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Venture Capital Firms

List of Venture Captal Firms | List of Private Equity Firms

Below is the list of venture capital and private equity firms included in VCPro Database. Buy Now!

01 Ventures
1/0 Capital, LLC
10X Venture Partners
11-11 Ventures
1315 Capital
137 Ventures
15th Rock Ventures
1855 Capital
1984 Ventures
1st Source Capital Corporation
20/20 HealthCare Partners LLC
21 Concordia
21 Invest France
21 Invest Italy
212 Ltd.
22C Capital
280 Capital Partners
2M Companies, Inc.
2nd Generation Capital, LLC
2x Consumer Products Growth Partners
3 Rivers Capital
32 Degrees Capital
360° Capital Partners
3d investors
3E Bioventures Capital
3G Capital
3i Corporation
3i Deutschland GmbH
3i Europe plc Benelux
3i Gestion S.A.
3i Group plc
3i India Pvt Ltd.
3i Infrastructure plc
3L Capital
3Lines Venture Capital
3one4 Capital
3P Equity Partners LLC
3TS Capital Partners
3W Partners
3x5 Partners
40 North Ventures
.406 Ventures, LLC
412 Venture Fund
415 Capital Management GmbH
42 North Partners
42 Ventures, LLC
424 Capital
42CAP Manager GmbH
4490 Ventures
4BIO Capital Partners
4C Capital LLC
4D Global Energy Advisors
500 Startups
5AM Ventures
5P Capital GmbH
5square Committed Capital
5Y Capital
6 Dimensions Capital
645 Ventures
7 Gate Ventures
777 Partners
7BC Venture Capital
7percent Ventures
8 Miles LLP
808 Ventures
88 Green Ventures, LLC
9.5 Ventures
A Plus Finance
A&M Capital Europe
A&M Capital Opportunities
A&M Capital Partners
A-6684 Capital
A/O PropTech
AAC Capital
Aarin Capital
AAVIN Private Equity
Aavishkaar Capital
AB Novestra
AB Traction
Abac Capital
Abacus alpha GmbH
Abacus Finance Group, LLC
ABB Technology Ventures
AbbVie Ventures
Abell Foundation, Inc.
Aberdare Ventures
Abingworth LLP
Abris Capital Partners
ABRY Partners LLC
ABS Capital Partners
ABS Ventures
AC Ventures
ACA Investments Pte Ltd.
Acacia Partners LLC
Acadian Ventures
Acario Innovation LLC
Accel India Venture Fund
Accelerator Life Science Partners
Accelerator Ventures
Accelmed Partners
Accent Equity Partners
Access Holdings Management Company LLC
Access Medical Ventures
Access Venture Partners, LLC
Accession Capital Partners
AccessTurkey Private Equity
Accord Ventures, Inc.
Accretion Investment Management Pty Ltd.
Accretive, LLC
Accrue Capital
ACE Capital Partners
Acero Capital
ACF Investors
Ackerley Partners, LLC
Ackra Invest AB
ACM Group
ACME Capital
ACON Investments, LLC
Acorn Capital Partners Ltd.
Acorn Growth Companies
Acorn Pacific Ventures
Acorn Private Equity
Acorus Capital
Acrew Capital
ACT Venture Capital Ltd.
Actera Group
Action Potential Venture Capital Ltd.
Actis Capital LLP
Activa Capital
Activant Capital Group LLC
Activate Capital
Activate Venture Partners
Active Capital
Active Capital Company B.V.
Active Impact Investments
Active Partners
Active Venture Partners
Acton Capital Partners
Acuity Capital Partners, LLC
Ada Ventures
Adamantem Capital
Adams Capital Management, Inc.
Adams Street Partners, LLC
Adara Ventures
AdAstra Venture Consult GmbH
Adaxia Capital Partners LLP
AdCapital AG
Adcock Private Equity
Addison Capital Partners
Addition Capital
Adelis Equity Partners AB
Adit Ventures
Adlevo Capital
ADM Capital
#adm ventures
Admiral Capital Group
Adobe Ventures
ADV Partners
Advance Vixeid Partners
Advancit Capital LLC
Advantage Capital
Advantage Partners Inc.
Advantech Capital
Advent do Brasil Consultoria e Participacoes Ltda.
Advent India PE Advisors Pvt Ltd.
Advent International Advisory, S.L.
Advent International Colombia S.A.S.
Advent International Corporation
Advent International GmbH
Advent International PE Advisors S.C
Advent International plc
Advent International SAS
Advent International (Shanghai) Co Ltd.
Advent Life Sciences LLP
Advent Partners
Advent-Morro Equity Partners
AE Industrial Partners
AEA Investors LP
AEP Capital LLC
Aerostar Capital, LLC
Aeterna Capital Partners
Aethon Energy Management LLC
AF Ventures
Affentranger Associates SA
Affinity Equity Partners Australia Pty Ltd.
Affinity Equity Partners (HK) Ltd.
AFINUM Management GmbH
Aflac Innovation Partners
Ag Capital Canada
AG Capital Co. Ltd.
Ag-West Bio Inc.
Agate Medical Investments LP
Agathos Management LLP
Agawam Partners LLC
AGC Equity Partners Ltd.
Agder Energi Venture
Agent Capital, LLC
AGIC Capital
Agilitas Private Equity LLP
Agility Capital LLC
Aglaé Ventures
Aglaia Oncology Funds
AGR Partners
Agri Investment Fund
Agribusiness Investment & Consultation Co. Ltd.
Aheim Capital GmbH
AHL Venture Partners
Ahlström Capital Oy
AI Capital LLC
AID Partners
AIF Capital Ltd.
Aiglon Capital Management LLC
AiiM Partners Fund
AION Partners LLC
AIP Private Capital
Air Liquide Venture Capital (ALIAD)
AirAsia Digital
Airbridge Equity Partners
Airbus Ventures
AirTree Ventures
Aisling Capital
Aju IB Invesment Corporation
Akcelerator Innowacji NOT Sp. z o.o.
Akkadian Ventures
Akoya Capital, LLC
Aksia Group SGR S.p.A.
Alamar Partners
Alantra Private Equity
Alaris Equity Partners
Alate Partners
Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo)
Albion Capital Group LLP
Albion Investors LLC
Album VC
Alcedo SGR S.p.A.
Alchemy Partners LLP
Alcuin Capital Partners LLP
Aldine Capital Partners, Inc.
Aldrich Capital Partners
Aleph Capital Partners LLP
Alerion Capital Group, LLC
Alerion Partners
Aleutian Capital Partners, LLC
Alexandria Venture Investments
Alfar Capital Management
Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund
Alice Ventures Srl
Align Capital Partners
Aligned Partners
Alignvest Management Corporation
Alinda Capital Partners LLC
Aliter Capital LLP
ALIVE Israel HealthTech Fund
All Iron Ventures
All-Stars Investment Ltd.
Alleghany Capital Corporation
AllegisCyber Capital
Allegro Funds Pty Ltd.
Allegro Investment Fund
Alliance Consumer Growth LLC
Alliance Entreprendre
Alliance Healthcare Partners
Alliance Jura-Hongrie Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd.
Alliance of Angels
Alliance Venture
Allianz Life Ventures
Allos Ventures
Ally Bridge Group
Almaz Capital Partners
Almeda Ventures
ALMI Invest AB
Aloe Private Equity
Alothon Group, LLC
Alpaca VC
Alpana Ventures
Alpha Achieve Ltd.
Alpha Associati S.r.l
Alpha Associés Conseil
Alpha Capital Partners Ltd.
Alpha Edison
Alpha JWC Ventures
Alpha Venture Partners
Alpha Ventures
Alpha4 Ventures
AlphaPrime Ventures
AlphaX Partners
Alpina Partners
Alpine Bioventures
Alpine Equity Management GmbH
Alpine Investors, LP
Alpine Meridian Ventures
Alpine Pacific Capital
AlpInvest Partners N.V.
AlpRidge Capital LLC
ALSA Ventures
Alsop Louie Partners
ALSTIN Capital
Alston Capital Partners
Alta Equity Partners
Alta Growth Capital
Alta Life Sciences
Alta Partners
Alta Semper Capital LLP
Alta Ventures Mexico
Altacrest Capital
Altair Capital Advisors Pte Ltd.
Altamont Capital Partners
Altara Ventures
Altaris Capital Partners, LLC
Altas Partners
AltEnergy LLC
Alterna Capital Partners LLC
Alterna Equity Partners
Altin Capital Partners, LLC
Altira Group, LLC
Altitude Life Science Ventures
Altitude Partners LLP
Altitude Ventures
Alto Partners SGR S.p.A.
Altor Equity Partners AB
Altos Ventures
Altpoint Capital Partners LLC
Altra Investments
Altus Capital Partners, Inc.
Alven Capital
AM Ventures Holding GmbH
Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd.
Amalthea Capital
Amberstone Ventures
AmBex Venture Group, LLC
Ambienta SGR S.p.A.
Ambina Partners LLC
AMD Ventures
AME Cloud Ventures
American Express Ventures
American Industrial Partners
American Infrastructure Funds
American Pacific Group
American Securities
Ames Seed Capital LLC
Amgen Ventures
Amherst Fund LLC
Amicus Capital, L.P.
Amicus Capital Partners, LLC
Amidzad Partners
Amino Capital
Amkey Ventures, LLC
aMoon Fund
Ampersand Capital Partners
Amphion Innovations US, Inc.
Amphora Capital
Amplify Partners
Amplitude Ventures
Amplus Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd.
Amstar Group, LLC
Amulet Capital Partners, L.P.
Amundi Private Equity Funds
Amymone AB
Amzak Capital Management, LLC
Anacacia Capital Pty Ltd.
AnaCap Financial Partners
Anagenesis Capital Partners
Analytics Ventures
Ananda Impact Ventures
Anathem Ventures
Ancala Partners LLP
Anchorage Capital Partners
Ancor Capital Partners
Andera Partners
Anderson Group, LLC
Andreessen Horowitz LLC
Angel Capital Co. Ltd.
Angel Street Capital, LLC
Angel Ventures
Angeleno Group, LLC
Angeles Equity Partners, LLC
Angelo, Gordon & Co., L.P.
Anges Québec
Angra Partners Gestão de Recursos
Angular Ventures
Ankona Capital
Ankur Capital
Ann Arbor Angels
Annapolis Capital Ltd.
Annapurna Capital Management, LLC
Annex Ventures
Annox Capital
Anorak Ventures
Ant Capital Partners Co. Ltd.
Antares Capital Corporation
Antea Participaties
Anterra Capital
Anthem Venture Partners
Anthemis Group
Anthos Capital
Anticus Partners Ltd.
Antin Infrastructure Partners
ANU Connect Ventures Pty Ltd.
Anzu Partners
AOS Capital
AP Ventures LLP
Apax Digital
Apax Partners Beteiligungsberatung GmbH
Apax Partners Hong Kong Ltd.
Apax Partners India Advisers Pvt Ltd.
Apax Partners (Israel) Ltd.
Apax Partners, L.P.
Apax Partners SAS
Apax Partners UK Ltd.
Apera Asset Management LLP
Aperture Venture Partners, LLC
APEX Ventures GmbH
APG Partners
Aphelion Capital, LLC
Apiary Capital LLP
Apis Partners LLP
Apjohn Ventures Fund, LP
Apollo Capital Partners
Apollo Global Management, LLC
Apollo Investment Corporation
Apple Tree Partners
Applied Ventures, LLC
Apposite Capital LLP
aPriori Capital Partners
Apta Capital LLC
Aqilion AB
Aqua Capital
AquAgro Fund, L.P.
Aquiline Capital Partners LLC
Aquiline Technology Growth
Ara Partners
Arable Capital Partners, LLC
Arafura Ventures
Aravis SA
ARAX Capital Partners GmbH
Arbor Investments
Arbor Partners, LLC
Arbor Ventures
Arboretum Ventures
Arborview Capital
ARC Angel Fund
ARC Financial Corporation
Arcade Partners, LLC
Arcadia Beteiligungen GmbH
Arcadius Capital Partners
Arch Equity Partners, LLC
ARCH Venture Partners
Archer Capital
Archipelago Capital Partners
Architect Equity
Archytas Ventures
ARCIS Finance SA
ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC
Arcline Investment Management, LP
Arctas Capital Group LP
ArcTern Ventures
Arctos Sports Partners
Arcturus Capital
Arcus Infrastructure Partners LLP
Arcus Ventures
Ardent Venture Partners
Ardian US
Arenberg Holdings, LLC
Ares Capital Corporation
Ares Management Corporation
Aretex Capital Partners
Argan Capital Advisors LLP
Argand Partners, LP
Argo Management Group, LLC
Argo Ventures GmbH
Argonne Capital Group
Argos Wityu
Argos Wityu
Argos Wityu
Argos Wityu
Argos Wityu
Argosy Private Equity
Aria Growth Partners
Ariel Alternatives, LLC
Ariel Savannah Angel Partners
Aries Capital Partners
Aris PrimePartners Asset Management Pte Ltd.
Aristos Ventures
Arix Bioscience plc
Ark Angels Activator Fund
ARK Partners
Arkéa Capital
Arkin Holdings
Arlington Capital Partners
Armada Credit Partners Oy
ARMADA Investment AG
Armilar Venture Partners
Armira Beteiligungen GmbH & Co. KG
Armitage Associates
Armory Capital LLC
Armory Square Ventures
Arrowroot Capital
Arroyo Energy Investment Partners, LLC
Arsenal Capital Partners
Arsenal Growth
Artá Capital S.G.E.C.R., S.A.
Artemis Capital Partners
Arthur Ventures
Artiman Management LLC
ARTIS Ventures
Arts Alliance Advisors
ARX Equity Partners
ARX Equity Partners
ARX Equity Partners
Asabys Partners
Asana Partners
asc impact GmbH
Ascend Venture Capital
Ascendent Capital Partners
Ascendiant Capital Markets LLC
Ascension Ventures
Ascent Biomedical Ventures
Ascent Capital
Ascent Venture Partners
Ascribe Capital, LLC
Aser Ventures
ASGARD Partners & Co.
Ashby Point Capital
Ashland Capital Partners
Asia Climate Partners
Asia Growth Capital Advisors
Asia Pacific Healthcare Advisors LLP
ASK Pravi Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd.
Aslanoba Capital
Aspen Capital Group
Aspirant Group, Inc.
Asset Management Ventures (AMV)
Assietta Private Equity SGR S.p.A.
Associated Partners L.P.
Assurance Mezzanine Fund
Assurant Ventures
Astara Capital Partners
Astarte Capital Partners LLP
Astarte Ventures
Astellas Venture Management LLC
Aster Capital
Asterion Industrial Partners
Astor Participaties B.V.
Astor Place Holding
Astorg Partners
Astra Capital Management
ASTUTIA Ventures GmbH
AT Capital Group
Atami Capital
Atar Capital
ATEL Growth Capital
Aterian Investment Partners
Athenian Venture Partners
Athos Capital
Athyrium Capital Management, LP
Atinum Investment Co. Ltd.
ATL Partners
Atlantic Bridge
Atlantic Capital B.V.
Atlantic Capital Group, LLC (ACG)
Atlantic Labs
Atlantic Street Capital Management, LLC
Atlas Holdings LLC
Atlas Merchant Capital LLC
Atlas Venture
Atreides Management, LP
Atrium Capital Corporation
Atwater Capital
ATX Venture Partners
AUA Private Equity Partners, LLC
AUCTUS Capital Partners AG
Audax Private Debt
Audax Private Equity
Audeo Capital
Augens Capital S.r.l.
Augere Venture
Augment Ventures
Augmentum Fintech plc
Augur Capital AG
Augury Capital Partners
August Capital
August Equity LLP
Aura Capital Oy
Aura Ventures
AURELIUS Growth Investments
Aurelius UK
Aurica Capital Desarrollo
Auriga Partners
Aurora Capital Partners
Aurum Ventures MKI
Austin Ventures
Australis Partners
AutoTech Ventures
Auven Therapeutics
Auxo Investment Partners
AV Capital
AV8 Ventures
AVAC Group
Avalon Ventures, LLC
Avante Capital Partners
Avataar Venture Partners
Avathon Capital
Avedon Capital Partners
Avem Partners
Avia Capital
Avista Capital Partners
Aviv Venture Capital
Avrio Subdebt Inc.
aws Gründerfonds Beteiligungs GmbH & Co KG
aws Mittelstandsfonds Beteiligungs GmbH & Co KG
AWT Private Investments
Awz Ventures
AXA Venture Partners
AXE Investments N.V.
Axia Partners
Axial Reade Capital
AXIS Participaciones Empresariales S.G.E.I.C., S.A. S.M.E.
AXM Venture Capital
Axon Partners Group
Axum Capital Partners
Axxess Capital
Axxon Group
Azalea Capital, L.L.C.
Azimuth Capital Management
Azini Capital Partners LLP
Azulis Capital
Azure Capital Partners
B Capital Group
B Dash Ventures Inc.
B. Riley Principal Investments
B&Y Venture Partners
B-29 Investments, LP
B12 Capital Partners, LLC
B37 Ventures
B4 Ventures
BABEL Ventures
Bacchus Capital Management, LLC
BackBone Ventures AG
Backed LLP
Backstage AB
Backswing Ventures
Bahana Artha Ventura, PT
Baigo Capital GmbH
Bailador Technology Investments
Bain Capital Asia, LLC
Bain Capital Double Impact
Bain Capital Life Sciences
Bain Capital Private Equity
Bain Capital Tech Opportunities
Bain Capital Ventures
Baird Capital
Baird Capital
Baird Capital
Baird Venture Capital
Baker Capital Corporation
Balance Point Capital Partners
Balderton Capital (UK) LLP
Ballast Point Ventures
Balmoral Funds LLC
BAM Ventures
Bancroft Private Equity GmbH & Co KG
Band of Angels
Bandgap Ventures
BankCap Partners
Banksia Capital
Banneker Partners, LLC
Banner Ventures
Banyan Capital Partners
Banyan Investment Partners
BanyanTree Finance Pvt Ltd.
Baring Private Equity Asia
Baring Vostok Capital Partners Ltd.
Baroda Ventures, LLC
Barrel Ventures
Barton Creek Equity Partners, LLC
BASE Equity Partners
Base Ventures
Base10 Partners
BaseCamp Capital LLC
Baseline Ventures
BASF Venture Capital GmbH
Basinghall Partners
Basis Set Ventures
Bass Capital
Battery Ventures
Baxter Ventures
Bay Capital Investment Partners
Bay City Capital, LLC
Bay Grove
Bay Hills Capital
BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
BayBoston Managers LLC
Bayern Kapital GmbH
Baylor Angel Network
Baymark Partners, L.P.
BayNorth Capital, LLC
Bayou City Energy
Bayside Capital LLC
BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures GmbH
BBG Ventures
BBH Capital Partners
BBX Capital Partners, LLC
BC Partners Ltd.
BDC Capital
Beacon Angels, LLC
Beacon Equity Partners
Beamonte Investments
Beaufort Capital GmbH
BECO Capital
Bedford Funding
Bedrock Capital
Bee Partners, LLC
Bee Up Capital
Beech Tree Private Equity
Beechbrook Capital LLP
Beechtree Capital LLC
Beecken Petty O'Keefe & Company
Beekman Group LLC
Behrman Capital, L.P.
