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Fount Announces $12M Series A Fundraise to Redefine the Future of Human Health and Performance

Human Performance Leader Will Continue to Expand 1:1 Coaching and Deliver New World-Class Products for Sleep and Women’s Health in 2023

LOS ANGELES, March 15, 2023-- Fount, the pioneer in experiment-driven health and performance optimization, today announced a $12M Series A fundraise to advance its mission to make tailored health and performance optimization broadly available.

Fount began its work with professional athletes and Navy SEALs and now offers the most comprehensive and customized health and performance optimization programs in the world through its flagship offering, Fount Pro. Using truly individualized, n=1 experimentation combined with one-on-one coaching from former military special operators, Olympic sports scientists, and sleep researchers, Fount Pro enables clients — including executives, entrepreneurs, and new parents — to optimize their energy, focus, mood, sleep, gut health, longevity, fertility, and body composition.

"I've been on the Fount Pro program for about a year and a half, and it's been a complete game-changer," said Packy McCormick, CEO of Not Boring Capital and investor in Fount. "They discovered and fixed my anemia; got my B-12, omega-3, testosterone, and fasting blood sugar in line; and gave me my energy back. Since then, I have asked Fount to help me get back in shape. One year and another kid later, I'm 33 pounds lighter, my VO2 max increased from 38 to 53, my HRV hit an all-time high, and I'm running below a 6:30/mile pace consistently."

Fount combines its proprietary data sets with world-class AI expertise to create uniquely effective and scalable products. In 2022, Fount launched FlyKitt, the first true solution to jet lag. Fount’s patented FlyKitt technology allows more than 90% of users to travel anywhere in the world with minimal to no jet lag based on its novel scientific insights into the role of inflammation in jet lag. In 2023, Fount will launch a series of additional products for sleep and women’s health, with early results showing effects such as a 90% reduction in symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

"At Fount, we've taken our expertise in optimizing outcomes for the highest performers in the toughest environments on Earth and built tools that can help anyone achieve their health and performance goals," said Andrew Herr, Founder and CEO of Fount. "With this funding, we are expanding our world-class Fount Pro service and preparing to launch new products to solve high-impact challenges. The effectiveness of our products and services shows the value of merging the data from our experiment-driven approach with the latest AI technology. We will continue to leverage these advantages to make world-class tools available beyond pro sports and special operations."

Amity Ventures led the Series A round with participation from funds, including Los Angeles Dodgers-associated Elysian Park Ventures, Not Boring Capital, Allen & Co, Champion Hill Ventures, and angel investors aligned with the Fount mission. The raise speaks to the success Fount has seen with its truly customized approach, the value of the proprietary data set it is building, and its ability to leverage that data in product development.

"Many companies, protocols, or products offer point solutions delivering the latest diet, sensor, meditation practice, or fitness routine," said CJ Reim, Managing Partner of Amity Ventures. "Fount sits on top of all of these point solutions delivering a personalized, experiment-driven approach to implementing the health and performance interventions that work for you. We invested in Fount because they are the only company to bring together the health insights, data, and AI expertise required to scale this to millions of people."

For more information about Fount, visit


Based on work optimizing outcomes for the highest performers in the toughest environments on Earth, Fount has made it their mission to build programs that enable everyone to reach their goals so that they can do more for themselves, their family, their community, and ultimately for the world. Fount’s founder and CEO, Andrew Herr, led human performance efforts for the U.S. military and has been honored as a Mad Scientist twice by the U.S. Army. Fount is located in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, visit

Lauren Torjussen
Jack Taylor PR

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