."

Funding comes as Hemera builds its decentralized protocol which uses AI to tackle the on-chain data querying problem that has plagued the multi-chain ecosystem, now enabling anyone to gain insights through a unique LLM fully optimized for Web3.

Unleashing the Power of Web3

The Hemera Protocol was devised by Stanford Ph.D. Arthur Meng, who has co-authored papers with Nobel Prize laureates in prestigious journals such as Nature and Nature Communications. Meng's interest in AI and data at Stanford, coupled with successful applications of AI in physics research, led him to explore decentralized AI's potential to disrupt platform monopolies through ways to leverage the ever-growing data networks on-chain.

With long-time colleagues from previous AI startups, Meng worked to solve the utilization challenges of on-chain data that both developers and end users face in an ever more fragmented Web3 ecosystem. In light of the permissionless nature of on-chain data, the team developed its Hemera Protocol, the next-generation high performance indexing network with AI-empowered user experiences. On top of this, the Hemera team built SocialScan, a gateway that allows users to interact with numerous Web3 protocols, infrastructures, and applications through respective customized AI agents.

Hemera launches amid an explosion of on-chain intelligence so fragmented and dynamic that it is nearly impossible for developers and end-users to keep up. The problem will only get worse as exponentially more data moves on-chain with the recent Ethereum Decun upgrade, which decreases the cost of on-chain data storage dramatically. Amid rapid changes, Hemera now provides the ecosystem and intelligence necessary to make Web3 truly useful and transformative for the first time.

"Large corporations have traditionally dictated AI development and monopolized AI applications in Web2, but Web3 is an untapped new world. It provides a much broader space for future AI development," said Meng, CEO and co-founder of Hemera and architect of SocialScan and the Hemera Protocol.

Introducing Hemera

Hemera builds a high performance decentralized protocol which uses AI to tackle the on-chain data querying problem that is becoming increasingly challenging in the fragmented modular ecosystem. Underpinned by a decentralized account-centric indexing network that aggregates every transaction across ecosystems, Hemera keeps each account's social and assets states updated in real-time, and allows users to query them using Hemera's Web3-optimized LLM, alongside traditional querying languages by developers. Hemera provides toolkits allowing any developers and users to customize their own Web3 AI agents, which are directly listed in Hemera Agents Store on SocialScan.

"Data is the strongest and yet most underutilized utility of Web3. With Hemera, any future developers in Web3 will have immediate access to social graphs like Facebook's, consumer preferences like what Google Ads and Amazon knows. The level of creativity fostered by it is unimaginable. Yet a better infrastructure is required to achieve this goal, one that is decentralized in nature and owned by the community, and one that is not monopolized by any centralized corporation, like the ones in Web2," added Meng. "Hemera Protocol was invented to solve these foundational challenges. With Hemera Agents now live in SocialScan, we can showcase the democratization of on-chain intelligence to both end-users and developers."

By partnering with a wide range of public chains and well-known projects, SocialScan will further extend the Hemera Protocol's influence and coverage, working closely with ecosystems that share a similar vision to foster industry development. Hemera is already trusted by Polygon, Linea, Chainlink, Manta Network, Mantle Network, Taiko, ZetaChain, Story Protocol and many other industry leading projects.

For access to Hemera, go to

About Hemera:

Hemera is a company dedicated to building the infrastructure for Web3 through its Hemera Protocol on top of which a showcase application SocialScan is built. The company reimagines the types of Web3 experiences that are possible. Hemera is backed by leading Web3 investors. Learn more at and

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