Belfonti Companies, LLC
BelHealth Investment Partners
Bell Fund
BELLE Capital, LP
Belle Impact Fund
Bellingham Angel Investors
Beluga NV
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern PA
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP/SEP)
Bencis Capital Partners
Benford Capital Partners, LLC
Benhamou Global Ventures, LLC
Bennett Capital Partners, LLC
Benson Oak Ventures
Berenson Capital
Berggruen Holdings, Inc.
Bering Capital
Beringea LLC
Beringea Ltd.
Beringer Capital
Berk Partners
Berkley Capital, LLC
Berkshire Partners, LLC
Berlin Technologie Holding GmbH
Berliner Volksbank Ventures
Bernhard Capital Partners
Bertelsmann Asia Investments
Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments Inc.
Bertram Capital Management LLC
Berwind Corporation
Berwind Private Equity
Bespoke Capital Partners, LLC
Bessemer Investors
Bessemer Venture Partners
BEST Funds
Bestport Private Equity
Beta Capital
Betaworks Ventures
Bethnal Green Ventures
Better Food Ventures
Better Ventures, LLC
Beverly Capital LLC
Bewater Ventures
Beyond Capital Partners GmbH
Beyond Next Ventures
Beyond Ventures
BFG Partners
BGF Ventures
BGH Capital
BharCap Partners, LLC
BHMS Investments, LP
BIA Digital Partners, LP
Bialla Venture Partners
BID Equity GmbH
Big Basin Capital
Big Pi Ventures
Big Start Ventures
Big Sur Ventures
BIGR Ventures
Bilgola Capital LLC
Biltmore Ventures, L.P.
Bindley Capital Partners
Bintang Capital Partners Bhd.
Bio Sight Capital, Inc.
BioAgency AG
BioFrontier Partners, Inc.
BioGeneration Ventures (BGV)
Bioindustrial Innovation Canada
Biomark Capital
Biomatics Capital
BioMedPartners AG
Bionova Capital
Bioqube Ventures
BioRock Ventures
Bios Partners
Bioscience Managers Pty Ltd.
BioScience Ventures Group AG
BioStar Capital
BioVentures MedTech Funds
BIP Capital Partners
Birch Hill Equity Partners
Birch Venture Capital, Inc.
Birchmere Ventures
Bird Dog Equity Partners, LLC
Birk Venture
Bison Capital Asset Management, LLC
BitFury Capital
bkm Capital Partners
Black Bay Energy Capital
Black Diamond Capital Partners
Black Diamond Ventures, LLC
Black Dog Venture Partners
Black Dragon Capital, LLC
Black Jays Investments
Black Pearl Capital Partners
Black Pearls VC S.A.
Black Point Group
BlackBern Partners LLC
Blackbird Ventures
Blackbird Ventures
BlackEagle Partners, LLC
BlackFin Capital Partners
Blackford Capital, LLC
Blackhorn Ventures
BlackRock Capital Investment Corporation
Blackstone Life Sciences
Blackstreet Capital Holdings, LLC
Blackstreet Capital Management, LLC
Blackthorne Partners
Blazar Ventures, LLC
Blenheim Chalcot
Bleu Capital
BLG Capital
BLH Venture Partners, LLC
Blindspot Inc.
Blockchain Capital
Bloomberg Beta
Blossom Capital
Blott Asset Management, L.L.C.
BLS Venture Capital GmbH
Blu Venture Investors, LLC
blue 9 capital
Blue Ashva Capital
Blue Bear Capital
Blue Cap AG
Blue Chip Venture Co.
Blue Cloud Ventures
Blue Delta Capital Partners
Blue Equity, LLC
Blue Frontier Group
Blue Heron Capital, LLC
Blue Highway Capital
Blue Horizon Corporation AG
Blue Note Ventures
Blue Point Capital Partners
Blue Sage Capital
Blue Scorpion Investments, L.P.
Blue Sea Capital
Blue Sea Capital LLC
Blue Springs Capital Partners
Blue Star Innovation Partners
Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC
Bluebird Ventures
BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, L.P.
Bluefield Partners LLP
BlueGem Capital Partners LLP
Bluehenge Capital Partners
BlueHub Capital
BlueOcean Ventures
BlueRed Partners
BlueRock Energy Partners
BlueRun Ventures
Bluestein Ventures
Bluestem Capital Co.
Bluester Capital
Bluestone Investment Partners
BlueTree Allied Angels
BlueTree Venture Fund
BlueWater Angels
Bluff Point Associates
Blum Capital
Blumberg Capital, LLC
Blume Ventures
bm-t beteiligungsmanagement thüringen gmbh
BMO Capital Partners
BMW i Ventures
BnL Growth Partners
BNP Paribas Développement
BNP Paribas Fortis Private Equity
Boathouse Capital
Bocap & Co.
Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund
Boeing HorizonX Ventures
Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures GmbH
BOLD Capital Partners
boldstart ventures
BonAngels Venture Partners
Bonaventure Capital
Bond Capital
Bond Capital Partners (UK) Ltd.
Bonfire Ventures
BonVenture Management GmbH
Bookend Capital Partners
Boost Heroes
Bootstrap Europe
Bootstrap Venture Partners
Bootstrap Ventures
Borderless Capital
Borealis Ventures
Borgman Capital LLC
Borromin Capital Management GmbH
Boston Financial & Equity Corporation
Boston Harbor Angels, LLC
Boston Millennia Partners
Boston Seed Capital, LLC
Boston University Technology Development
Bosworth Capital Partners, LLC
Boulder Ventures Ltd.
Boundary Capital Partners LLP
Boundary Street Capital
Bounds Equity Partners, LLC
Bourne Partners Strategic Capital
BOV Capital
Bow Capital
Bow River Capital
Bowery Capital
Bowmark Capital LLP
Boxer Capital, LLC
Boyne Capital
Boyu Capital
BP Energy Partners
BP Marsh & Partners PLC
bp ventures
BPE Unternehmensbeteiligungen G.m.b.H.
BR Venture Fund
Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM)
Brace Pharma Capital
Bradford Equities Management, L.L.C.
Braemar Energy Ventures
Brain Trust Accelerator Fund
Brainstorm Ventures
Brand Foundry Ventures
Brand Velocity Partners
Branded Hospitality Ventures
Brandenburg Kapital GmbH
Brandon Capital Partners Pty Ltd.
Branford Castle Partners, L.P.
Brass Ring Capital, Inc.
Bratenahl Capital Partners
Brave Venture Capital
Braveheart Investment Group plc
Bravia Capital Partners Inc.
Bravo Equity Partners
Brazos Private Equity Partners, LLC
Breakaway Ventures
Breakwater Management LP
Breck Partners LLC
Breed Reply
Breeze Invest GmbH
Bregal Energy
Bregal Milestone
Bregal Partners
Bregal Sagemount
Bregal Unternehmerkapital GmbH
Brentwood Associates
Breslin AG
Brewer Lane Ventures
Breyer Capital
Bridge Growth Partners, LLC
Bridge Industries, LLC
Bridge Investments LLC
Bridge Street Capital Partners, L.L.C.
Bridge to Growth
Bridgepoint AB
Bridgepoint Advisers Ltd.
Bridgepoint GmbH
Bridgepoint SA
Bridgepoint SAS
Bridgeport Capital
Bridges Fund Management Ltd.
Bridges Fund Management US
Bridges Israel
Bridgeway Capital
Bright Capital Investment Management GmbH
Bright Pixel
Brighteye Ventures
Brightlands Venture Partners
Brightly Ventures AB
Brighton Park Capital
Brighton Partners, LLC
Brightspark Ventures L.P.
Brightstar Capital Partners
Brightstone Venture Capital
Brightwood Capital Advisors, LLC
Brixey & Meyer Capital
Broadhaven Capital Partners, LLC
Broadline Capital LLC
BroadOak Capital Partners, LLC
Broadreach Capital Partners
Broadtree Partners LLC
Broadview Group Holdings, LLC
Broadview Ventures, Inc.
Brockhaus Private Equity GmbH
Brockway Moran & Partners, Inc.
Broodstock Capital
Brook Venture Partners
Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
Brooks, Houghton & Company, Inc.
Brookside Capital Partners
Brookside Equity Partners LLC
Brookstone Partners
Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC
Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co., Inc.
Bruin Sports Capital
Bruml Capital Corporation
Brunnur Ventures GP
Bryant Stibel
Brynwood Partners
BSC Capital Partners
BSK Investment
BTG Beteiligungsgesellschaft Hamburg mbH
Btomorrow Ventures
btov Partners
Buchanan Street Partners
Build Ventures
Builders VC
BuildGroup LLC
Building Industry Partners, LLC
Building Ventures
Bull Capital Partners (HK) Ltd.
Bull City Venture Partners
Bullnet Gestión SGECR, S. A.
Bullpen Capital
Bunker Hill Capital, L.P.
Burch Creative Capital
Burda Principal Investments
Bure Equity AB
Burst Capital
Business Partners Ltd.
Butler Capital Partners
Butterfly Equity
Butterfly Ventures
Buysse & Partners
BV Investment Partners
bValue Venture Capital
BVCF Management Ltd.
BW Forsyth Partners, LLC
BWB Partners
BWK GmbH Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft
C&B Capital, L.P.
C-Quest Capital, LLC
C2 Capital Partners
C2 Ventures
C3 Capital, LLC
C4 Ventures
C5 Capital
Cabot Square Capital LLP
Cache Creek Industries, LLC
Cadent Energy Partners LLC
Caduceus Capital Partners, LLC
Caerus Ventures
Caffery Capital Partners, LLC
Cagan McAfee Capital Partners, LLC
CAI Capital Partners
Cairngorm Capital Partners LLP
Caixa Capital Risc
Calculus Capital Ltd.
Caldec Holding GmbH & Co. OHG
Calera Capital
Calibrate Ventures
Calidant Capital, LLC
California Technology Ventures, LLC
Calixa Capital Partners
Callais Capital Management, LLC
Caltius Equity Partners
Caltius Structured Capital
Calvert Street Capital Partners, Inc.
Camber Creek
Cambria Group
Cambridge Capital Group
Cambridge Capital LLC
Cambridge Companies SPG
Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds
Cambridge Innovation Capital
Cambridge Ventures, LP
Camcor Partners Inc.
Camden Partners Holdings, LLC
Camelot Venture Group, LLC
Cameron Holdings Corporation
Cameron Ventures
Camford Capital
Camino Real Capital Partners, LLC
Camp One Ventures, LLC
Camwood Capital Group
Canaan Partners
Canaan Partners Israel
Canadian Business Growth Fund
Canal Holdings, LLC
Canal Partners, LLC.
Canapi Ventures
Canbank Venture Capital Fund Ltd.
Candescent Partners, LLC
Candou Ventures
Canelco Capital Oy
Canerector Inc.
Canopy Capital Partners
Cantabria Capital
Canvas Ventures
Canyon Creek Capital
Caphorn Invest
Capidea Management ApS
Capital A
Capital Advisors Partners Asia Pte Ltd.
Capital Alignment Partners
Capital Community Angels Investors, Inc.
Capital for Business, Inc.
Capital Group Private Markets
Capital Group Private Markets
Capital Innovators
Capital Midwest Fund
Capital Mills
Capital Nature Ltd.
Capital One Ventures
Capital Partners S.A.
Capital@rent NV
Capital Resource Partners
Capital Southwest Corporation
Capital Square Partners Pte Ltd.
Capital Today Group
Capital Z Partners
Capitala Group
CapitalView Investment Partners, L.P.
Capitalworks Equity Partners
CapitalWorks, LLC
Capitol Partners, LLC
Capitol Peak Partners
Capiton AG
CapMan AB
CapMan Oyj
Capnamic Ventures
Capricorn Holdings, Inc.
Capricorn Partners
Capstar Partners, LLC
Capstone Partners LLC
CapStreet Group, LLC
CapVest Partners LLP
Capvis AG
CapX Partners
Carbon Direct
Carbon Ventures
Cardinal Capital Group
Cardinal Equity Partners
Cardinal Partners
Cardumen Capital
Carlson Private Capital Partners
Carlyle Asia Investment Advisors Ltd.
Carlyle Asia Partners
Carlyle Europe Partners
Carlyle Europe Technology Partners
Carlyle Group
Carmichael Partners
Carnelian Energy Capital
Carom Growth Partners
Carousel Capital
Carrick Capital Partners, LLC
Cartesian Capital Group, LLC
Carthona Capital
Caruth Capital Partners, LLC
CAS Capital, Inc.
Cascade Partners
Cascade Seed Fund
Cascara Ventures
Casdin Capital, LLC
Case Verde Capital
Cass Entrepreneurship Fund
Cassia Investments Ltd.
Castanea Partners
Castel Capital
Castik Capital
Castile Ventures
Castle Creek Capital LLC
Castle Crow & Company
Castle Harlan, Inc.
Castle Hill Partners
Castle Island Partners, LLC
Castle Island Ventures
CastleMill Equity Partners
Castletop Capital
Catacap Management A/S
Catagonia Capital GmbH
Catalio Capital Management, LP
Catalus Capital LLC
Catalyst Capital Group Inc.
Catalyst Group, Inc.
Catalyst Health Ventures
Catalyst Investments, L.P.
Catalyst Investors, L.P.
Catalyst Principal Partners
Catalyst Romania
Catamount Ventures, L.P.
Catapult Ventures
Cathay Capital Group
Cato BioVentures
Causeway Capital Partners
Causeway Media Partners
Cava Capital
Cavallo Ventures
Cavalry Ventures
Cave Creek Capital Management LLC
CAVU Venture Partners
Caymus Equity Partners LLC
Cayuga Venture Fund
CBC Capital
CBPE Capital LLP
CC Capital
CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC
CCP Capital
CCP Equity Partners
CD Capital
CDH Investments
CDIB Capital International Corporation
CDP Equity SpA
CDPQ Asia Pacific
CE Ventures
Cedar Fund
Ceder Capital
CEI Ventures, Inc.
Celerity Partners
Celtic House Venture Partners
CEMEX Ventures
Cenova Capital
Centana Growth Partners
Center Rock Capital Partners, LP
Centerfield Capital Partners, L. P.
CenterGate Capital
CenterOak Partners, LLC
Centerstone Partners, LLC
Centerview Capital Consumer
Centerview Capital Technology
Cento Ventures
Central Texas Angel Network
Centre Lane Partners, LLC
Centre Partners Management, LLC
Centrecourt AB
CentreStone Ventures
Centripetal Capital Partners LLC
Centurium Capital
Century Bridge Capital
Century Equity Partners
Century Park Capital Partners, L.P.
CEO Ventures
Cephas Capital
Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.
Cerca Partners
Céréa Partenaire
Ceres Partners
Ceres Venture Fund, L.P.
Cerium Technology Ventures, LLC
CerraCap Ventures
Cervin Ventures
Ceyuan Ventures
CFH Management GmbH
CGS Management AG
Chaifetz Group, LLC
Chalmers Ventures AB
CHAMP Ventures Pty Ltd.
Champlain Capital
Chang'an Capital
Change Capital Partners
Channel 4 Ventures
Channel Mark Investments
Charger Investment Partners
Charles Thayne Capital
Charlesbank Capital Partners, LLC
Charleston Angel Partners, LLC
Charme Capital Partners
Charmides Capital
Chart Venture Partners
Charter Oak Equity, LP
Charter School Growth Fund
Charterhouse Capital Partners LLP
Chartline Capital Partners
Chartwell Investments
Chatham Capital
Chattanooga Renaissance Fund
Chazen Capital Partners, LLC
CHB Capital Partners
CHECK24 Ventures GmbH
Checkmate Capital Group LLC
Chequers Capital
Cherokee & Walker
Cherry Tree & Associates
Cherry Ventures Management GmbH
Cherrystone Angel Group
Chevron Technology Ventures LLC
Chicago Growth Partners
Chicago Pacific Founders
Chicago Venture Partners, L.P.
Chicago Ventures
Chiesi Ventures
Chiltern Capital LLP
China Impact Ventures
China Merchants Capital Investment Co. Ltd.
China Merchants China Direct Investments Ltd.
China Soft Capital Group
China-ASEAN Capital Advisory Co. Ltd.
ChinaEquity Group Inc.
Chiratae Ventures
Chord Capital Ltd.
Chrysalis Ventures
Chrysalix Venture Capital
CI Capital Partners LLC
CIBC Innovation Banking
Cibolo Energy Partners
Cibus Fund
CIC Partners, LP
CID Capital
CID Group
CIEL Capital
CIM Capital
Cimarron Healthcare Capital
Cimbria Capital
Cinven Partners LLP
CIP Capital
Cipher-Plexus Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd.
Cipio Partners
Circadia Ventures
Circadian Ventures
CircleUp Growth Partners
Circularity Capital LLP
Cisco Investments
CITA Investissement
CitareTx Investment Partners
CITG Capital Partners
Citi Ventures
CITIC Capital China Partners, L.P.
CITIC Private Equity Funds Management Co. Ltd.
Citizen Capital
City Capital Ventures, LLC
City Hill Ventures, LLC
City Light Capital
City Side Ventures LLC
CIVC Partners, LLC
Civilization Ventures
Clairvest Group Inc.
Clal Biotechnology Industries Ltd.
Claremont Creek Ventures
Clarendon Fund Managers Ltd.
Claret Capital Partners
Claridge Israel
Clarion Capital Partners, LLC
Claritas Capital LLC
Claritas Health Ventures
Clarity Partners, L.P.
Classic Capital Corporation
Clavis Capital Partners
Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, LLC
Clean Energy Ventures
Clean Growth Fund
CleanTech Partners, Inc.
Clear Current Capital
Clear Ventures
Clearlake Capital Group, L.P.
ClearLight Partners, LLC
ClearPoint Investment Partners
Clearspring Capital Partners
Clearview Capital, L.P.
ClearVision Equity Partners
Clearvision Ventures
ClearVue Partners
Clessidra Private Equity SGR S.p.A.
Cleveland Avenue, LLC
Clocktower Technology Ventures
Cloquet Capital Partners, LLC
Cloud Apps Capital Partners
Cloud Equity Group
Clout Capital
Clover Capital Partners LLC
Clovis Point Capital, LLC
CLSA Capital Partners
Clyde Blowers Capital
CM Equity Partners
CM Partners
CM Venture Capital
CMFG Ventures, LLC
CMIA Capital Partners Pte Ltd.
CMS Mezzanine Fund
CNBB Venture Partners
CNF Investments LLC
Co-Investor Partners
Cobalt Capital
Cobalt Ventures
CoBe Capital
Cobepa S.A.
Cobro Ventures
Cocoon Capital Partners Pte Ltd.
Cocoon Ignite Ventures
Coda Capital LLC
Coefficient Capital
Cofounders Capital
Cogito Capital Partners
Cognitive Capital Partners, LLC
Cognosante Ventures
Cohere Capital
Cohesive Capital Partners
Colchester Capital, LLC
Cold Bore Capital
Colfax Creek Capital
Collab Capital
Collaborative Fund
Colle Capital
Coller Capital Ltd.
Colony Capital, Inc.
