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Stonington Capital Advisors

1330 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 23A
New York NY 10019
United States
Phone: 646-863-6432
Contact: Justin M. Garrod, Managing Partner

Type of Business:
Placement Agent
Services Offered:
Fund Placement; Secondary Advisory; Direct Private Placement Services


Stonington Capital Advisors is a boutique placement agent, founded with the goal of delivering clients “Partner-lead” capital raising and advisory services, focusing on private equity funds of $1 billion or less. Stonington also offers secondary fund interest and direct private placement transactional advisory services.

Disclaimer: does not take a commission on sales. Additionally, we cannot make any guarantees about the services provided by these firms or their response time. This service is provided "as is," and the purpose of it is to save you time; it lets you reach these firms quickly by forwarding your mail to people who can determine if there is a match between your needs and the services they provide.