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Montauk Climate Launches with $8.5M to Build Technology Companies Focused on Climate, Infrastructure, and Energy Transitions

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Incubator sets sights on elevating innovation by sourcing world-class operators and established builders to architect next wave of climate-focused startups

NEW YORK, March 20, 2024-- Montauk Climate, an incubator dedicated to creating technology companies at the forefront of climate, infrastructure, and energy transitions, announced its launch today with $8.5 million in operating capital. The round was led by Amplo Founder and Managing Partner, Sheel Tyle.

Montauk Climate is committed to building high-impact technology companies at the forefront of the sustainable, electrified, and digitized future. There is an urgent need for innovative technologies to modernize and optimize every sector, especially in the infrastructure, power, and energy space. Montauk specializes in finding and building technologies that speed along the transition to electrification, digitization, and sustainable energy. Bringing the sharpest minds in technology will help accelerate this transformation; Montauk Climate will identify and recruit top-tier talent, including founders, builders, and operators to help solve the decarbonization problem of our generation.

“We’re dedicated to bridging the knowledge gap by nurturing new talent in climate tech and launching companies that make significant contributions within infrastructure, electrification, and climate adaptation,” said Philip Krim, co-founder and CEO at Montauk Climate. “We’ll bring in proven founders who share our vision of developing pragmatic and scalable solutions, particularly focusing on technologies with solid fundamentals, all backed by meticulous research.”

Progress on multiple fronts in the climate-tech space is hindered by the lack of seasoned founders. Montauk Climate aims to bridge this talent gap by creating innovative ideas supported by new experienced operators. This model helps climate-focused businesses grow at traditional technology speed and scale, while also nurturing a community of climate-dedicated talent.

“The capital and incentives needed to move our economy into a clean energy future is finally here and Montauk Climate is positioned to create companies that address the urgent challenges of climate-related impacts,” said Evan Caron, co-founder and CIO at Montauk Climate. “We recognize that fundamental change in energy and infrastructure systems requires a completely new approach to how we innovate in this category. It demands committed capital, policy changes, and multi-stakeholder cooperation. We are uniquely set up as an organization to build companies to support our vision of a sustainable future.”

Montauk Climate is co-founded by a seasoned team of executives and investors, including Philip Krim, former CEO and Chairman of Casper. Philip has deep expertise in incubating and investing in early-stage tech companies such as Affirm, Masterclass, Ramp, Reddit, Relativity Space, Ro, and many other early-stage companies. Philip also co-founded Haven Energy, a climate tech startup that has raised over $11 million in total funding. Evan Caron, co-founder and CIO, brings more than two decades of expertise in the energy and commodities sector to Montauk Climate, having held energy and renewable-related positions at Riverstone, Deutsche Bank, Mercuria, and Trailstone. Co-founder and COO Sharo Atmeh managed one of the first public climate-tech investing platforms in the nation as Portfolio Manager and Head of ESG and Event-Driven at Alyeska Investment Group. Sharo also helped establish the leading national advisor to Fortune 100 companies on sustainability and stakeholder matters including ESG, activism defense, and unsolicited M&A.

Combined, the team has over three decades of experience in the climate technology industry with investments totaling over $1.3 billion in climate tech across the public and private sectors.

“Montauk Climate brings together seasoned operators with expertise in finance, energy, and technology, all with a dedicated focus on climate-critical areas including energy transition and infrastructure decarbonization,” said Sharo Atmeh, co-founder and COO at Montauk Climate. “We are creating a best-in-class studio that is solely dedicated to creating innovative climate-tech solutions. Companies we incubate will benefit from our breadth of experience, active involvement in climate tech investing, and the deepest network of builders, scientists, technologists, and advisors in the space. With advisors and experts in venture capital, earth sciences, AI, and more, we offer startups financial backing and a full spectrum of support, guiding them from their earliest stages through to successful, impactful, and profitable enterprises. Our team's comprehensive approach ensures we are our companies’ key champions in driving forward successful climate-tech solutions.”

Montauk Climate combines the team’s deep sector expertise alongside a wide network of advisors and industry insiders to boost idea generation, deal execution, and talent sourcing. Incubated companies get direct access to the firm’s advisory board, composed of industry experts including Adam Braun, Cofounder of Climate Club; Kiran Bhatraju, CEO of Arcadia; Corey Capasso, CEO of Urbint; Dr. John Clippinger, Co-founder BioForm Labs; Chris Kemper, CEO of Palmetto Energy; Ryan Pripstein, Former Head of Thrive Capital Incubator; JD Ross, Co-rounder of OpenDoor; Arcady Sosinov, CEO of Freewire, and more.

InfraTech and climate technology are set to revolutionize traditional infrastructure, transforming it into systems that are not only more resilient and efficient but also optimized for resource use. With this escalating global need for climate solutions, Montauk Climate stands at the forefront, ready to build immediate go-to-market solutions that address the most pressing climate technology challenges.

About Montauk Climate

Montauk Climate is an incubator dedicated to creating technology companies that are at the forefront of climate, infrastructure, and energy transitions. Co-founded by industry veterans with deep expertise in finance, energy, and technology, Montauk Climate is bringing world-class operators and established builders to architect the next wave of technology companies that are building a sustainable, electrified, and digitized future. Montauk Climate leverages its vast network of advisors and industry insiders to boost idea generation, deal execution, and talent sourcing. For more information, visit

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