Colorado Impact Fund
Colt Ventures
Colton Capital Partners, LLC
Columbia Capital, LLC
Columbia Lake Partners
Columbia Partners Private Capital
Columbus Venture Partners S.G.E.I.C, S.A.
Columbus Ventures, LLC
Colville Capital LLC
Comcast Ventures
Commerce Ventures
CommerzVentures GmbH
Committed Capital Ltd.
CommonView Capital, LLC
Commonwealth Capital Ventures, L.P.
Commonwealth Venture Funding Group
Como Venture
Companyon Ventures
Compass Diversified
Compass Partners International
Compass Technology Partners, L.P.
Comvest Partners
Comway Capital Ltd.
Conanicut Capital LLC
Concentric Equity Partners
Concentric Partners, LLC
Conconi Growth Partners
Concord Health Partners
Concord Venture Capital Group
Concourse Capital
Concurrence Capital Holdings
Conductive Ventures
Conduit Capital Partners, LLC
Conduit Ventures Ltd.
Confluence Capital Partners
Confluent Holdings, LLC
Congruent Investment Partners, LLC
Congruent Ventures
Connect Ventures
Connecticut Innovations, Inc.
Connecting Capital
Connection Capital LLP
Connectivity Capital Partners
Conor Venture Partners Oy
Consilium SGR p.A.
Consolidated Investment Group
Consonance Capital Partners
Constantia New Business GmbH
Constellation Technology Ventures
Constitution Capital Partners, LLC
Consumer Growth Partners
Contemporary Healthcare Capital, LLC
Continental Grain Company
Contour Venture Partners
Convergence Partners
Convergent Capital, LLC
Convergent Capital Partners LLC
Conversion Capital LLC
Conversion Venture Capital
Conviction Investment Partners
Coolidge Corner Investment Co. Ltd.
Cooper Investment Partners
coparion GmbH & Co. KG
COPE Private Equity Sdn Bhd
Copeley Capital
Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
Copley Equity Partners
Copper Street Capital LLP
Coppermine Capital, LLC
Coral Group
Coral Reef Capital LLC
Corazon Capital LLC
Corbel Capital Partners
Cordiant Capital Inc.
Cordovan Capital Management
Core Capital Partners, L.P.
CORE Industrial Partners
CORE Industries GmbH
Core Innovation Capital
Corinthian Capital Group, LLC
Cornell Capital LLC
Corner Ventures
Cornerstone Angels
Cornerstone Capital Holdings, LLC
Cornerstone Holdings, LLC
CornerstoneCapital Verwaltungs AG
Coronis Medical Ventures, LLC
Corpfin Capital S.A.
Corpfinance International Ltd.
Corporate Fuel Partners
Corporate Partners LLC
Correlation Ventures
Corridor Capital, LLC
Corsa Ventures
Corsair Capital, LLC
Corstone Capital Corporation
Cortado Ventures
Cortec Group, Inc.
Corten Capital
COSIMO Ventures
Costanoa Ventures
Costella Kirsch, Inc.
Cota Capital
Cotton Creek Capital Management, LLC
Cottonwood Technology Fund
Cougar Venture Fund
Coughlin Capital, LLC
Coulton Creek Capital, LLC
Council Capital
Counterpart Ventures
Courage Ventures Funds
Court Square Capital Partners
Courtney Group, Inc.
Cove Fund
Cove Hill Partners
Cowboy Ventures
Cowin Capital Group
CPE Capital Pty Ltd.
CPS Capital
Cradle Seed Ventures
Craftsman Capital
Crane Street Capital Group LLC
Crane Venture Partners LLP
Crawley Ventures LLC
CRB Inverbío
CRCM Ventures
Creafund Comm. VA
Creandum Advisor AB
Creathor Venture Management GmbH
Creative Ventures
Crédit Agricole Investment Regions
Crédit Mutuel Capital Privé
Crédit Mutuel Equity
Crédit Mutuel Equity
Credo Ventures
Crescendo Venture Partners
Crescent Capital BDC, Inc.
Crescent Capital Group
Crescent Capital NI Ltd.
Crescent Capital Partners
Crescent Point
Cresset Partners
Cressey & Company LP
Crest Capital Asia
Crest Group, LLC
Crest Rock Partners
Crestview Partners
Crimson Investment
Crista Galli Ventures
Criterion Africa Partners
Critical Ventures
CriticalPoint Capital
Crocker Ventures
Crofton Capital, LLC
Cronos Capital Partners S.r.l.
Cronus Ventures, LLC
Cross Atlantic Capital Partners
Cross Creek
Cross Equity Partners AG
Crosscut Ventures
Crosse Partners
CrossHarbor Capital Partners LLC
CrossHilll Financial Group
Crosslink Capital, Inc.
Crossplane Capital
Crosstimbers Capital Group
Crowberry Capital
Crown Capital Partners Inc.
Crown Predator Holdings
CRP Companhia de Participações
Crystal Financial
Crystal Horse Investments Pte Ltd .
Crystal Ridge Partners
CSA Partners, LLC
CSC Group
CSC Upshot Ventures
CSL Capital Management, LLC
CSL Ventures
CTI Life Sciences Fund L.P.
CTW Venture Partners, LLC
CU Healthcare Innovation Fund
Cube Infrastructure Managers
Cue Ball Capital
Cuir Invest
Culbro, LLC
Cult Capital
Cultivation Capital
Cultivian Sandbox Ventures
Curative Ventures
Curie Capital
Curious Capital GmbH & Co. KG
Current Capital Partners LLC
Cusp Capital
Cutlass Capital, L.L.C.
CVC Advisers (Benelux) SA/NV
CVC Advisers (Deutschland) GmbH
CVC Advisers (France) SA
CVC Advisers (India) Private Ltd.
CVC Advisers International Svenska
CVC Advisers (Italia) S.r.l.
CVC Advisers Latam Representação e Consultoria Ltda.
CVC Advisers Ltd.
CVC Advisers (Luxembourg) Sàrl
CVC Advisers Nederland
CVC Advisers (Polska) sp. z o.o.
CVC Advisors (U.S.) Inc.
CVC Asia Pacific (Japan) Kabushiki Kaisha
CVC Asia Pacific Ltd.
CVC Asia Pacific Ltd.
CVC Asia Pacific (Shanghai) Ltd.
CVC Asia Pacific (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
CVC Denmark
CVC Investment Advisory Services S.L.
CVC Ltd.
CVF Capital Partners
CWRU Technology Ventures
CX Partners
Cyberagent Capital Co. Ltd.
Cybernaut (China) Capital Management
Cycad Group LLC
Cycle Capital Management
Cyhawk Ventures
Cynosure Group
Cypress Growth Capital, LLC
Cyprium Partners
D. E. Shaw & Co., L.P.
D’Orazio Capital Partners
D3 Jubilee Partners Co. Ltd.
Da Vinci Capital
Dace Ventures
Daesung Private Equity
DAG Ventures
DaGrosa Capital Partners LLC
Daiwa Corporate Investment Co. Ltd.
Daiwa PI Partners Co. Ltd.
DalFort Capital Partners, LLC
Dallas Venture Capital LLC
Dalus Capital
Dancap Private Equity Inc.
Dane Creek Capital Corp.
Danone Manifesto Ventures
Danville Partners, LLC
Darling Ventures
Darwin Management
Darwin Private Equity LLP
Dasos Capital Oy
Data Collective (DCVC)
Data Point Capital
Data Ventures
Dauk/Wagner Investments, LLC
Dauphin Capital Partners
Davidson Shamir Technology Growth Debt
Davis, Tuttle Venture Partners
Dawn Capital LLP
Day One Capital
Day One Ventures
DB1 Ventures
DBH Investment Zrt.
DBJ Capital Co. Ltd.
DBL Partners
DC Capital Partners, LLC
DC Community Ventures LLC
DCA Capital Partners, LP
DCI Partners Co. Ltd.
DCM Ventures
DDJ Capital Management, LLC
De Hoge Dennen Capital
Decatur Group
Decheng Capital LLC
Deciens Capital
Decima Ventures
Deep Insight
DeepWork Capital
Deerfield Management Company, L.P.
Deerpath Capital Management, LP
DEFTA Partners
Defy Partners
Delany Capital Management Corporation
Delavaco Capital Inc.
Delbridge Capital Partners
Delin Ventures
Dell Technologies Capital
Delos Capital
Delos Capital, LLC
Delphi Ventures, L.P.
Delta Capital
Delta Capital Myanmar
Delta Partners
Delta-v Capital
DeltaPoint Capital Partners, LLC
DeMarseCo, Inc.
Dementia Discovery Fund
Dempsey Ventures, Inc.
Den Sociale Kapitalfond Management ApS
Denargo Capital LLC
Denham Capital Management LP
Dentsu Ventures
Desert Angels
Designer Fund
DeSimone Group Investments, LLC
Desjardins Capital
Detroit Venture Partners, LLC
Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures GmbH
Deutsche Beteiligungs AG
Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners Management GmbH (DTCP)
Deva Group AB
Development Bank of Wales
Development Capital Fund Management Ltd.
Development Partners International LLP
DFJ DragonFund China
DFJ Growth
DFJ VinaCapital
DFW Capital Partners
DG Ventures, Inc.
DGB Investments
DGNL Ventures
DH Private Equity Partners
Diamond Equity Partners
Diamond State Ventures, L.P.
Diamondhead Ventures
Diana Capital
Differential Ventures
Diffusion Capital Partners
Digital Colony
Digital Currency Group
Digital Fuel Capital, LLC
Digital Health Ventures
Digital+ Partners
Digital Ventures
Digitalis Ventures
Digitech Venture Capital Fund, Inc.
DigiTx Partners LLC
DIH Deutsche Industrie-Holding GmbH
Diligent Capital Partners
Dimeling Schreiber & Park
Direct Capital Private Equity Ltd.
DIrectional Aviation Capital
Discount Investment Corporation Ltd.
Discovery Capital
Disruptive Capital Finance LLP
District Ventures Capital
Divergent Ventures, LLC
Diversis Capital
DMB Deutsche Mittelstand Beteiligungen GmbH
DMC Capital Funding LLC
dmg ventures
DMZ Ventures
DN Capital (UK) LLP
DNS Capital, LLC
DNX Ventures
Do Ventures
Dobbs Equity Partners, LLC
Dock Square Capital LLC
DOCOMO Innovations, Inc..
Dojane Capital
Dolby Family Ventures, L.P.
Domain Associates, LLC
Dome Equities, LLC
Dominus Capital, L.P.
Domo Investment Group
Dooghoon Investment Co.
Dorilton Capital
Dos Rios Partners, L.P.
Dot Capital
DoubleRock, LLC
Dow Venture Capital
Down 2 Earth Capital
Downing Ventures
DPE Deutsche Private Equity
Dragon Capital Ltd.
Dragonfly Capital Partners
Draper Associates
Draper Athena
Draper Esprit LLP
Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation
Draper Triangle Ventures, LP
Drayton Park Capital
Dream Maker Ventures
Dreamers VC
DRI Capital Inc.
Driehaus Private Equity, LLC
Drive Capital, LLC
Droia Ventures
DSC Investment, Inc.
DSM Venturing
DT Capital Partners
DTA Capital Partners Sdn. Bhd.
Dubin Clark & Co.
Dublin BIC
Duchossois Capital Management
Duchossois Group
Duke Street
Dundee Venture Capital
Dunedin LLP
Dunes Point Capital
Dunrath Capital
DVI Equity Partners, LLC
DVR&C Capital
DW Healthcare Partners
DWP Investments
DXA Invest
Dye Capital & Company
Dymon Asia Private Equity
Dynamk Capital LLC
Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation
e.Bricks Ventures
E-Capital Equity Management
E14 Fund
E8 Angels
Eagle Four Partners
Eagle Merchant Partners
Eagle Private Capital, LLC
EagleTree Capital
Early Charm Ventures, LLC
Early Game Ventures
Early Stage Partners, LP
Earlybird Venture Capital
Earth Capital Partners LLP
Earthrise Capital
Easo Ventures
East Seattle Partners
East Valley Ventures Inc.
East Ventures
Eastern Link Capital
Easton Capital Investment Group
Eastside Partners
Eastward Capital Partners, LLC
EBRD Venture Capital Investment Programme
EBSCO Capital
eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners AG
Écart Invest
Echo Health Ventures LLC
EchoVC Partners LLC
ECI Partners LLP
Eclipse Ventures
ECM Equity Capital Management GmbH
ECMC Group
EcoElectron Ventures
Econa AG
EcoR1 Capital, LLC
Ecosystem Integrity Fund
Ecosystem Ventures LLC
Ecus Private Equity
EDBI Pte Ltd.
Edenred Capital Partners
EDG Partners, LLC
Edge Investments
Edge Natural Resources LLC
Edgewater Capital Partners, L.P.
Edgewater Funds
Edison Partners
Edition Capital
EDP Ventures
Education Growth Partners
EduLab Capital Partners
EduLab, Inc.
EEC Ventures
eEquity AB
Egis Capital Partners LLC
EGORA Holding GmbH
Eiffel Investment Group
Eight Roads Principal Investments
Eight Roads Ventures China
Eight Roads Ventures Europe
Eight Roads Ventures India
Eight Roads Ventures Japan
Eighteen94 Capital, LLC
EIM Capital
Eir Ventures
EIV Capital, LLC
Eka Ventures
Ekkio Capital
eLab Ventures
Elaia Partners
Elan Growth Partners, LLC
Elbrus Capital
Eldridge Industries
Electric Capital
Element Partners
Elephant Capital
Elevar Equity LLC
Elevate Innovation Partners
Elevate Ventures
Elevation Capital
Elevation Partners
Elevator Ventures
Eleven Ventures
Elgner Group Investments Ltd.
Elikonos Capital Partners
Elizabeth Street Ventures
Ellerston Ventures
Ellipse Capital LLC
Ellis Capital
Elm Creek Partners
Elm Park Capital
Elm Street Ventures
Elron Electronic Industries Ltd.
Elsewhere Partners
Elysian Capital LLP
Embark Healthcare
Ember Infrastructure
EMBL Ventures GmbH
Emerald Creek Group, LLC
Emerald Sri Lanka Fund, LLC
Emerald Technology Ventures AG
EMERAM Capital Partners GmbH
Emergence Capital Partners
Emergent Medical Partners, LLP
Emergent Technologies, Inc.
EmergeVest HK Ltd.
Emerging Capital Partners (ECP)
EMF Capital Partners
EMH Partners GmbH
Emigrant Capital Corporation
Emil Capital Partners
Eminent Capital Partners, LLC
EMK Capital
Empeiria Capital Partners LLC
Empire Angels
Empirio Capital Sp. z o.o
Empower Capital
EMR Capital Group
EMSA Capital
EMV Capital Ltd.
EMX Capital
EMZ Partners
EnBW New Ventures GmbH
EnCap Energy Transition
EnCap Flatrock Midstream
EnCap Investments L.P.
Encomenda Smart Capital
Encore Consumer Capital
Encourage Capital, LLC
Endeavour Capital
Endeavour Capital Ltd.
Endeavour Ventures Ltd.
Endeavour Vision SA
Endeit Capital
Endicott Growth Equity Partners
Endiya Partners
Endless LLP
Endurance Capital AG
Endurance Equity Partners, SGEIC, SA
EnerCap Capital Partners
Energize Ventures
Energy Access Ventures SAS
Energy Capital Partners
Energy & Environment Investment, Inc.
Energy Foundry
Energy Impact Partners LLC
Energy & Minerals Group
Energy Spectrum Capital
Energy Technology Partners
Energy Transition Ventures LLC
Energy Trust Partners
EnerTech Capital
EnerVest, Ltd.
Engage Ventures, LLC
Engelhardt Kaupp Kiefer & Co. Management GmbH
ENGIE New Ventures
Enhanced Capital
Enhanced Healthcare Partners
Eniac Ventures
EnjoyVenture Management GmbH
Enlightenment Capital
Enspire Capital Pte Ltd.
Enterprise Equity Venture Capital Group
Enterprise Investors Sp. z o. o.
Enterprise Ohio Investment Company
eNTIER Capital
Entourage Effect Capital, LLC
Entrada Ventures
Entrée Capital
Entrepreneur Invest
Entrepreneur Partners, L.P.
Entrepreneurial Equity Partners (e2p)
Entrepreneurs Fund Management LLP
Envest Capital Partners
Envestors Ltd.
Envision Capital
Envision Ventures
Envoy Management
EOS Capital Partners
Eos Venture Partners
EPIC Private Equity LLP
EPIC Ventures
Epidarex Capital
Epiris LLP
Episode 1 Ventures LLP
ePlanet Capital
EQT Partners Asia Ltd.
EQT Ventures
Equal Opportunity Ventures
Equal Ventures
Equifin Capital
Equinor Ventures
Equinox Capital, Inc.
Equinox Industries
Equip Capital AS
Equistone Partners Europe Ltd.
Equitin Advisors sp. z o.o
Equity Group Investments
Equity International
Equity Resource Investments, LLC
Equity Ventures Ltd.
EquiVest GmbH & Co
Equus Total Return, Inc.
Ergon Capital
Erhvervsinvest Management A/S
Escalate Capital Partners
Eschelon Energy Partners
Eshelman Ventures, LLC
ESO Capital UK Ltd.
ESP Equity Partners LLC
Espiga Capital Gestión, S.G.E.C.R., S.A.
Esplanade HealthTech Ventures
Espresso Capital Partners
Essedel Group
Essentia Capital
Estancia Capital Management LLC
ETCapital Ltd.
Eterus Capital
ETF Partners LLP
Ethos Partners LLP
Ethos Private Equity
Eureka Equity Partners, L.P.
European Equity Partners
Europlay Capital Advisors LLC
Euroventures Capital Kft.
EV Private Equity
Eventi Capital Partners
Everglades Equity LLC
Evergreen Pacific Partners
Evergy Ventures
Everlane Equity Partners, LLC
Eversource Capital
Everstone Capital Asia Pte Ltd.
Everwood Capital
Evidity Health Capital
Evli Growth Partners
EVO Venture Partners
Evok Innovations
Evolution Capital Partners, LLC
Evolution Credit Partners Management, LLC
Evolution Equity Partners
Evolv Ventures
Evolve Capital
Evolvence Group
Evolvence India Fund
Evolver Equity Ltd.
Evonik Venture Capital GmbH
EW Healthcare Partners
Exaltare Capital Management
Excel Venture Management
Excelerate Health Ventures
Excell Partners, Inc.
Excellere Partners
Excelsior Capital Asia
Executive Capital Administration A/S
Exfinity Venture Partners LLP
Expanding Capital
Expedition Capital Partners
Experior Venture Fund
Explore Equity Partners
Explorer Investments, SCR, S.A.
Expon Capital
Exponent Private Equity LLP
Exponential Creativity Ventures
Export Development Canada
EXTO Partners Pty Ltd.
Extreme Venture Partners
F-Prime Capital Partners
F2 Venture Capital
Fabric Ventures
FACIT (Fight Against Cancer Innovation Trust)
Fagerberg & Dellby
Fairhaven Capital Partners, LLC
Fairmont Capital, Inc.
Fairpoint Capital
Fajr Capital Ltd.
