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Exit Strategy USA

p o box 390
leonville LA 70551
United States
Phone: 3374189290
Fax: 3374189290
Contact: Paul D Schouest, 

Type of Business:


Services Offered:

Turnaround Consulting, General Business Consulting, Due Diligence Investigations, Expert Witness Testimony, Debt Restructuring


Exit Strategy USA
Louisiana, East Texas, and Mississippi

OVERVIEW: Exit Strategy USA is a small boutique consulting firm serving Louisiana, East Texas, and Mississippi. We provide general business consulting, M & A advisory services, conduct Due Diligence investigations, and serve as Turnaround agents for financially stressed businesses. Our consulting skills have been developed from decades of experience in business, banking, and government.

DUE DILIGENCE: We work with both Buyers and Sellers in the M & A transaction. Our experience includes conducting the due diligence investigation on companies with gross sales of $40 Million and as small as $500,000.

We have worked with Sellers to organize and present their financial information as well as coordinating the Sellers due diligence responses to buyers. In working with Sellers, we help them organize & prepare financial information to be submitted to prospective buyers. We work with the Buyers due diligence team to facilitate the fast and efficient flow of information.

On the Buyers side, we use a comprehensive questionnaire to fully examine the prospective company. While each investigation is unique, we drill down on the details of ownership, litigation, management depth, historical financial performance, and many other significant factors that might influence a Buyers decision. We report our findings to the Buyer, and reserve all decision making to the acquisition team.

TURNAROUND ACTIVITIES: We have experience in turning losses to profits. We have restructured debt, facilitated non-judicial liquidations, been appointed as Chief Restructuring Officers in bankruptcy court, and served as a Special Master in Louisiana District Court.

Our debt restructuring experience includes negotiations with banks, work-outs with payable creditors, and rebuilding relationships with key vendors. We have successfully prepared loan packages, sourced new credit facilities, and secured private financing for companies falling outside current banking regulations.

We have prepared reorganization plans in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy cases, provided Expert Witness testimony in areas of financial analysis and production management, and we have been approved by the court as a Chief Restructuring Officer.

In Louisiana District Court, we have been approved as an Expert Witness in Finanacial Analysis and been appointed as a Special Master to investigate and report on the financial activity of a business. We have also served as a shareholder appointed liquidator.

In addition to providing expert testimony in bankruptcy court, we work with distressed companies in restructuring debt, negotiating with creditors, and developing a turnaround plan.

LITIGATION SUPPORT: In addition to our experience in expert witness testimony, we have worked with attorneys to develop supporting information and evaluation of the financial impact of cases. We have acted as an intermediary, at the request of counsel, to negotiate with government agencies on behalf of our clients in settling claims that have been made by the agencies. In a few limited engagements, we have served as a paralegal to an attorney.

BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES: Our success has been driven by our ability to be "hands on" with clients, our vast business experience, and our grasp of each assignment we accept.

We have successfully guided our clients to profitability, helped them avoid litigation, and renegotiated debt. We have also assisted clients in sourcing new credit facilities, preparing proformas to support loan applications, and locating willing lenders.

We focus on smaller businesses due to our size. We have represented companies with revenue as low as $500,000 per year as well as companies generating $40,000,000 in gross revenue. We review each request for services, evaluate our ability to perform, and only accept engagements that match our skills and available time.

References are available upon request.

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