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Sustainable Skylines Raises $1M in Pre-Seed Round of Funding to Launch Large-Scale Drone Advertising Operations

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Reinvention of aerial advertising drives innovation across the out-of-home advertising and drone industries, reduces the carbon footprint from traditional aerial advertisers

MIAMI, Fla., May 9, 2023-- Sustainable Skylines, the aerial drone advertising and data analytics company, today announced a $1M pre-seed funding round in preparation for its initial launch. Sustainable Skylines is the first to market large-scale drone advertising company, driving innovation around antiquated aerial advertising practices by using sustainable technology and in-depth data analytics. Initial investors include Jeffrey Zajkowski, former Head of Americas of Equity Capital Markets at J.P. Morgan, joined by Drew Katz, CEO of Interstate Outdoor Advertising, and Paul Mulé, SVP Finance & Head of Corporate Development at Arcadia Power, among other angel investors and executives from relevant industries.

Current banner-towing operations are antiquated and rely on older airplanes and dangerous flight procedures. Sustainable Skylines is modernizing this traditional form of advertising with drones using Vertical Take-Off Technology (VTOL) and industry-standard-sized banners that are slower and closer to the audience. The company is also solving the historical lack of campaign analytics in aerial advertising by deploying a proprietary analytics platform that enables clients to easily visualize the performance of ad campaigns through measurement. By aggregating real-time geospatial and cellular datasets, coupled with data surrounding the quality of impression and digital impact metrics, Sustainable Skylines is able to distill actionable intelligence to inform future ad-campaign strategies and benchmark industry metrics.

By putting sustainability at the forefront, Sustainable Skylines' use of drones reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional aerial advertising. For example, Sustainable Skylines uses hybrid-electric engine technologies that use less than three gallons of unleaded fuel for a four-hour flight versus a staggering 30 gallons of leaded aviation fuel for the same flight time by single-engine airplanes. This reduces the carbon footprint from traditional providers by 90 percent.

"It is great to see the early excitement from brands around this innovative new way of sharing advertising messages in a more sustainable way," said Drew Katz, CEO of Interstate Outdoor Advertising. "I am thrilled to invest in Sustainable Skylines and look forward to witnessing Jacob and the team execute their vision."

"Our cutting-edge technology cleans up the category's carbon footprint while allowing brands to garner measurable insights in an out-of-home category that has been underutilized in the past," said Jacob Stonecipher, CEO of Sustainable Skylines. "As drones and drone technology continue to be integrated into the nation's airspace, we're excited to bring our services to brands looking to get in front of their key demographics with an innovative medium - and ultimately, creating more impactful, safer, clutter-free impressions."

Ahead of an initial market launch in Miami Beach, Sustainable Skylines has partnered with Mitsubishi Electric as a core partner of their AnyMile platform supporting drone infrastructure solutions, as well as VELARY, the next-generation aviation technology and engineering company to exclusively utilize their drone technology.

About Sustainable Skylines

Sustainable Skylines is the first to market large-scale drone advertising company, driving innovation around antiquated aerial advertising practices by using sustainable drone technology and in-depth data analytics. Aggregating data from cellular, geospatial, and real-time footage from flight operations, Sustainable Skylines leverages the latest advances in computer vision, big data, and artificial intelligence to create actionable insights for our clients. Building the drone, pilot, and fleet management infrastructure alongside our partners and the FAA, Sustainable Skylines will drive innovation and sustainability across the country. Sustainable Skylines was founded in 2020 and headquartered in Miami, FL. For further information visit

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