Falcata Capital, LLC
Falcon Affiliates, LLC
Falconhead Capital LLC
Falfurrias Capital Partners
Fall Line Capital
FamiGeste SGPS, S.A.
Fannin Innovation Studio
Farallon Capital Management, L.L.C.
Farol Asset Management, LP
Farragut Capital Partners, LLC
Farview Equity Partners
Fastbreak Ventures
Fastlane Ventures
FC Crestone
FCA Venture Partners
FdG Associates LP
Featheringill Capital
FedCap Partners LLC
Federal Capital Partners
Felicis Ventures LLC
Felix Capital
Female Founders Fund
Femto Partners
Fenbushi Capital
Fengshion Capital
Fenway Partners, Inc.
Fenway Summer LLC
Fenwick Brands
Ferd Capital
Ferst Capital Partners
Fertitta Capital
ff Venture Capital
FFL Partners, LLC
Fidelio Capital AB
Fidelium Partners
FIDURA Private Equity Fonds
Fidus Investment Corporation
Fiedler Capital GmbH
Fiera Capital (Asia)
Fifteen Group
Fifth Wall
Fika Ventures
Fillmore Capital Partners, LLC
FIMI Opportunity Funds
Fin.Co N.V.
Fin Venture Capital
Finance Yorkshire
Financial Services Capital Partners LLP
Finansa Plc.
Finatem Beteiligungsgesellschaft
Finch Capital
Fininit & Partners S.r.l.
Finistere Ventures, LLC
Finlombarda S.p.A.
FinnFund (Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation Ltd.)
Finnvera Oyj
FinSight Ventures
Finstar Financial Group
FinTech Collective
FinTech Global Inc.
FinTLV Ventures
FINTOP Capital
FIR Capital Partners Ltda.
Firebrand Ventures
Firelight Capital Partners LLC
Fireman Capital Partners
FirePower Capital
Fireside Ventures
First Alverstone Partners Pte Ltd.
First Analysis Corporation
First Ascent Ventures
First Atlantic Capital Ltd.
First Capital
First Capital Partners, LLC
First Eagle Alternative Credit, LLC
First Flight Venture Center
First Move Capital
First Nations Capital Partners, LLC
First Reserve Corporation
First Round Capital
First Star Ventures
First Trust Capital Partners
First West Capital
Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Inc.
Firstime Venture
FirstMark Capital, LLC
FirstMile Ventures
Firstminute Capital
Fischer Investment Capital
Fisher Capital Partners
Fitz Gate Ventures, LP
Five Arrows Capital Partners
Five Arrows Principal Investments
Five Crowns Capital, LLC
Five Elms Capital
Five Four Ventures, LLC
Five Point Energy
Five Points Capital
Five Seasons Ventures
Five V Capital Pty Ltd.
FJ Labs
Fjord Advisors Ltd.
Fjord Ventures LLC
Flagship Pioneering
Flare Capital Partners
Flashpoint Venture Capital
Flavin Ventures
FLEX Capital
Flexis Capital LLC
Flexpoint Ford, LLC
Floodgate Fund
Floor13 GmbH
Floret Ventures
Flori Ventures
Florida Funders
Florida Gulfshore Capital
Flow Capital Corp.
Fluke Venture Partners
Fluxunit - OSRAM Ventures
Fly Ventures
Flybridge Capital Partners
Flying Fish Partners
Flyover Capital
Flywheel Ventures
FMC Ventures
FMI Investment Partners
Focus Equity Partners, LLC
Focus Opportunity Fund
Focus Strategies, LLC
Fog City Capital
Folklore Ventures
FomentInvest SGPS, SA
Fondation Eclosion
Fonds de solidarité FTQ (Solidarity Fund QFL)
Fontinalis Partners, LLC
Forage Capital Partners
Force Over Mass Capital LLP
Ford Financial Fund
Fore C Investment Holding AB
Forebright Capital Management Ltd.
Forepont Capital Partners
Forerunner Ventures, Inc.
Foresight Group
Foresite Capital Management
Forest Hills Capital Management, LLC
Forestay Capital SA
Forevest Capital Partners Sp. z o.o.
ForgePoint Capital
Formation Capital
Första Entreprenörsfonden AB
Fort Point Capital
Fort Ross Ventures
Fort Washington Capital Partners Group
Forté Ventures LP
Fortino Capital Partners
Fortissimo Capital
Fortitude Investment Partners
Fortress Investment Group LLC
Fortune Capital
Fortune Venture Investment Group
Fortunis Capital
Forum Equity Partners
Forum Synergies (India) PE Fund Managers P. Ltd.
Forward Partners
Forward Ventures
Foundation Capital
Foundation Energy Management, LLC
Foundation Investment Partners, LLC
Foundation Venture Capital Group, LLC
Founder Collective
Founderbank Capital
Founders Capital Partners
Founders Co-Op
Founders Equity Inc.
Founders Equity Partners
Founders Fund
Founders Group of Food Companies Inc.
Foundry Group
Fountain Healthcare Partners
Fountainhead Investment Partners, LLC
Fountainvest Partners Co. Ltd.
Four Hats Capital Pty Ltd.
Four Rivers Group
Four Seasons Ventures UK LLP
Fouriertransform AB
Fox Meadow Capital Partners, LLC
Fox Three Partners
FPE Capital LLP
FPI Innovation Fund LP
Framework Venture Partners
Francisco Partners
Franklin Hill Capital
Franklin Street Equity Partners, Inc.
Franvest Capital Partners
Frazier Healthcare Partners
Freedom 3 Capital LLC
Freeman Spogli & Co.
Freeport Financial Partners LLC
Freestone Partners, LLC
Freestyle Capital
Fremman Capital
Fremont Private Holdings, LLC
Fresco Capital
Fresenius Medical Care Ventures GmbH
Fresh Capital
Freshstream Investment Partners LLP
Freshtracks Capital
Freshwater Investments
Friedman Capital
Friend Skoler & Co., Inc.
Frist Cressey Ventures
Friulia SpA
Frog Capital Ltd.
Front Row Partners
Frontier Angels
Frontier Growth
Frontier Venture Capital
Frontier Ventures
Frontline Strategy Ltd.
FrontWell Capital Partners
Fruition Partners
Frumtak Ventures
FSN Capital Partners AS
FSP Ventures
FTV Capital
FTW Ventures
Fuel Capital
Fuel Capital
Fuel Venture Capital
Fuel Ventures
Fulcrum Capital Partners Inc.
Fulcrum Equity Partners
Fulham & Co., Inc.
Fulmer Capital Partners
Fulton Capital LLC
fundamenta Life Science GmbH
Fundamental Capital, LLC
FundersClub, Inc.
Fung Capital USA
Fuse Venture Partners
Fusion Fund
Fusion Global Capital
FusionX Ventures
Future Energy Ventures Management GmbH
Future matters Venture Capital
Future Planet Capital
Future Venture Capital Co. Ltd.
FuturePerfect Ventures
G Square Healthcare Private Equity LLP
G Squared
G2 Venture Partners
G20 Ventures
GAA Investments
Gabriel Investments
Gainline Capital Partners LP
Gaja Capital
Galen Partners
Galia Gestion
Gallagher Industries
Gallant Capital Partners, LLC
Gallant Venture Ltd.
Gallatin Point Capital LLC
Galvanise Capital
Gamut Capital Management
Gaorong Capital
Garage Technology Ventures
Garland Capital Group
GarMark Partners
Gaspar Global Ventures
Gates Group Capital Partners
Gateway Partners
Gauge Capital LLC
GBS Venture Partners Ltd.
GCP Capital Partners LLC
GCP Gamma Capital Partners
Geekdom Fund
GEF Capital Partners, LLC
Gefinor Capital
Gemini Investors, LLC
Gemini Israel Ventures
Gemspring Capital LLC
Gen Cap America, Inc.
Genacast Ventures
General Atlantic LLC
General Catalyst
Generation Equity Capital
Generation Growth Capital, Inc.
Generation Partners
Generation3 Capital LLC
Generis Capital Partners
Genesia Ventures, Inc.
Genesis Alternative Ventures
Genesis Capital
Genesis Innovation Group
Genesis Park LP
Genesis Partners
Genesys Capital
Genesys Partners, Inc.
Geneva Glen Capital, LLC
GENIUS Venture Capital GmbH
GenNx360 Capital Partners
Genstar Capital, LLC
Geode Capital Partners Ltd.
Geodesic Capital
Geolo Capital
Georgia Oak Partners
Gera Capital
GF Capital Management & Advisors, LLC
GFC Global Founders Capital GmbH
GFI Energy Group
GFR Fund
GGV Capital
GHK Capital Partners
GHO Capital Partners LLP
GI Partners
Gibraltar & Company
GIC Special Investments Pte Ltd.
Gideon Hixon Fund
Gilde Buy Out Partners BV
Gilde Equity Management Benelux B.V.
Gilde Healthcare
Gimv France
Gimv Germany
Gimv NV
Gimv The Netherlands
Ginko Ventures Sarl
Giza Polish Ventures
Giza Venture Capital
Glade Brook Capital
Gladstone Investment Corporation
Glasswing Ventures
GLD Invest AB
Glencoe Capital, LLC
Glennmont Partners
GlenRock Israel, Ltd.
GlidePath Partners
Glilot Capital Partners
Glisco Partners
Global Brain Corporation
Global Capital (Pty) Ltd.
Global Catalyst Partners Japan
Global Cleantech Capital
Global Energy Capital LLC
Global Environment Fund
Global Equity Partners Beteiligungs-Management GmbH
Global Finance S.A.
Global from Day One (GD1)
Global Infrastructure Partners
Global IoT Technology Ventures, Inc.
Global Leveraged Capital, LLC
Global Millennial Capital
Global Natural Resource Investments
Global Venture Capital, Inc.
Globalive Capital
Globespan Capital Partners, Inc.
Globis Capital Partners & Co.
Glory Ventures
Glouston Capital Partners
Glynn Capital
GM Ventures, LLC
GMB Mezzanine Capital
GMG Ventures
GMO VenturePartners, Inc.
GMPVC German Media Pool GmbH
GMT Communications Partners LLP
GO Capital
GoAhead Ventures
Gobi Partners China
Godspeed Capital
Goense Capital Partners
GoGreen Capital SA
Gold Ridge Asset Management LLC
Golden Angels Investors
Golden Gate Capital
Golden Gate Ventures
Golden Pine Ventures, LLC
Golden Seeds
Golden Ventures
Goldfinch Partners
Goldin Ventures
Goldman Sachs Growth Equity
Goldner Hawn
GoldPoint Partners LLC
Goldrock Capital
Golub Capital
Good Growth Capital
Good News Ventures
Goode Partners LLC
Goodwater Capital
Gore Range Capital LLC
Gores Group, LLC
Gorilla Capital Management Oy
Gotham Ventures
Govtech Fund
GP Investimentos
GPB Capital Holdings, LLC
GPF Capital
GPI Capital
GR Capital
Gradient Ventures
Gradiente SGR S.p.A.
Grafton Capital Ltd.
Graham Partners
Grail Partners LLC
Grain Management, LLC
Granahan McCourt Capital, LLC
Grand Angels
Grand Ventures
GrandBanks Capital
Granite Bridge Partners LLC
Granite Creek Capital Partners, L.L.C.
Granite Growth Health Partners
Granite Partners
Granite Partners L.P.
Granite Ventures, LLC
Grant Avenue Capital, LLC
Graphite Capital Management LLP
Gravity Ventures, Inc.
Graycliff Partners
Grayhawk Capital
Grazia Equity GmbH
Great Elm Capital Corporation
Great Hill Partners, LLC
Great North Ventures
Great Oaks Venture Capital LLC
Great Point Partners, LLC
Great Range Capital
Great River Capital Partners
Great Rock Capital
Greater Sum Ventures
GreatPoint Ventures
Green Acre Capital
Green Bay Ventures
Green Campus Innovations
Green Courte Partners, LLC
Green Park & Golf Ventures LLC
Green Park Investment Partners
Green Pine Capital Pariners Co. Ltd.
Green Shores Capital
Green Visor Capital
Greenbriar Equity Group LLC
Greencoat Capital
Greenfield Capital Partners BV
Greenfield Partners
Greenfield Partners, L.L.C.
GreenGen Ventures
Greenhouse Capital Partners
Greenline Ventures
Greenridge Growth Partners
Greens Farms Capital LLC
GreenSky Capital Inc.
GreenSoil Investments
Greensoil PropTech Ventures
Greenspring Associates, Inc.
Greenstone Partners Pty Ltd.
Greenwave Opportunity Fund
Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure LLC
Greer Capital Advisors, LLC
Gresham House Ventures
Grey Mountain Partners
Grey Rock Energy Partners
Grey Sky Venture Partners, LLC
Greybull Stewardship LLC
Greycroft LLC
GreyLion Capital
Greylock Partners
Greyrock Capital Group
Gridiron Capital, LLC
Grindstone Partners LLC
Grishin Robotics
Grits Capital LLC
GRO Capital
GroundBreak Ventures
GroundSwell Capital
Groupe Chevrillon
Grove Ventures
Grovepoint Ltd.
Grovest Venture Capital Co. (Pty) Ltd.
Growth Capital Partners LLP
Growth Catalyst Partners
Growth Street Partners
GrowthCurve Capital
Growthgate Capital Corporation B.S.C.
Grumman Hill LLC
Gryphon Investors
GSR Ventures
GT Healthcare Capital Partners, L.P.
GTI Capital Group LLC
GTIS Partners
GU Ventures AB
Guangdong Technology Financial Group Co. Ltd.
Guardian Capital Partners
Guida Invest Oy
Guide Capital Partners
Guide Medical Ventures, LLC
Guidepost Growth Equity
Gulf Capital
Gurnet Point Capital
Guru Capital SA
Gustavson Capital Corporation
H.I.G. BioHealth Partners, LLC
H.I.G. Capital
H.I.G. Europe
H.I.G. Growth Partners
H.I.G. Realty Partners, L.P.
H. Katz Capital Group
H Venture Partners
H&Q Asia Pacific
H&Q Asia Pacific (H.K.) Ltd.
H&Q Asia Pacific Korea Co. Ltd.
H&Q Asia Pacific Shanghai
H&Q Taiwan Co. Ltd.
H2 Equity Partners B.V.
H2 Equity Partners Ltd.
H2 Ventures
H20 Capital Innovation
H20 Venture Partners
Haddington Ventures, L.L.C.
Hadean Ventures
Hadley Capital
Hahn & Company
Haiyin Capital
Hakuhodo DY Ventures
Halder Beteiligungsberatung GmbH
Hale Capital Partners
Halifax Group
Hall Capital Partners LLC
Halogen Ventures
Halyard Capital
Hamilton Bradshaw
Hamilton Robinson Capital Partners
Hanaco Ventures
Hannover Finanz GmbH
Hanover Partners, Inc.
HAO Capital
Harbert Management Corporation
Harbinger Ventures
Harbor Beach Capital
Harbor Light Capital Partners, LLC
Harbour Group Ltd.
Harbour Point Capital
HarbourVest Partners (Asia) Ltd.
HarbourVest Partners (Japan) Ltd.
HarbourVest Partners, LLC
HarbourVest Partners (UK) Ltd.
Hardy Capital
Hargett Hunter Capital Partners
Harith Global Partners
Harkness Capital Partners
Harlem Capital
Harlo Equity Partners
Harmonic Growth Partners
Harmony Capital Investors Ltd.
Harmony Partners
Harren Equity Partners
Harrison Metal
Harvest Partners
Harvest Partners SCF
Harvest Ventures, LLC
Harwood Private Equity
Haspa BGM Beteiligungsgesellschaft für den Mittelstand mbH
Hastings Equity Partners, LLC
Hatteras Venture Partners
Hattington Capital
Hauser Private Equity
Havencrest Capital Management
Hawthorn Equity Partners
HB Equity Partners, L.P.
HBC Investments
HBM Healthcare Investments AG
HBM Holdings
HC Private Investments
HCAP Partners
HCI Equity Partners
HCS Capital Partners LLC
Head Invest Oy
Headhaul Capital Partners LLC
Headline Asia
Headline Europe
Headwater Equity Partners
Headway Capital Partners LLP
Health Catalyst Capital Management LLC
Health Cloud Capital
Health Enterprise Partners
Health Innovations
Health Velocity Capital
Health2047 Capital Partners LLC
HealthCap Partners, LLC
Healthcare Royalty Partners
HealthCare Ventures, LLC
HealthCor Partners Management, L.P.
HealthEdge Investment Partners, LLC
HealthInvest Equity Partners
HealthQuest Capital
HealthTech Capital
HealthX Ventures
Healthy Ventures
Healy Capital Partners
Hearst Ventures
Heartcore Capital
Heartland Equity Partners
Heartland Ventures
Heartwood Partners
HEAVEN-SENT Capital Management Group Co. Ltd.
Hedgewood Inc.
Heliad Equity Partners GmbH & Co. KGaA
Heliconia Capital Management Pte Ltd.
Helion Venture Partners, LLC
Helios Investment Partners LLP
Helix Kapital
Hellman & Friedman LLC
Helmet Capital
Helmsman Capital
Helvetia Venture Fund
Hemi Ventures
Hendale Capital
Hera Capital
Herald Investment Management Ltd.
HERAN Partners
Hercules Capital, Inc.
Heritage Group, LLC
Herkules Capital AS
Hermed Capital
Hermitage Equity Partners
Heron Capital LLC
Hersh Family Investments
Hetz Ventures
Hg Advisory GmbH & Co. KG
HG Capital, LLC
Hg (US) Inc.
Hi Inov - Dentressangle
Hidden Harbor Capital Partners, LLC
High Alpha
High Road Capital Partners
High Street Capital
High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)
HighBAR Partners
HighCape Partners
Highland Capital Partners
Highland Europe
Highland West Capital Ltd.
Highlander Partners Central Europe
Highlander Partners, L.P.
Highline BETA
Highview Capital, LLC
Hikma Ventures Ltd.
Hilco Brands
Hilco Capital Ltd.
Hildred Capital Management, LLC
Hillcrest Venture Partners
Hillstar Capital
Hina Group
Hinge Capital, LLC
Hiro Capital
Hiroshima Venture Capital Co. Ltd.
HitecVision Private Equity AS
HKK Partners Ltd.
HKW (Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company, Inc.)
HLM Venture Partners
HO2 Partners, L.L.C.
HOF Capital
Hokkaido Venture Capital, Inc.
Holding Capital Group, Inc.
Holland Capital Management B.V.
Holleway Capital Partners
Holtzbrinck Digital GmbH
Holzbrinck Digital
Homestead Capital
Honeywell Ventures
Hony Capital Ltd.
Hopen Life Science Ventures
Horizon Capital
Horizon Capital LLP
Horizon Equity Partners
Horizon Technology Finance Management LLC
Horizon Ventures
Horizons Ventures
Horizonte Venture Management GmbH
Hosen Capital
Hotung Venture Group
Housatonic Partners
Houston Angel Network
Houston Ventures
Howard Industries, Inc.
HOWZAT Partners
Hoxton Ventures LLP
HPE Growth
HPEF Capital Partners Ltd.
