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Link Ventures Announces $150 Million Fund

LV3 makes first investment in payment protection company nsKnox

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., February 21, 2023-- Link Ventures (“LV”), a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in early-stage technology companies, announced today that it has launched its third investment fund, Link Ventures 3 LP ("LV3"), with approximately $150 million in commitments. This fund size is 50% larger than its vintage 2019 Fund, Link Ventures 2 LP (“LV2”). In addition, the Fund has announced that LV3 made its first investment into payment protection company, nsKnox.

“When I started my first company, DataSage, more than 25 years ago, my co-founders and I were early AI pioneers leveraging our machine learning research from MIT and then convincing our customers about the ways that AI and machine learning can super-charge their business,” said Dave Blundin, co-founder and Managing Partner, Link Ventures. “We were fortunate enough to sell the company at a value that is equivalent to a unicorn today and this has given us the opportunity to invest in and support so many new entrepreneurs who are pursuing a similar dream.”

LV’s base consists of investors from a broad range of family offices, institutions and executives from LV’s targeted sectors including management of its portfolio companies. LV3 will seek to acquire minority equity positions in established, early-stage fast-growing startups that leverage data science and machine learning technologies to achieve outsized outcomes.

“Our home base in Cambridge places us at the nexus of the best engineering, AI and ML talent in the world. We have regular interaction with the brightest minds solving the biggest problems with AI," said Rob Chaplinsky, co-founder and Managing Director, Link Ventures. “When I began my career at Intel, we innovated at the pace of Moore’s Law. Today, deep learning and AI are far outpacing that cycle; we can only imagine what we will be able to achieve, and we plan to invest in companies bringing these technologies to market in applications that enhance the efficiency of the enterprise and improve consumer lives.”

“LV3’s first investment, payment protection company nsKnox, is an example of our investment thesis, and demonstrates that data science and machine learning technologies can help enterprises reduce the risk of wire fraud and other payment theft,” said Managing Director, Lisa Dolan.

LV has invested in over 40 startup companies since its formation in 2006, including companies such as Latino-lead digital media tech company, Canela Media; digital auto refinancing company, Caribou; online healthcare insurance marketplace company; digital auto insurance marketplace company, EverQuote (NYSE: EVER); talent management company JobCase; digital estate planning company Trust & Will and many more.

About Link Ventures

Link Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage technology startups that leverage data science and artificial intelligence to disrupt existing markets and help solve challenging problems for enterprises and consumers. Markets include financial services, digital healthcare, ecommerce, payments, media and cybersecurity. Link’s team has deep sector expertise, having co-founded leading enterprise and consumer internet companies and led numerous transactions and successful investments in internet services businesses for over 20 years. For more information, please visit the Link Ventures website or LinkedIn.

Liz Savery