HQ Equita GmbH
Hudson Ferry Capital LLC
Hudson Hill Capital
Hudson Sustainable Group, LLC
Hudson Venture Partners
Hull Street Energy, LLC
Human Ventures
Humphreys Capital
Hundreds Capital
Hunniwell Lake Ventures LLC
Hunt Energy Enterprises, LLC
Hunter Street Partners
Hunting Dog Capital LLC
Huntington Avenue Ventures
Huron Capital
Huron River Ventures
Hurray Holdings Inc.
Hurth MT SE
HV Capital Manager GmbH
HWVP (Hummer Winblad Venture Partners)
Hyde Park Angels
Hyde Park Venture Partners
Hyperplane Venture Capital
Hypertherm Ventures
Hyperwise Ventures
Hyundai Venture Investment Corporation
i-Hatch Ventures LLC
I2BF Global Ventures
i2E Inc.
i3 Equity Partners
IA Capital Group, Inc.
IA Ventures
IBB Ventures
IBI Tech Fund
IBIS Capital
Ibla Capital
Iceni Capital
ICICI Venture Funds Management Co. Ltd.
Icon Ventures
Iconica Partners
Icos Capital
ICP, Inc.
ICV Partners, LLC
ID Ventures
ID Ventures
iD Ventures America, LLC
ID8 Investments
IDEA Fund Partners
Ideaspring Capital
Idekapital Fund
IDG Capital
IDG Capital Vietnam
idi EM Partners
IDIA Capital Investissement
iEurope Capital, LLC
IFCI Venture Capital Funds Ltd.
IFU – Investment Fund for Developing Countries
iGan Partners
IGI Private Equity
iGlobe Partners
iGlobe Partners
IGNIA Partners, LLC
Ignition Capital
Ignition Partners, LLC
IK Investment Partners Ltd.
IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd.
iLabs Ventures
Illuminate Financial Management LLP
Illuminate Ventures
Ilshin Investment Co. Ltd.
Imaginary Ventures
Imagination Capital
Imbewu Capital Partners (Pty) Ltd.
IMM Private Equity, Inc.
Impact America Fund
Impact Engine
IMPACT Partenaires
Impact Venture Capital
Impact Ventures UK
Impax Asset Management Group Plc
Imperial Capital Group Ltd.
Imperial Private Equity, Inc.
Impression Ventures
Imprimatur Capital Ltd.
IMS Digital Ventures
In-Q-Tel, Inc.
INcapital Ventures
INCE Capital
Incentive Incubator
INCJ, Ltd.
Incline Equity Partners
Incubate Fund
Incube Ventures, LLC
Incubic Management LLC
Incyte Capital Holdings LLC
Indaco Venture Partners
Independence Equity Management, LLC
Independent Bankers Capital, L.P.
Index Ventures
Indian Angel Network
Indicator Ventures
Indico Capital Partners
Indigo Capital LLP
Indufin s.a.
Industri Udvikling A/S
Industrial Growth Partners
Industrial Opportunity Partners LLC
Industrial Renaissance Inc.
Industrial Technology Investment Corporation
Industry Ventures, LLC
Inerjys Ventures Inc.
iNetworks Advisors
Infield Capital
Infinedi Partners
Infinity Group
Inflection Point Ventures
Inflexion Private Equity
Infocommerce Partners
InFocus Capital Partners, LLC
Information Venture Partners
Infratil Ltd.
InfraVia Capital Partners
ING Corporate Investments
InGlobo Private Equity
InHealth Ventures
Initial Capital
Initialized Capital
Initiative & Finance
Initiators Asia Capital Ltd.
INKEF Capital
Inlandsinnovation AB
InMotion Ventures
Inner Loop Capital
Innogest SGR S.p.A.
Innolinks Ventures
Innosphere Fund
Innova Capital Sp. z o.o.
Innova Memphis, Inc.
Innovate Partners
Innovation Capital
Innovation Endeavors
Innovation Engine Inc.
Innovation Fund sa/nv
Innovation Global Capital
Innovation Industries
Innovation Industries
Innovation Nest
Innovation Works
InnovationsKapital AB
Innovativ Capital AG
Innovestor Ventures
Innvotec Ltd.
Inoca Capital Partners, LLC
iNovia Capital
Inovo Venture Partners
InReach Ventures LLP
Insec Equity Partners SGR SpA
Insight Equity
Insight Partners
Insignia Capital Group
Inspiration Capital Partners
Inspiration Venture Partners, LLC
Inspire Corporation
Inspired Evolution Investment Management Pty Ltd.
Inspirit Capital
Intact Ventures Inc.
InTandem Capital Partners LLC
Integrity Growth Partners
Intel Capital
Intel Capital
Intelligent Systems Corporation
Inter-Risco, Sociedade de Capital Risco S.A.
Intera Partners Oy
Interlace Ventures
Interlock Partners
Intermediate Capital Asia Pacific Ltd.
Intermediate Capital Australia Pty Ltd.
Intermediate Capital Group plc
Intersouth Partners
Intervale Capital, LLC
InterWest Partners
Intres Capital Partners
Intrinsic Capital Partners
Intuitive Venture Partners, LLC
Invale NV
Inveni Capital
Inventure Oy
InVenture Partners
Inventures Investment Partners S.A.
Inventus Capital India
Inventus Capital Partners
Inverleith LLP
Inverness Graham
Invest Detroit
Invest Equity
Invest Michigan
Invest Nebraska
Invest Northern Ireland
Investcorp India Asset Managers Ltd.
Investcorp International Inc.
Investec Ventures
InvestEco Capital Corporation
Investinor AS
Investment AB Spiltan
Invex Capital LLP
Invico Capital Corporation
Invictus Growth Partners
Invision AG
Invision Capital
Invivo Capital Partners
INVL Baltic Sea Growth Fund
Invoke Capital
Invus Group, LLC
ION Crossover Partners
Ion Equity Ltd.
IP Capital
IPR.VC Management Oy
IPV Capital
IQ Capital Partners LLP
IRA Capital
IRDI Capital Investissement
Iris Capital
Iron Gate Capital, LLC
Iron Range Capital Partners, LLC
Ironbridge Capital Pty Ltd.
Ironbridge Equity Partners
Ironfire Ventures
Ironwood Capital
Iroquois Capital Group, Inc.
Irving Place Capital
Is Private Equity
ISAI Gestion
Isatis Capital
iSeed Ventures
iSigma Capital Corporation
Island Capital Partners
Isomer Capital LLP
iSpring Capital Sdn. Bhd.
Israel Biotech Fund
Israel Growth Partners
Israel-Colorado Innovation Fund
iStart Ventures LLC
IT-Farm Corporation
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions America, Inc.
ITOCHU Technology Ventures, Inc.
ITR Ventures, LLC
IU Ventures
IVC Venture Capital AG
Ivy Capital
IvyCap Ventures Advisors Pvt Ltd.
Iwakaze Capital, Inc.
IXO Private Equity
J. Burke Capital Partners LLC
J.C. Flowers & Co. LLC
J Equity Partners
J.F. Lehman & Company
J.H. Whitney Capital Partners, LLC
J-STAR Co. Ltd.
J2 Partners
Jackson Square Ventures
Jacmel Growth Partners
Jacob Ballas Capital India Pvt Ltd.
Jacobson Partners
Jadeberg Partners AG
Jado Investments
JAFCO Co. Ltd.
JAFCO Investment (Asia Pacific) Ltd.
JAFCO Investment (Hong Kong) Ltd.
JAL Ventures Ltd.
JamJar Investments
January Capital
JANVEST Capital Partners
Japan Asia Investment Co. Ltd.
Japan Industrial Partners, Inc.
Japan Industrial Solutions Co. Ltd.
Japan Post Capital Co. Ltd.
Japan Private Equity Co. Ltd.
Jardim Botânico Investimentos
JatoTech Ventures
Javelin Venture Partners
JAZZ Venture Partners
JC2 Ventures
JD Capital Co. Ltd.
Jefferson Capital Partners I, L.P.
Jefferson Capital Partners Ltd.
JEN Partners, LLC
Jeneration Capital
Jet Investment
JetBlue Technology Ventures
JH Partners, LLC
JK&B Capital
JKL Partners
JLL Partners
JLM Financial Partners, LLC
JMC Capital Partners
JME Venture Capital, SGEIC, S.A.
JMH Capital
JMI Equity
JOG Capital
Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JJDC, Inc..
Johnston Associates Inc.
JOIN Capital GmbH
Joint Polish Investment Fund
Jolt Capital SAS
Joshua Partners, LLC
Joy Capital
JP Capital Partners, LLC
JPB Capital Partners
JRJ Group
JSW Ventures
Juggernaut Capital Partners
Jump Capital
Jumpspeed Ventures
Jumpstart Capital
JumpStart Inc.
Jumpstart New Jersey Angel Network
Juna Equity Partners
Junction Capital Partners
Jungle Ventures
Juniper Capital Advisors, L.P.
Jupiter Capital Partners (Pvt) Ltd.
Juuri Partners Oy
JW Hill Capital
JWI Capital, LLC
Jysk-Fynsk Kapital AS
JZ Partners, LLC
K1 Investment Management, LLC
K2 Energy Capital, LLC
K2 Media Labs
K9 Ventures
Kae Capital
Kaedan Capital Ltd.
Kainos Capital, LLC
Kairos Ventures
Kaiser Permanente Ventures
Kaiwu Capital
Kakao Ventures
Kalaari Capital Advisors P Ltd.
Kalon Partners LLC
Kama Flow
Kamet Ventures
Kapor Capital
Karma Ventures
Karmijn Kapitaal
KarpReilly, LLC
Katabole Technology Venture
Katalysator AS
Katjesgreenfood GmbH & Co. KG
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors
Kazi Capital
KB Partners, LLC
KCA Partners, Ltd.
KCB Private Equity
KCM Capital Partners LLC
KCRise Fund, LLC
KdT Ventures
Kearny Venture Partners
KeBeK Private Equity
KEC Ventures
Kedaara Capital Advisors LLP
Kedma Capital
Keen Growth Capital
Keen Venture Partners LLP
Keensight Capital
Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc.
Keiretsu Capital LLC
Keiretsu Forum
Kelso & Company
Kelso Place Asset Management Ltd.
Kelvin Capital
Kenda Capital B.V.
Kendall Court
Kennet Partners Ltd.
Kensington Capital Partners Ltd.
Kenson Ventures, LLC
Kepha Partners
Kepler Capital
Kepler Cheuvreux Invest
Kerala Ventures
Kern Whelan Capital, LLC
Kernel Capital
Kerogen Capital
Kerry Capital Advisors, Inc.
Kester Capital LLP
Kestrel Capital Pty Ltd.
Key Bridge Partners, LLC
Key Capital Partners LLP
Keystone Capital, Inc.
Kharis Capital
Khosla Ventures
Kian Capital
Kibo Ventures
Kickstart Fund
KICVentures Group
Kidd & Company, LLC
KIKK Capital
Kilmer Group
Kimmeridge Energy Management Company, LLC
Kinderhook Industries
Kinetic Capital Partners
Kinetic Ventures
Kingdom Venture Partners, L.P.
Kings Park Capital LLP
KingSett Capital
Kingsley Capital Partners LLP
Kingswood Capital Management LLC
Kinnevik AB
Kinzie Capital Partners LLC
Kiplin Capital, LLC
Kirenaga Partners
Kiron Capital
Kirtland Capital Partners
Kistefos AS
Kitchen Fund
KIZOO Technology Capital GmbH
KJM Capital
KK Fund Pte Ltd.
Klass Capital
Kleiner Perkins
KLH Capital, L.P.
Kline Hill Partners
KLM Capital Management Inc.
KLM Capital Management Ltd.
KMG Capital Partners, LLC
Knoll Ventures
Knox Investment Partners
Kogito Ventures
Kohlberg & Company, LLC
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P. (KKR)
Kolon Investment, Inc.
Konsortium AG
Konvoy Ventures
Konza Valley Capital, Inc.
Korea Investment Partners
Korelya Capital
Korona Invest Oy
Kotak Private Equity Group
KPAC Solutions
KPCB China
KPG Ventures
KPN Ventures
KPS Capital Partners, LP
KRC Capital
Kreos Capital
KRG Capital Partners
Krokus Private Equity Sp. z o.o.
KSH Capital Partners AG
KSL Capital Partners, LLC
KSP, Inc.
KSV Global Innovations, LP
KT Capital Partners
Kumpulan Modal Perdana Sdn. Bhd.
Kurma Partners
KV Private Equity
L Catterton
L Catterton Asia
L Catterton Europe
L Squared Capital Partners
L1 Retail
L1 Technology
L2 Capital Partners
Labrador Ventures
Laconia Capital Group
Lake Capital
Lake Country Capital, LLC
Lake Pacific Partners, LLC
Lakehouse Ventures
Lakeshore Capital
Lakewood & Company
Landmark Angels, Inc.
Landmark Partners, Inc.
Landon Capital Partners, LLC
Langholm Capital
Lantern Asset Management
Larsen MacColl Partners, L.P.
Las Olas Venture Capital
LaSalle Capital
Latitude 27 Capital, LLC
Latour Capital
Latterell Venture Partners
Latticework Capital Management, LLC
Laud Collier Capital LLC
Lauder Partners, LLC
Launch Tennessee
LaunchCapital LLC
LaunchCyte, LLC
LaunchHub Ventures
Launchpad Capital
Launchpad Digital Health
Launchpad Venture Group, LLC
Laurel Capital Partners
LaurelCrest Partners
Lauxera Capital Partners
Lavrock Ventures, LLC
Layer 7 Capital
LB Investment Inc.
LBBW Venture Capital GmbH
LBC Credit Partners, Inc.
LBO France
LC Ventures
LDV Partners
LEA Partners GmbH
Lead Capital Partners, LLC
Lead Edge Capital
Lead Equities
Leader Ventures
Leaders Fund
Leading Capital Co. Ltd.
Leading Edge Ventures
Leading Ridge Capital Partners, LLC
Leadout Capital
LeadX Capital Partners
LEAP Global Partners
Learn Capital
Leavitt Equity Partners
Leawood Venture Capital
LeBox Capital
Ledra Capital LLC
Leeds Equity Partners, LLC
Leeds Illuminate
Left Lane Capital
Legend Capital
LEM Capital, L.P.
Lemhi Ventures
Leonard Green & Partners, L.P.
Leonardo Venture GmbH & Co. KGaA
Leopard Capital
Lerer Hippeau
LETA Capital
Level Equity
Leveraged Green Energy, LLC
Levine Leichtman Capital Partners, Inc.
Levitate Capital
Lewis & Clark AgriFood
Lewis & Clark Capital LLC
Lewis & Clark Ventures
Lex Capital Management Inc.
Lexington Partners Inc.
LFE Capital
LFM Capital, LLC
LG Technology Ventures
LGI Canada
Liberation Capital, LLC
Liberty Global Ventures
Liberty Hall Capital Partners, L.P.
Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures
Life Science Angels, Inc.
Life Science Innovations Fund
Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central Pennsylvania (LSGPA)
Lifeline Ventures
LightBay Capital
Lightbird Ventures AG
Lighthouse Advisors India Pvt Ltd.
Lighthouse Capital Partners, Inc.
Lighthouse Equity Partners
Lightrock India
Lightship Capital
Lightspeed China Partners
Lightspeed SEA Advisors Pte Ltd.
Lightspeed Venture Partners
Lightspring Capital Partners
Lightstone Ventures
Lightview Capital, LLC.
Lightyear Capital LLC
Lilly Asia Ventures
Lilly Ventures
Lime Rock New Energy
Lime Rock Partners
Lime Rock Resources
Limerston Capital Partners
Lincoln Park Capital, LLC
Lincoln Road Global Management, LLC
Lincolnshire Management
Linden Capital Partners
Lindsay Goldberg
Lindsay Goldberg Europe GmbH
Lineage Capital, LLC
Lingfeng Capital
Link Ventures, LLLP
Link-age Ventures, Inc.
Linnaeus Capital Partners B.V.
Linsalata Capital Partners
LINX Partners, LLC
Linzor Capital Partners, LP
Lion Capital LLP
Lion Chemical Partners LLC
Lion Equity Partners, LLC.
Lion Selection Group
Lionbird (Ventures) Ltd.
LionRock Capital
Liquid 2 Ventures, L.P.
Listen Ventures, LLC
Literacy Capital
Litorina Capital Advisors AB
Littlebanc Advisors, LLC
Littlejohn Capital
Littlejohn & Co.
LIV Capital
Live Oak Resource Partners, LLC
LiveOak Venture Partners
Liverpool Partners
Livonia Partners
LJH Linley Capital, LLC
LKCM Headwater Investments
LLM Capital Partners LLC
LLR Partners, Inc.
LNC Partners
LNK Partners
Lockheed Martin Ventures
Logos Capital
Lombard Asian Private Investment Co. (HK) Ltd.
Lombard Investments, Inc.
Lombard Investments, Inc.
LombardStreet Ventures
London Venture Partners LLP
Lone Star Investment Advisors LLC
LoneTree Capital
Long Arc Capital
Long Hill Capital
Long Point Capital, Inc.
Long Ridge Equity Partners LLC
Longacre Group
Longbow Capital Inc.
Longbow Capital LLP
Longitude Capital
Longliv Ventures
Longmeadow Capital Partners, LLC
LongRange Capital LLC
Longreach Group
Longship AS
Longshore Capital Partners
LongueVue Capital, LLC
Longwall Venture Partners LLP
Longwater Investment Management Ltd.
LongWater Opportunities
Longwood Fund
Longworth Venture Partners
Lonsdale Capital Partners LLP
Lorient Capital
Lotus Innovations, LLC
Lotus Lake Ventures
Louisiana Funds
Lovell Minnick Partners, LLC
Lovett Miller & Co., Inc.
Lowercase Capital
Loyal Valley Capital
Lubar & Co.
Lubert-Adler Real Estate Funds
Lucas Venture Group
Ludlow Ventures
Luge Capital
LUMA Capital Partners
Lumerity Capital
Lumia Capital
Lumina Impact Ventures
Luminari Capital
Luminate Capital Partners
Luminor Capital Pte Ltd.
Luminous Ventures
Lumira Ventures
Lumis Partners
Lunar Capital Management
Lunar Ventures
Lundbeckfond Ventures
Lunsford Capital
Lux Capital
Luxury Tech Fund
LV2 Equity Partners, LLC
LYFE Capital
Lynwood Capital Partners
Lynx Equity Ltd.
Lytical Ventures
LYZZ Capital
M Cap Finance Mittelstand III GmbH & Co. KG
M Capital
M Group, LLC
M.H. Carnegie & Co.
M Ventures
M-III Partners, LP
M/C Partners
M2S Capital
M33 Growth
M7 Structura
M80 Partners
MaC Venture Capital
Macdoch Ventures
MacKinnon, Bennett & Company Inc. (MKB)
MadDog Ventures
Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC
Madison India Capital Advisors
Madison Parker Capital
Madrona Venture Group
Magellan Technology Investment
Magenta Partners LLP
Magenta Venture Partners
Magma Venture Partners
Magnate Capital Partners, LLC
Magnum Industrial Partners, S.L.
Mahindra Partners
Main Capital Partners
Main Incubator GmbH
Main Line Equity Partners
Main Post Partners
Main Street Capital Corporation
Main Street Capital Holdings, LLC
Main Street Resources
Maine Venture Fund
MainLine Investment Partners
Mainsail Partners
Maison Capital
Maj Invest Equity
Majuven Pte Ltd.
Malaysia Debt Ventures Bhd.
Malaysia Venture Capital Management Bhd. (MAVCAP)
Maloekoe Ventures
ManchesterStory Group, LLC
Mandarin Capital Partners
Mangrove Capital Partners
Mangrove Equity Partners
Manifest Investment Partners, LLC
Manna Tree Partners
Mannerheim Invest Group AB
Mantella Venture Partners
Mantucket Capital
Manulife Capital
Manulife Investment Management
Maple Leaf Angels
Maranon Capital, L.P.
Marathon Venture Capital
March Capital Partners
MARE Investimentos
Marigold Capital
Marker Hill Capital, LLC
Market Square Equity Partners
Marlin Equity Partners
Marondo Capital GmbH
Marquette Capital Partners
MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund
Martin Ventures
Martinson Ventures
Martis Capital
Marunouchi Capital Inc.
Marwit Capital Corporation
Maryland Venture Fund
MAS Equity Partners
Mason Wells, Inc.
Mass General Brigham Ventures
Mass Medical Angels, LLC
Massachusetts Capital Resource Co.
MassMutual Ventures LLC
Masthead Venture Partners, LLC
Matchstick Ventures
Material Impact
MATH Venture Partners
Matrix Partners
Matrix Partners China
Matrix Partners India
Matthew Pritzker Company LLC
Maui Capital Ltd.
Maven Capital Partners UK LLP
MavenHill Capital
Maverick Ventures
Maverix Private Equity
Maveron, LLC
Max Ventures
Maxam Capital Corporation
Maxburg Capital Partners GmbH
Maxim Partners
Maxim Ventures
May River Capital, LLC
Maya Capital
Mayfair Equity Partners LLP
Mayfield Fund
Mayo Clinic Ventures
Mayson Capital Partners, LLC
Maywic Select Investments
MB Funds
MB Venture Partners, LLC
MBF Healthcare Partners, LP
MBK Partners Ltd.
MBL Venture Capital Co. Ltd.
MBO & Co
MBX Capital, LLC
McCain Capital Partners Inc.
McCall Springer LLC
McCarthy Capital Corporation
MCH Private Equity
MCI Capital S.A.
McKesson Ventures
MCM Capital Partners, L.P.
McNally Capital LLC
MCo Corporation
McRock Capital
McWhorter Capital Partners
MDI Ventures
Meanings Capital Partners
Med Opportunity Partners, LLC
Med-Fine Capital
Medallion Capital, Inc.
MedCap AB
MedEquity Capital, LLC
Media Ventures GmbH
Medical Incubator Japan K.K.
Medina Capital
Mediterra Capital
Mediterrania Capital Partners
Medivate Partners
Medu Capital
MedVenture Partners, Inc.
Medvest Capital
Medvest UK LLP
Meidlinger Partners, LLC
Mekong Capital Ltd.
Melior Equity Partners
Melitas Ventures
MemorialCare Innovation Fund
Mendoza Ventures
Menlo Ventures
Mentha Capital B.V.
MENTOR Capital Partners, Ltd.
Mercato Partners
Mercia Asset Management PLC
Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, LLC
Mercuria Investment Co. Ltd.
Mercury Capital
Mercury Capital Partners
Mercury Fund
Mercury Partners
Merian Ventures
Merida Capital Holdings
Meridian General, LLC
Meridian Management Group, Inc.
Mérieux Equity Partners SAS
Merifin Capital Group
Merino Private Equity LLP
Merion Investment Partners L.P.
Merit Capital Partners
Merit Energy Company
Meritage Funds
MeriTech Capital Partners
Meritus Ventures, L.P.
Meriwether Capital, L.L.C.
Meron Capital
Merus Capital
MESA Ventures
Mesh Ventures
Mesirow Financial Private Equity Inc.
Metalmark Capital
Metaplanet Holdings OÜ
Metapoint Partners
Method Capital
Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF)
Metric Capital Partners LLP
Metropolitan Partners Group
Mezzanine partners
MezzCap Partners, LLC
MFB Invest Zrt.
MFG Partners LLC
MFJebsen International Ltd.
MGG Investment Group LP
MGV Capital Group
MHS Capital
MI Ventures LLC
mic AG
Michaelson Capital Partners, LLC
Michigan Angel Fund
Michigan Biomedical Venture Fund
Michigan Capital Advisors
Michigan Rise
Michigan Venture Capital Co. Ltd.
Micron Ventures
Mid Europa Partners Ltd.
Mid Oaks Investments LLC
Mid-America Angels, LLC
Mid-Atlantic Angel Group
MidCoast Capital
Middle East Venture Partners (MEVP)
Middleburg Capital Development, Ltd.
MiddleGame Ventures
MiddleGround Capital
Middleland Capital
Middlemarch Partners
Midinvest Management Oy
MidMark Capital
MidOcean Partners
Midven Ltd.
Midvest Fondene
Midwest Growth Partners, LLLP
Midwest Mezzanine Funds
MIG Verwaltungs AG
Mighty Capital
MiLA Capital
Milestone Capital Management Ltd.
Milestone Investisseurs
Milestone Partners
Milestone Venture Group, Inc.
Militello Capital
Militia Hill Ventures
Mill City Capital, L.P.
Mill Point Capital LLC
Mill Road Capital Management LLC
Millbrook Capital Management Inc.
Millennium Bridge Capital
Millennium Technology Value Partners
Miller Capital Corporation
Milliways Ventures
Millpond Equity Partners, LLC
Millstone Capital Advisors, LLC
Milton Street Capital, LLC
MiMo Capital
Mindfull Investors, LLC
Mindset Ventures
Mindworks Ventures
Minerva Business Angel Network
Minerva-Tech Ventures LLC
Mingxin China Growth Fund
Mink Capital Inc.
MINT Capital
Mirai Creation Fund
Miraki Innovation
Miramar Digital Ventures
Miroma Ventures
Mission Bay Capital, LLC
Mission BioCapital
Mission Ventures
MissionPoint Capital Partners
Mistletoe, Inc.
Mistral Equity Partners
Mithril Capital Management LLC
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co. Ltd.
Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, Inc.
Mitsui & Co. Global Investment, Inc.
Mitsui & Co. Global Investment Ltd.
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Venture Capital Co. Ltd.
Miura Partners
Mizuho Capital Co. Ltd.
MJH Group, LLC
MK Capital
MMC Ventures Ltd.
MML Capital Partners LLP
MMV Capital Partners
Mobeus Equity Partners LLP
Mobile Internet Capital, Inc.
Mobility Ventures LLC
Moderne Ventures
Mogility Capital LLC
Mohr Davidow Ventures
Moment Ventures
Momentum Capital Partners, LP
Monash Private Capital Pty Ltd.
Moneta Ventures LLC
Monex Ventures
Monhegan Partners, LLC
Monitor Clipper Partners, LLC
Monitor Ventures
Monk's Hill Ventures
Monogram Capital Partners
Monomoy Capital Partners, LLC
Monroe Capital
Monta Vista Capital
Montage Capital
Montage Partners
Montage Ventures
Montagu Private Equity LLP
Montcalm Capital LLC
Montis Capital
Montis Capital, LLC
Montlake Capital
Montreux Equity Partners
Montrose Lane
Monument Capital Partners
Monument MicroCap Partners, LLC
Moonfire Ventures LLP
Moonshots Capital
Moore Strategic Ventures
Moore Venture Partners, LP
Moorfield Group
Morado Ventures
More Ventures
Morgan Creek Digital
Morgan Stanley Capital Partners
Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital
Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners
Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia Ltd.
Morningside Private Investors
MorphoSys AG
Morro Ventures
Mosaic Capital Corporation
Mosaic Capital Partners
Mosaic Capital Partners, LLC
Mosaic Private Equity
Mosaic Ventures
Mosaik Partners
Mosaix Ventures, LLC
Moscar Capital
Mosley Ventures
Motion Equity Partners
Motivate Venture Capital
Motive Partners
Motivity Capital Partners, LLC
Motorola Solutions Venture Capital
Motus Mittelstandskapital GmbH
Motus Ventures
Mount Wilson Ventures
Mountain Group Partners
Mountain Pacific Venture Partners
Mountain State Capital
Mountain Ventures, Inc.
Mountaingate Capital
Mouro Capital
Movac Ltd.
Move Capital
MP Healthcare Venture Management, Inc.
MPE Partners (Morgenthaler Private Equity)
MPG Equity Partners LLC
MPK Equity Partners
MPM Capital
MRL Ventures Fund
MS&AD Ventures
MSA Capital
MSD Capital, L.P.
MSD Partners, L.P.
MSouth Equity Partners, LLC
MSP Sports Capital
MTech Capital
MTI Partners
MTN Capital Partners LLC
Mucker Capital
MUFG Innovation Partners Co. Ltd.
Mulberry Investment Group, LLC
Multicoin Capital
Multiples Alternate Asset Management Pvt Ltd.
Multiplier Capital, LP
Multiverse Investment Fund
Munich Re Ventures, LLC
Munich Venture Partners
Murphree Venture Partners
Murphy&Spitz Green Capital AG
Murray Hill Group
Mutares SE & Co. KGaA
Mutual Capital Partners
MVM Partners LLP
MVP Capital Partners
MXC Capital (UK) Ltd.
MyCreative Ventures Sdn. Bhd.
Myventure Partners, Inc.
N-Vest Venture
N5 Capital
Nalanda Capital Pte Ltd.
Nancy Creek Capital
Naples Technology Ventures LLC
Narra Venture Capital
Narrative Fund
Narrow Gauge Ventures
Nasdaq Ventures
Nashville Capital Network
National Grid Partners
Nature Elements Capital
Nausicaa Ventures
Nauta Capital
Nautic Partners, LLC
Nautilus Venture Partners
Navaid Equity Partners, LP
Navigation Capital Partners
Navigator Partners, LLC
NaviMed Capital
Navis Capital Australia Pty Ltd.
Navis Management Sdn. Bhd.
Navitas Capital
Naxicap Partners
Nazca Capital, S.G.E.C.R., S.A.
NBK Capital Partners
NCA Partners, Inc.
NCK Capital L.L.C.
NCL Technology Ventures Ltd.
NCT Ventures
+ND Capital
Nebraska Angels
Nebraska Global
Nedamco Capital
Nederlands MerkGoed BV
Nekko Capital
NEL Fund Managers Ltd.
NEO Investimentos
Neomed Management AS
Neotribe Ventures
Neptune Financial Inc.
Nesta Impact Investments
Netrove Asia Sdn. Bhd.
Netval Management Sdn. Bhd.
NetWork Kansas
Network Ventures
Neuhaus Partners GmbH
Neulogy Ventures
Neventa Capital
NEVEQ Capital Partners Ltd.
New Access Capital
New Avenue Capital
New Brunswick Innovation Foundation
New Business Venture Fund
New Canaan Funding LLC
New Capital Partners
New China Capital Management, LP
New Dominion Angels
New Energy Capital Partners, LLC
New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
New Era Capital Partners
New Ground Ventures
New Harbor Capital, LLC
New Heights Capital LLC
New Heritage Capital, LLC
New Horizon Capital Co. Ltd.
New Horizons Venture Capital
New Jersey Economic Development Authority
New Leaf Venture Partners
New Magellan Ventures International, LLC
New Markets Venture Partners
New Mexico Angels, Inc.
New Mexico Community Capital
New Mountain Capital, LLC
New Mountain Finance Corporation
New Rhein Healthcare Investors, LLC
New Science Ventures
New Silk Route Partners LLC
New State Capital Partners, LLC
New Technology Ventures
New Value Capital
New Venture Development S.p.A.
New Venture Partners LLC
New Water Capital, L.P.
New Wave Ventures LLP
New World Angels, Inc.
New York Angels, Inc.
New York Credit SBIC Fund, L.P.
New York Ventures
Newark Venture Partners
NewHold Enterprises, LLC
Newion Partners B.V.
Newlight Partners LP
Newlin Investment Company LLC
Newlook Capital
NewMargin Ventures
Newpark Capital, LLC
NewQuest Capital Partners
NewRoad Capital Partners, LLC
NewSchools Venture Fund
NewSpring Capital
Newstone Capital Partners
Newton Biocapital
NewView Capital
NewWorld Capital Group, LLC
Nexa Capital Partners, LLC
Nexa Equity
Nexit Ventures Oy
NexPhase Capital
Next Act Fund
Next Capital Partners Co. Ltd.
Next Capital Pty Ltd.
Next Coast Ventures
Next Equities
Next Frontier Capital
Next Level Ventures
Next Orbit Ventures
Next Point Capital Corporation
Next Wave Partners LLP
Next47 GmbH
Nextech Invest Ltd.
NextEquity Partners
NextGen Growth Partners, LLC
NextGen Venture Partners
NextLeap Ventures
NextStage AM
NextView Ventures
NextWorld Capital
Nexus Life Science Partners
Nexus Venture Partners
Nexxus Capital, S.C.
NFT Ventures
NGEN Partners LLC
NGN Capital
NGP Capital
NGP Energy Capital Management
NHN Investment
Niam AB
Nicolet Capital Partners LLC
Nightingale Partners
Nili Capital Partners
Nimbus Synergies Inc.
Nimbus Ventures
Nimes Capital LLC
NIN Ventures LLC
Nine Four Ventures
Nine Rivers Capital Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
Ninth Street Capital Partners, LLC
NIO Capital
Nippon Angels Investment Co. Ltd.
Nippon Mirai Capital Co. Ltd.
Nippon Technology Venture Partners Ltd.
Nippon Venture Capital Co. Ltd.
Nirvana Venture Advisors
Nissay Capital Co. Ltd.
NiXEN Partners
NMS Capital
NÖ Bürgschaften und Beteiligungen GmbH
Nodus Equity Partners (Pty) Ltd.
Nolan Capital, Inc.
Nonantum Capital Partners
Noosphere Ventures
Nord Capital Partenaires
Nord Kapitalforvaltning AS
Nordia Management Oy
Nordian Capital Partners
Nordic Alpha Partners
Nordic Capital
Nordic Game Ventures
Nordic Mezzanine Advisers Ltd.
NordicNinja VC
Nordstjernan AB
Norgine Ventures Management Ltd.
Norinnova Forvaltning AS
Noro-Moseley Partners
North American Funds LLC
North Atlantic Capital
North Bay Angels
North Branch Capital, LLC
North Bridge
North Castle Partners, LLC
North Central Equity LLC
North Coast Technology Investors, L.P.
North Coast Ventures
North Dakota Development Fund
North Hill Ventures, L.P.
North Innovation Fund
North Iowa Venture Capital Fund LLC
North Peak Capital, LLC
North River Capital LLC
North River Group
North-East Venture A/S
NorthCap Partners ApS
Northcreek Mezzanine
Northeast Acquisitions LLC
NorthEdge Capital LLP
Northern Light Venture Capital
Northern Michigan Angels
Northern Pacific Group
Northlane Capital Partners, LLC
Northpond Ventures, LLC
Northstar Advisors Pte Ltd.
Northstar Capital, LLC
Northstar Ventures
Northumberland Community Futures Development Corporation
Northwell Ventures
Northwest Capital Partners
Northwest Technology Ventures
Northwood Investors LLC
Northwood Ventures, LLC
Northzone Ventures
Norvestor Equity AS
Norwest Equity Partners
Norwest Mezzanine Partners
Norwest Venture Partners
Norwich Ventures
Norwind Capital
Noson Lawen Partners
Nostetta Ventures
Notion Capital
Nouvago Capital AB
Nova Capital Management Ltd.
Nova Founders Capital
Novabase Capital
Novacap Inc.
Novacies Capital
Novak Biddle Venture Partners
Novalis Biotech Incubation
NovaQuest Capital Management, L.L.C.
Novartis Venture Funds
Novatio Ventures Inc.
Novax AB
Novo Holdings A/S
Novo Tellus Capital Partners Pte Ltd.
Novo Ventures (US) Inc.
Novum Capital
Noy Fund
NPM Capital N.V.
NRD Capital, LLC
NTF Capital
NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Inc.
Nueterra Capital
NVM Private Equity LLP
nwk nordwest Kapitalbeteiligungsgesellschaft der Sparkasse Bremen mbH
NXT Ventures
NXTP Ventures
Nyca Partners
Nysnø Climate Investments
NYU Innovation Venture Fund
NZ Growth Capital Partners
O.G. Tech Partners
O'Brien Capital, LLC
O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV)
O2 Investment Partners, LLC
Oak HC/FT Partners LLC
Oak Hill Capital Partners
Oak Investment Partners
Oakbridge AG
Oakfield Capital Partners LLP
Oakhouse Partners, LLC
Oakland Standard Co.
Oakley Capital Ltd.
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.
Oberland Capital Management LLC
Obunsha Ventures, Inc.
Obvious Ventures
OCA Ventures
Ocean Avenue Capital Partners, L.P.
Ocean Azul Partners
Ocean Link
Oceania Capital Partners Ltd.
OceanIQ Capital
Oceanpine Capital
OceanSound Partners
Octopus Ventures Ltd.
Odewald & Compagnie Gesellschaft für Beteiligungen mbH
Odyssée Venture
Odyssey Investment Partners, LLC
Odyssey Private Equity Pty Ltd.
Odyssey Venture Partners
Off The Grid Ventures
OFS Capital Corporation
OFS Energy Fund
Ohio Innovation Fund
Oita Venture Capital
Okapi Venture Capital, LLC
Okta Ventures
Old College Capital
Old Ironsides Energy, LLC
Old Mutual Private Equity
Oltre Venture
Olympus Capital Holdings Asia (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Olympus Capital Investments, LLC
Olympus Partners
Omega Capital
Omega Funds
Omega Venture Partners
OMERS Private Equity
OMERS Ventures
Omidyar Network
Omidyar Technology Ventures
Omninet Capital, LLC
Omron Ventures Co. Ltd.
Ona Capital Privat
Ondine Capital
One Better Ventures
One Equity Partners LLC
One Line Partners
One Peak Partners LLP
One Rock Capital Partners, LLC
One Way Ventures
OneVentures Pty Ltd.
Onex Falcon
Onex Partners
Ono Venture Investment, Inc.
ONSET Ventures
Onward Capital LLC
Oost NL
OpCapita LLP
Open Capital LLP
Open Field Capital LLC
Open Prairie
OpenAir Equity Partners
OpenGate Capital, LLC.
Openspace Ventures
OpenView Venture Partners
OPK Capital Inc.
OPTrust Private Markets Group
Optum Ventures
Opus Capital
Oquendo Capital
Orange Ventures
Orangewood Partners
ORAXYS Sustainable Private Equity
OrbiMed Advisors LLC
Orchid Asia Group Management, Ltd.
Orco Investments, Inc.
Oregon Sports Angels
Oregon Venture Fund
ORI Capital
Oriens Capital
Origami Capital Partners
Origin Equity LLP
Origin Partners
Origin Ventures, LLC
Originate Ventures
Orion Energy Partners
ORIX Capital Partners LLC
ORIX Growth Capital
ORIX Private Equity Solutions
ORIX USA Latin America
Oriza Ventures
Orkila Capital LLC.
Orlando Management AG
Orogen Group
Oryzn Capital
Osage Venture Partners
Osborn Companies
Osceola Capital Management, LLC
OSF Ventures
OTB Ventures
OUP (Osage University Partners)
Our Innovation Fund, LP
Outcome Capital, LLC
Outfitter Energy Capital
Outlier Ventures
Outward VC
Overall Capital Partners
Overline, LLC
Overton Venture Capital
OVO Fund
Owl Ventures
Owner Resource Group
OWW Capital Partners Pte. Ltd.
Oxeon Partners
Oxer Capital, Inc.
Oxford Capital Group, LLC
Oxford Capital Partners LLP
Oxford Finance LLC
Oxford Investment Opportunity Network Ltd. (OION Ltd.)
Oxford Seed Fund
Oxford Technology Management Ltd.
Oxford University Innovation
Oxley Capital
OXO Ventures
Oxx Ltd.
Oxygen House
P4G Capital Management, LLC
PacBridge Capital Partners
Paceline Equity Partners
Pacific Current Group
Pacific Equity Partners Pty Ltd.
Pacific Growth Investors, LLC
Pacific Horizon Ventures
Pacific Road Capital
PAG Capital Partners, LLC.
PAI Partners
Paine Schwartz Partners
Paladin Capital Group
Palamon Capital Partners
Palatine Private Equity LLP
palero capital GmbH
Palisades Growth Capital
Paliwoda Group, Inc.
Palladin Consumer Retail Partners (PCRP)
Palladium Equity Partners, LLC
Pallasite Ventures
Palm Beach Capital Partners, LLC
Palm Drive Capital
Palm Ventures
Palo Duro Capital, LLC
Palomar Ventures
Pamica NV
Pamlico Capital
Pamoja Business Holdings Sàrl
Pamplona Capital Management LLC
Panache Ventures
Panakes Partners
Panda Power Funds, LP
Pandion Mine Finance, LP
Pangaea Ventures Ltd.
Panorama Capital LLC
Panorama Point Partners, LLC
Panoramic Growth Equity (Fund Management) LLP
Panoramic Ventures
Panostaja Oyj
Pantera Capital
Pappas Capital, LLC
Par Equity LLP
Paracor Capital Advisors (P) Ltd.
Paragon Biosciences LLC
Paragon Partners
Paragon Partners GmbH
Parakletos Ventures
Parallax Capital Partners, LLC
Parallel49 Equity
Park Square Capital, LLP
Park Street Capital, L.L.C.
ParkerGale Capital
Parkview Capital Partners Inc.
Parkway Capital Investors, LLC
Parkway Venture Capital LLC
Parquest Capital
Parthenon Capital
Partners for Growth, L.P.
Partners Group
Partners Investment Co. Ltd.
Partnership Capital Growth LLC
Partnership Fund for New York City
Pasadena Angels, Inc.
Passion Capital Investments LLP
Pathlight Capital
Patient Square Capital
Pátria Investimentos
Patricia Industries
Patrimonium Private Equity
Patriot Capital, L.P.
Patron Capital Advisers LLP
Paua Ventures Verwaltungs GmbH
Pavonis Capital Partners
PBG FMC Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd.
PBM Capital Group, LLC
pd ventures
Peachtree Equity Partners
Peak Capital III
Peak Rock Capital
Peak State Ventures
Peak Venture Partners
PeakEquity Partners
PeakSpan Capital, LLC
Pear VC
Pearl Energy Investments
Pearl Street Venture Funds
Pechel Industries Partenaires
Pedralbes Partners
Peeli Ventures
Pegasus Capital Advisors, L. P.
Pegasus Tech Ventures
Pelham S2K
Pelican Energy Partners LP
Pelion Venture Partners
Pelorus Venture Capital Ltd.
Peloton Capital Management
Peloton Equity, LLC
Pemba Capital Partners Pty Ltd.
Pencarrow Private Equity Ltd.
Pender Growth Fund
Pendergast Partners, LLC
Peninsula Capital Partners, LLC
Peninsula Pacific
Peninsula Ventures
PENM Partners
Penn Venture Partners, LP
Pennant Equity Partners
PennSpring Capital, LLC
Penta Capital LLP
Penta Investments Ltd.
Penta Mezzanine Fund
Pentahold NV
Pentech Ventures LLP
Penton Partners
People Fund, LLC
Peppermint Venture Partners GmbH
Peppertree Capital Management, Inc.
PEQ Invest
Perceptive Advisors, LLC
Percipient Capital
Pereg Ventures
Peregrine Ventures
Performa Partners
Performant Capital
Periscope Equity LLC
Perle Ventures Pty Ltd.
Permira Advisers LLP
Perot Jain, L.P.
Perpetual Capital Partners
Persistence Capital Partners
Perusa GmbH
Peterson Partners
Peterson Ventures, LLC
Petra Capital Partners, LLC
Petrichor Healthcare Capital Management
Petrillo Capital
PetroCap, LLC
Petros Partners
Pfingsten Partners, LLC
Pfizer Ventures
PFM Capital Inc.
PGE Ventures sp. z o. o.
PGIM Private Capital
Pharos Capital Group, LLC
PHD Equity Partners LLP
Phi Capital Management LLP
PhiTrust Impact Investors
PHOENIX CONTACT Innovation Ventures GmbH
Phoenix Equity Partners
Phoenix Partners
Phoenix Sports Partners
Phoenix Strategy Investments, LLC
Phoenix Venture Partners LLC
Phystech Ventures
Phyto Partners, LLC
PICO Capital Partners
PICO Venture Partners
Picus Capital
Pike Street Capital, LLC
Pikespo Invest
Pillar VC
PillarFour Capital
Pillsman Partners, LLC
Pilot Growth Equity
Pine Brook
Pine Creek Partners
Pine Field Capital Partners Ltd.
Pine Island Capital Partners LLC
Pine Street Capital Partners LLC
Pine Tree Equity Partners
PineBridge Benson Elliot LLP
Pinecrest Capital Partners
Pinewell Capital
PinHigh Capital Partners
Pinnacle Ventures
PINOVA Capital GmbH
Pinto America Growth Fund, L.P.
Pioneer Capital
Pioneer Capital Partners
Pioneer Point Partners LLP
Piper PE LLP
PIPV Capital
Pitanga Fund
Piton Capital LLP
Pittsburgh Equity Partners LP
Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse
Piva Capital
Pivot Investment Partners LLC
Pivotal bioVenture Partners China
Pivotal Group, Inc.
Pivotal Investments LLC
PivotNorth Capital
Pix Vine Capital
PJ Tech Catalyst Fund
Plain Vanilla Investments BV
Plantagenet Capital Management, LLC
Planven Entrepreneur Ventures
Platform Partners, LLC
Platina Partners
Platinum Equity, LLC
Platte River Equity
Playfair Capital
Playground Ventures
Playtika Growth Investments
Plaza Ventures
Pleasant Bay Capital Partners
Pléiade Venture
Plexus Capital
Plug and Play Ventures
Plum Alley Investments
Plus Capital, L.P.
Plus Ventures Ltd.
Plymouth Growth Partners
PM & Partners SpA
PMC Capital Partners, LLC
PME Investimentos - Sociedade de Investimento SA
PNC Erieview Capital
PNC Mezzanine Capital
PNC Riverarch Capital
Poalim Ventures
Pocket Ventures LLC
Pod Investment AB
Point B Capital, LLC
Point Nine Capital
Point72 Ventures, LLC
PointGuard Ventures
Polaris Capital Group Co.. Ltd.
Polaris Partners
Polaris Private Equity
Polymath Ventures
Pondera Holdings LLC
Pontifax AgTech
Pontos Group
Poplar Ventures
Porchlight Equity
Portage Ventures
PortfoLion Kockázati Tokealap-kezelo Zrt.
Portland Seed Fund
Portman Ridge Finance Corporation
Portobello Capital
Portugal Ventures
POSCO Capital
Post Capital Partners LLC
Post Oak Energy Capital, LP
Postbridge Capital LLP
Potentia Capital Pty Ltd.
Potomac Equity Partners, LLC
Pouschine Cook Capital Management, LLC
Powerhouse Ventures
PowerPlant Partners
PPM America Capital Partners, LLC
Practica Capital, UAB
Praedium Group LLC
Praesidian Capital
Praesidian Capital Europe LLP
Prairie Capital
Prairie Street Capital, Inc.
PrairieGold Venture Partners
Pravega Ventures
Precursor Ventures
Prelude Growth Partners
Prelude Ventures, LLC
Premier Partners, LLC
PREMIUM Equity Partners GmbH
PreSeed Ventures
Presence Capital
Presidio Partners
Presidio Ventures
Prestellar Ventures
Previz Ventures
PRICAP Venture Partners AG
Pride Capital Partners
Prides Crossing Capital
Primary Capital Ltd.
Primary Care Innovation Fund
Primary Venture Partners
Primavera Capital Group
Prime Movers Lab
Prime Venture Partners
Prime Ventures
Primer Sazze Partners
Primus Capital
Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners, LLC
Princeton Equity Group, LLC
Princeville Capital
Principal Partners
Prism Capital
Pritok Capital
Pritzker Group Venture Capital
Pritzker Private Capital
Private Equity Investors, Inc. (PEI Funds)
Private Equity Partners SGR S.p.A.
Privateer Holdings, Inc.
PRIVEQ Capital Funds
Privet Capital LLP
Priviti Capital Corporation
ProA Capital de Inversiones, SGECR, S.A.
Procuritas Partners AB
Prodigy Ventures Inc.
Prodos Capital Management LLC
Profinpar Partners s.à r.l.
PROfounders Capital
Progress Equity Partners, Ltd.
Progress Ventures, Inc.
Progressio SGR SpA
Progressus Management AS
Project A Services GmbH & Co. KG
Prolog Ventures
Promentum Equity Partners
Promethean Investments LLP
Promus Equity Partners, LLC
Promus Ventures
Propel Venture Partners
Prophet Equity
Prospect Capital Management L.P.
Prospect Hill Growth Partners, L.P.
Prospect Partners, LLC
Prospect Venture Partners, L.P.
Prostar Capital Ltd.
Prostor Capital
Proterra Investment Partners LP
Provariant Equity Partners
ProVenture Management AS
Providence Equity Partners
Providence Ventures
Proviso Capital
Proxy Ventures UK Ltd.
Prudence Holdings, Inc.
Prudent Capital
Prysm Capital
PS Capital Partners, LLC
PS27 Ventures
Psilos Group
PSL Ventures
PSP Partners, LLC
PTV Healthcare Capital
Pulse Equity Partners, LLC
Puma Private Equity
Pureos Bioventures
Pycap Venture Partners
Q Capital Partners Co. Ltd.
Qbic Fund
QC Ventures
QE-3 Equity Partners GmbH
QED Investors
Qiming Venture Partners
Qiming Venture Partners USA
Quabbin Capital, Inc.
Quad Partners
Quad-C Management, Inc.
Quadrangle Group, LLC
Quadrant Private Equity Pty Ltd.
Quadria Capital Investment Management Pte Ltd.
Quadrille Capital
Quadro Capital Partners
Quaker Partners
Qualcomm Ventures
Qualgro Partners Pte Ltd.
Qualium Investissement
Quantum Capital Partners GmbH
Quantum Energy Partners
Quantum Ventures of Michigan, LLC.
Quark Venture Inc.
Quarry Capital Management LLC
QuattroR SGR S.p.A.
Queen City Angels
Quest Venture Partners
Questa Capital Management
QuestMark Partners, L.P.
Quintana Capital Group, L.P.
Qumra Capital
Quona Capital
Quotidian Ventures
R/GA Ventures
RA Capital Management
Rabo Corporate Investments
Rabo F&A Innovation Fund
Rabo Frontier Ventures
Race Rock Group
Racebrook Capital Advisors, LLC
RAD BioMed Accelerator
Radar Capital Inc.
Radian Capital
Radiant Tech Ventures
Radicle Growth
Radicle Impact Partners
Radius Ventures, LLC
RAF Industries, Inc.
Raiffeisen Invest Private Equity
RAIN Source Capital
Rainbow Capital, LLC
Rainer Partners
Rainier Partners
Raiven Capital
Rajasthan Venture Capital Fund
Rally Ventures
Rallyday Partners
Ranch Capital, LLC
Ranch Creek Partners, LLC
Rand Capital Corporation
Rangatira Ltd.
Range Light LLC
Rapha Capital Management, LLC
Raptor Group
Ratos AB
Raystone Capital
Razor’s Edge Ventures, LLC
RBC Capital Partners
RBV Capital
RCap Equity
RCapital Partners LLP
RCG Ventures LLC
RDA Ventures, LLC
Reach Capital
Reaktor Ventures
Real Tech Fund
Real Ventures
Realza Capital
Rebright Partners Pte Ltd.
Reciprocal Ventures
Recurring Capital Partners
Red Arts Capital
Red & Blue Ventures
Red Cedar Ventures
Red Deer Capital
Red Dot Capital Partners
Red Fort Capital
Red River West
Red Sea Ventures
Redalpine Venture Partners AG
RedBird Capital Partners LLC
Redborn Capital Partners, LLC
RedCloud Capital, LLC
Redhills Ventures LLC
Redline Capital (UK) Ltd.
Redmile Group, LLC
Redmont Capital
Redpoint China Ventures
Redpoint Ventures
Redstone Digital GmbH
Redwood Capital Investments
Refactor Capital
Refinery Ventures
Reflex Capital
Reformation Partners
Regal Healthcare Capital Partners, LLC
Regimen Equity Partners
Regulator Group, LLC
ReichmannHauer Capital Partners Inc.
Rein Capital, LLC
Reinventure Group
Reinvestment Fund
Reiten & Co. AS
Reka Industrial Plc
Relay Ventures
Relentless Venture Fund
Reliant Star Capital
Remagine Ventures
Rembrandt Venture Partners
Remiges Ventures
Renaissance Partners Sp. z o.o.
Renegade Partners
Renertia Investment Company SGEIC, S.A.
RenewableTech Ventures
Renewal Funds
Renova Capital Partners, LLC
Renovo Capital, LLC
Renovus Capital Partners
rePlant Capital
Reppert Capital
Repsol Energy Ventures
Research Corporation Technologies
Reserv Equity Partners
Reservoir Capital Group
Resilience Capital Partners LLC
Resolute Capital Partners
Resolve Growth Partners
Resona Capital Co. Ltd.
Resonant Venture Partners
Resource Capital Funds
Resource Partners Sp. z o.o.
Responder Ventures, LLC
Resurgens Technology Partners
RET Ventures
Rethink Capital Partners
Rethink Impact
Rev1 Ventures
Revel Partners
Revelation Partners
Revelry Brands
Revelstoke Capital Partners LLC
Reverence Capital Partners
Revival Healthcare Capital
Revo Capital
Revolution Capital Group LLC
Revolution Growth
Revolution Ventures
RevTech Ventures
Rex Health Ventures
Rezon8 Capital & Advisory Group, LLC
RezVen Partners
RF Investment Partners
RFE Investment Partners
Rhapsody Venture Partners
Rhino Ventures
Rho Canada Ventures
Rho Ventures
Rhodium Ltd.
Rhône Group
RHV Capital, LLC
Riata Capital Group, LLC
Ribbit Capital
Rice Park Capital Management LP
Richina Inc.
Richmond Global Ventures
Ridge Ventures
Ridgeback Capital
Ridgemont Equity Partners
Ridgestone Corporation
Ridgeview Capital, LLC
Ridgewood Energy
Ridgewood Infrastructure
Right Click Capital
Right Side Capital Management, LLC
Rincon Venture Partners
Ring Capital
Ringier Digital Ventures
Rio Bravo
RIO Investment Partners
Ripple Ventures
Ripplewood Advisors LLC
Rise of the Rest Seed Fund
Rising Point Capital
Rising Tide Fund
Risk Capital Partners LLP
Rite Ventures
Rittenhouse Ventures
Rivenrock Capital, LLC
River Associates Investments
River Capital, Inc.
River Cities Capital
River Hollow Partners
River SaaS Capital LLC
Riverfront Ventures, LLC
RiverGlade Capital
Riveria Investment Group
Riverlake Partners, LLC
RiverPark Ventures
Riverside Acceleration Capital
Riverside Australia
Riverside Company
Riverside Credit Solutions
Riverside Europe Partners
Riverside Management Group, Inc.
Riverside Partners LLC
Riverstone Holdings LLC
RiverVest Venture Partners
Riverwood Capital, LLC
Rivet Ventures
Rizk Ventures
Rizvi Traverse Management, LLC
RJD Partners Ltd.
RLB Holdings
RLC Ventures
RLG Capital
RLH Equity Partners
RLJ Credit Opportunity Fund
RLJ Equity Partners, LLC
RMB Ventures
RMGP Biopharma Investment Fund
Roadmap Capital Inc.
Roark Capital Group
Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH
Robin Hood Ventures
ROCA Partners LLC
Roche Venture Fund
Rock Gate Partners, LLC
Rock Health
Rock Hill Capital Group, LLC
Rock Island Capital LLC
Rock River Capital Partners
Rockaway Capital
Rockbridge Growth Equity, LLC
Rocket Internet SE
Rockies Venture Fund
Rockland Capital
Rockley Group
Rockmont Capital Partners, Ltd.
RockPort Capital Partners, L.P.
Rockwood Capital, LLC
RockWood Equity Partners LLC
Rockwood Private Equity
Roda Group
Rogue Venture Partners
Romulus Capital
Ronin Equity Partners
Root Ventures
Ropart Asset Management Funds
Rosecliff Ventures
Rosemont Investment Group, LLC
Rosemoor Capital
Rosetta Capital Corporation
Rosetta Capital Ltd.
Rosewood Private Investments
Rosser Capital Partners
Rotunda Capital Partners, LLC
Rouge River Capital
Rough Draft Ventures
Round Hill Music Royalty Partners
Round13 Capital
RoundTable Healthcare Partners
Route 2 Capital Partners
Route 66 Ventures, LLC
Royal Palm Capital Partners, LLC
Royal Street Ventures
Royalton Partners
Royalty Capital New England
Roynat Equity Partners
RP Ventures
RPK Capital Management, LLC
RPM Ventures
RRE Ventures LLC
RRJ Management (HK) Ltd.
RSA Capital, LLC
RSE Ventures
RSG Kapital d.o.o.
RSP Investments
RSQ Investors
RTC Partners
RTK Family Capital LLC
RTP Global
RTW Investments L.P.
Rubenstein Partners
Rubicon Partners
RUBICON Technology Partners
Rubicon Venture Capital
Rucker Park Capital
Rudyard Partners LLC
Rugosa Partners
Rulebreaker Ventures
Runa Capital
Runtide Capital
Runway Growth Capital LLC
Runway Venture Partners
Rural American Fund, L.P.
Rural Broadband Investments LLC
Rush Street Ventures
Russia Partners
Rustic Canyon Ventures
Rustic Canyon/Fontis Partners
Rutland Partners LLP
Ruvento Ventures Pte Ltd.
RVE Partners
RWM Capital Investment Group
S Capital VC
S-Kap Unternehmensbeteiligungs GmbH & Co.KG
S-Refit AG
S28 Capital
S3 Ventures
Saama Capital India Advisors, LLP
Saari Partners Oy
SaaS Capital
SaaS Ventures
Sabadell Venture Capital
Saban Capital Group
SABIC Ventures B.V.
Sabre Partners
Sachs Capital
Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.
Saffelberg Investments
Saffron Hill Ventures
Safran Corporate Ventures
Sagamore Capital Group LLC
Sageview Capital LP.
Sagewind Capital LLC
SAIC Venture Capital
SAIF Partners
SAIL Capital Partners
Sailing Capital Advisors (HK) Ltd.
Saints Capital
Salem Investment Partners
Salesforce Ventures
Sallyport Investments
Salmon River Capital, LLC
Salt Creek Capital
Saltagen Ventures
Salveo Capital
Samaipata Ventures
Samara India Advisors Pvt Ltd.
Samena Capital Management LLP
Samho Green Investment, Inc.
Samos Investments
Sampada Private Equity (Pty) Ltd.
Samsung Catalyst Fund
Samsung Venture Investment Corporation
Samsung Ventures America
San Francisco Equity Partners
Sanari Capital
Sand Hill Angels, Inc.
Sand Oak Capital Partners LLC
Sandalphon Capital
Sandbox Industries
Sandbox Insurtech Ventures
Sandbridge Capital
Sanderling Ventures
Sandler Capital Management
Sandlot Partners
Sands Capital
Sanofi Ventures
Santé Ventures
São Pedro Capital
Saphir Capital Partners SA
Sapphire Ventures
Saratoga Investment Corporation
Saratoga Partners
SARORAS Private Capital
Sarsia Seed AS
Satori Capital, L.L.C.
Saturn Partners
SATUS Venture Sp. z o.o.
Satya Capital LLP
Saugatuck Capital
Savano Capital Partners
Savant Growth
Saw Mill Capital, LLC
SB China Venture Capital
SBI Investment Co. Ltd.
SBI Investment Korea Co. Ltd.
SBI JI Innovation Advisory Ltd.
SBI Ven Capital Pte Ltd.
SBJ Capital
Scale Venture Partners
Scale-Up Venture Capital
ScaleUp Capital
ScaleUP Ventures
Scania Growth Capital
Scatec AS
SCF Partners
Schematic Ventures
Schibsted Growth
Schilling Ventures, LLC
Schooner Capital, LLC
Schultze Asset Management, LLC
SCI Ventures
Science Inc.
Science Ventures Denmark A/S
Scientia Ventures
Scientific Health Development
Scope Capital Advisory AB
Scopus Ventures
Scottish Equity Partners LLP
Scout Ventures
SCP Partners
SCP Vitalife
Scrum Ventures
SDC Capital Partners, LLC
SDL Ventures, LLC
SE Ventures
SeaChange Fund
Seacliff Private Equity
Seacoast Capital Partners
Seae Ventures
SeaFort Capital Inc.
Seal Rock Partners
SeaLink Capital Partners
Seaport Capital, LLC
Searchlight Capital Partners
Sears Capital Management, Inc.
Seaside Equity Partners
SEAVI Advent
Seawall Capital, LLC
Seaya Ventures
SEB Venture Capital
Secha Capital
Secocha Ventures
Second Alpha
Second Avenue Partners LLC
Second Century Ventures
Second City Real Estate
Section 32
Sectoral Asset Management, Inc.
Seed Capital Bizkaia SA
SEED Capital Denmark
Seeder Fund
SeedIL Ventures
Seedrocket 4Founders Capital SA SCR-Pyme
SEGNEL Ventures
Segulah Advisor AB
SEI Ventures
Seidler Equity Partners, LP
Selby Venture Partners
Select Venture Partners, LLC
Sembrador Capital
Seneca Partners Inc.
Senovo Capital Management GmbH
Senshu Ikeda Capital Co. Ltd.
Sentica Partners Oy
Sentient Ventures
Sentiero Ventures
Sentinel Capital Partners
Seoul Investment Partners
Sequel Holdings, L.P.
Sequoia Capital
Sequoia Capital China
Sequoia Capital India
Sequoia Capital Israel
SER Capital Partners
Seraph Group
Seraphim Capital
Serata Capital Partners
Serent Capital
Sero Capital, LLC
Seroba Life Sciences
Serra Ventures, LLC
Serruya Private Equity Inc.
Service Provider Capital
Servisen Investment Management AB
SET Ventures
Seven Hills Capital
Seven Hills Venture Partners Ltd.
Seven Peaks Ventures
Seven Point Equity Partners, LLC
Seventure Partners
Seventysix Capital
Sevin Rosen Funds
SFC Capital
SFW Capital Partners, LLC
SG Credit Partners
SGH Capital
Shackleton Ventures Ltd.
Shamrock Capital Advisors, LLC
Shamrock Capital Partners
Shaner Capital L.P.
ShangBay Capital LLC
Shanghai STVC Group
ShangPharma Innovation
SharpVue Capital
Shasta Ventures
Shavit Capital Fund
Shaw Kwei & Partners
Shea Ventures, LLC
Shenzhen Capital Group Co. Ltd.
Shenzhen Leaguer Tsing-Yuan Venture Capital Management Co. Ltd.
Shenzhen Leaguer Venture Capital Co. Ltd.
Shepherd Ventures
Sherbrooke Capital, LLC
Sheridan Capital Partners
Sheridan Production Partners, LLC
Sherpa Capital
Sherpa Healthcare Partners
Sherpa Invest
Sherpa Partners, LLC
Sherpalo Ventures, LLC
SHIFT Invest
Shinhan Venture Investment
Shinkin Capital Co. Ltd.
Shore Capital Partners, LLC
Shore Points Capital Management, LLC
Shorehill Capital
Shorelight Partners LLP
Shoreline Equity Partners, LLC
Shoreline Venture Management, LLC
ShoreVest Capital, LLC
ShoreView Industries
Shorooq Investments
Shotgun Fund
SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH
Shumway Capital
SI2 Fund
SIB Innovations- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
SIDBI Venture Capital Ltd.
Siddhi Capital, LLC
SIDE Capital
Sidereal Capital Group, LLC
Sierra Angels
Sierra Ventures
Sievi Capital Oyj
SIF Partners
SIF Transilvania
SIG Asia Investment
Sightline Partners LLC
Sightway Capital
Sigma Prime Ventures
Signal Hill Equity Partners Inc.
Signal Peak Ventures
signals Venture Capital
Signet Healthcare Partners
Signia Venture Partners
Siguler Guff & Company
Silas Capital, LLC
Silicon Pastures Angel Investment Network
Silicon Polder Fund B.V.
Silicon Valley Data Capital
SilkRoad Equity LLC
Silver Investment Partners GmbH & Co. KG
Silver Lake
Silver Oak Services Partners, LLC
Silver Sail Capital, LLC
Silverfern Group, Inc.
Silverfleet Capital
Silverhawk Capital Partners
Silverleaf Venture Partners, LLC
Silversmith Capital Partners
Silvertech Ventures
Silverton Partners
Simile Venture Partners
Simon Equity Partners, LLC
Sinai Ventures
SineWave Ventures
Singha Ventures
SingTel Innov8 Pte Ltd.
Sino Venture Management Pty Ltd.
Sinocap Investment Holdings Ltd.
Sinopharm Capital
Sinovation Ventures
SIP Global Partners
Siris Capital Group, LLC
Sirius Venture Partners GmbH
Sistema JSFC
Sistema Venture Capital
Six Pillars Partners
Sixth Element Capital LLP
Sixth Sense Ventures
Sixth Street Growth
Sixty8 Capital
Sjätte AP-fonden (AP6)
SJF Ventures
SJL Partners
SK Capital Partners, LP
SK telecom Ventures
Skagerak Maturo
SKY Fund
Sky Island Capital
Sky9 Capital
Skydeck Capital
SkyKnight Capital
Skyland Ventures KK
Skylight Capital
Skyline Global Partners LLC
Skyline Investment S.A.
SkyVen Asset Management Pte Ltd.
Skyview Capital, LLC
Skyview Ventures
SL Investment Ltd.
Slate Capital Group
Slater Technology Fund
Slow Ventures
SLU Holding AB
smac partners GmbH
Small Business Community Capital
Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (SEAF)
Small Ventures USA, LP
Small World Group
Smalt Capital
Smarter Capital Pty Ltd.
Smash Ventures
Smedvig Capital Ltd.
Smile Invest
Smilegate Investment
SMOK Ventures
SMRT Ventures
SNH Capital Partners
SNÖ Ventures
Snow Phipps Group
Snowflake Ventures
Social Capital LP
Social Capital Partners
Social Leverage LLC
Social Venture Partners Cleveland
Socius Capital
Sodero Gestion
SOFIMAC Innovation
Sofimac Investment Managers
Sofinnova Investments
Sofinnova Partners
SoftBank Ventures Asia
SoftBank Vision Fund
Software Holding & Finance NV
Solace Capital Partners, LLC
Solas BioVentures
Solasta Ventures
Solborn Investment, Inc.
Sole Source Capital LLC
Solid Ventures
Solidus Investment
Solingen Private Equity
Solis Capital Partners, LLC
Solomons Fund
Solus Capital
Solvay Ventures
Solve Ventures
Soma Capital
Somera Capital Management, LLC
Sonae IM
Sonder Capital
Sonoma Brands
Sonoran Founders Fund
Sonostar Ventures LLC
Sopartec S.A.
Sopris Capital
Sorenson Capital
SoundBoard Angel Fund
Soundcore Capital Partners, LLC
Soundproof Ventures
Source Capital LLC
Source Code Capital
Souter Investments
South China Venture Capital
Southern Capital Group Pte Ltd.
Southern Capitol Ventures
Southern Cross Venture Partners
Southfield Capital
Southfield Mezzanine Capital
Southlake Equity Group, LLC
SouthPointe Ventures, LLC
Southwest Michigan First Life Science Fund
Sovereign Capital Partners LLP
Sozo Ventures
Space Angels
Space Capital
Spark Capital
Sparkbox Venture Group
SparkLabs Global Ventures
Sparring Capital
Sparrow Ventures
Spectrum Equity
Spectrum Health Ventures
SpeedUp Venture Capital Group
Spell Capital Partners, LLC
Spero Ventures
Speyside Equity
Sphere Holdings (Pty) Ltd.
SPiCE Venture Capital Pte Ltd.
Spider Capital
Spindletop Capital
Spintop Ventures
Spiral Ventures
Spire Capital Partners
Spire Ventures Ltd.
Spirits Investment Partners
Split Rock Partners
Sponsor Capital Oy
Spotlight Equity Partners, LLC
SPP Mezzanine Partners
Spring Bay Companies
Spring Capital Partners, L.P.
Spring Lake Equity Partners LLC
Spring Lane Capital
Spring Mountain Capital
Spring Ventures LLP
Springboard Growth Capital
SpringRock Ventures
Springtide Ventures s.r.o.
SpringTime Ventures
Spruce Capital Partners
SQN Venture Partners, LLC
Square Peg Capital Pty Ltd.
SR Capital Advisors, LLC
SR One
SRI Ventures
Srijan Capital
SRIW S.A. (Société Régionale d'Investissement de Wallonie S.A.)
SSM Partners
St. Cloud Capital, LLC
ST Engineering Ventures
STAG Industrial, Inc.
Stage 1 Ventures, LLC
Stage 2 Capital
Stage Capital LLP
StageOne Ventures
Stagwell Group
Stakeboat Capital
Staley Capital Management LLC
Standout Capital
StandUp Ventures
Stanford Investment Group, Inc.
Stanwich Partners LLC
Staple Street Capital LLC
STAR Capital Partnership LLP
Star Farm Ventures
Star Mountain Capital, LLC
Starboard Capital Partners, LLC
Starfish Ventures Pty Ltd.
Stargate Capital Investment Group
Starlight Ventures
StartGreen Capital
Startup Capital Ventures
StarVest Partners, L.P.
Starwood Capital Group, LLC
Starwood Energy Group Global, LLC
State of Mind Ventures
Statkraft Ventures GmbH
Steamboat Ventures, LLC
Steel Pier Capital Advisors, LLC
Steelpoint Capital Partners LP
Steep Rock Capital LLP
Stella Maris Partners
Stella Point Capital, LLC
Stellex Capital Management LP
Stellus Capital Management, LLC
Stena Sessan
Stephens Group, LLC
StepStone Group
StepStone Real Estate
Stereo Capital
Sterling Group, L.P.
Sterling Investment Partners L.P.
Sterling Partners
Sterling Road
Stern Partners Inc.
SternAegis Ventures
Stewart Capital, LLC
Stewart Capital Management, LLC
STG Partners
STIC Investments
Stirling Square Capital Partners LLP
Stockton Road Capital, LLC
Stockwell Capital LLC
Stoic Holdings, LLC
Stone Arch Capital, LLC
Stone Canyon Industries Holdings LLC
Stone Point Capital LLC
Stone River Capital Partners, LLC
Stone-Goff Partners, LLC
Stonebridge Capital Inc.
Stonebridge Equity Partners
Stonebridge Partners
StoneCalibre, LLC
Stonecourt Capital LP
StoneCreek Capital
Stonehenge Growth Capital, LLC
StoneMill Ventures
Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners
Stonewood Capital Management Inc.
Stony Lonesome Group
Stony Point Group
Storm Ventures, LLC
STORY3 Capital Partners
Stout Street Capital
Straightforward Capital Management Oy
Strait Lane Capital Partners, LLC
Strand Equity
Strand Venture Partners
Strandview Capital
Stratagem Innovation Capital Partners
Strategic Investment Partners Inc.
Strategic Investments & Holdings, Inc.
Stratford-Cambridge Group
Strattam Capital, LLC
Strattech Partners, LLC
Stratus Group
Strauss Capital Partners LLC
Stray Dog Capital
Streamlined Ventures
Strength Capital Partners
Stride.VC LLP
Striker Partners
String Ventures
Strive Capital, Inc.
Strong Ventures, LLC
Stronghold Invest AB
Structural Capital
Structure Capital
STS Ventures GmbH
Studio VC
Style Capital SGR S.p.A.
Subhkam Ventures
Subversive Capital
Succession Fund
Süd Beteiligungen GmbH
Sugarloaf Rock Capital
Suma Capital
Sumeru Equity Partners, Inc.
Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust nvestment Co. Ltd.
Summa Equity
Summation Health Ventures
Summer Street Capital Partners, LLC
Summit Group Ltd.
Summit Park
Summit Partners
SummitView Capital
Sun Capital Management Corporation
Sun Capital Partners, Inc.
Sun Mountain Capital LLC
SunBridge Global Ventures Inc.
SunBridge Partners
Sunrise Strategic Partners
Sunstone Life Science Ventures A/S
Sunstone Partners
SunTx Capital Partners
Superhero Capital
Superior Capital Partners LLC
Supernode Ventures
Supernova Invest
SuperSeed Ventures
SuperSeed Ventures LLP
Supply Chain Equity Partners
Sure Ventures plc
Surge Private Equity, LLC
SuRo Capital Corporation
Surround Ventures
Susa Ventures
SUSI Partners AG
Susquehanna Capital
Susquehanna Growth Equity
Susquehanna Private Capital, LLC
Sussex Place Ventures Ltd.
Sustainability Investors
Sustainable Conversion Ventures
SustainVC, LLC
Sutter Hill Ventures
SV Angel
SV Health Investors
SV Health Investors LLP
SV Investment
SV Investment Partners LLC
SVB Capital
Sverica Capital Management LLC
SVG Ventures | THRIVE
Svoboda Capital Partners
SWaN & Legend Venture Partners
Swander Pace Capital
SWAT Equity Partners
Sway Ventures
Swedfund International AB
Sweetwater Capital Group
SWEN Capital Partners
Swift River Investments
Swisscom Ventures
SWS Venture Capital
SX Capital, Inc.
Sycamore Partners
Sycamore Ventures
Syddansk Innovation A/S
Symmetric Capital
Symphony Asia Holdings Pte Ltd.
Symphony Capital Partners Ltd.
SymphonyAlpha Ventures, LLC
Symvan Capital
Synapse Partners
Synchrony Ventures
Syncom Venture Partners
Synergy Capital Investments
Synetro Group, LLC
Syngenta Ventures
Syno Capital, LLC
Synova Capital LLP
Syntaxis Capital
T Capital Partners Co. Ltd.
T-street Capital
TA Associates
TA Capital
TA Venture
TAG Venture Partners, Inc.
Taglich Private Equity LLC
Taiga Mistral
Taiho Ventures, LLC
Tailwater Capital, LLC
Tailwind Capital
Taiwania Capital
Takeda Ventures, Inc.
TakeOff VC Management GmbH
Talde Private Equity
Talis Capital Ltd.
Talisman Capital Partners, LLC
Tallwood Venture Capital
Talu Ventures
Tamarind Hill
Tamarix Equity Partners
Tamiami Angel Funds
Tana Africa Capital Managers (Pty) Ltd.
Tanarra Capital Pty Ltd.
Tandem Expansion
Tannen Media Ventures, Inc.
Tappan Hill Ventures
Tar Heel Capital
Target Global
Target Partners GmbH
Targeted Technology Fund II
Tarsadia Investments, LLC
Tartavull Klein Capital, LLC
Task Force X Capital, LLC
TAU Investment Management, LLC
TCG Capital Management, LP.
TCG Crossover (TCG X)
TD Growth Capital Co. Ltd.
TDF Ventures
TDM Growth Partners
TDR Capital LLP
TDVC Pty Ltd.
Teachers' Private Capital
Teak Capital Sdn. Bhd.
Teakwood Capital, L.P.
Teall Capital
TealTech Capital
TeamVest Capital
Teamworthy Ventures
TEC Ventures L.P.
Tech Coast Angels
Tech Council Ventures
Tech Square Ventures
TechFund Europe
Technology Partners
Technology Venture Partners, LLC
TechOperators LLC
Techstart Ventures LLP
tecnet equity NÖ Technologiebeteiligungs-Invest GmbH
Tectonic Capital
Tecum Capital Partners
Teka Capital Inc.
Tekfen Ventures
Tekla Capital Management LLC
Telegraph Hill Partners
TELEO Capital
Telescope Partners
TeleSoft Partners
TeleVenture Management AS
Telmarc Group, LLC
Telstra Ventures
TELUS Ventures
Temasek Holdings (Private) Ltd.
Tembusu Partners Pte Ltd.
Tempus Capital GmbH
Ten Capital Management
Ten Coves Capital, LP
Ten Eleven Ventures
Tenaska Capital Management, LLC
Tenaya Capital
Tenderloin Ventures AG
TENE Investment Funds
Tenex Capital Management
Tengram Capital Partners, LLC
Tennessee Community Ventures Fund, LLC
Tensility Venture Partners
Tenth Avenue Holdings, LLC
Tenth Street Capital
TenX Health LLP
Tenzing Private Equity
Tepper Holdings Inc.
Tera Capital Corporation
Tera Ventures
Tern Capital
Terra Venture Partners
Terra Verde Partners LLC
TerraNova Partners
Terrapin Partners, LLC
Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd)
Tessellate Ventures
Tethys Investments
Texas Next Capital
Texas Ventures
TEXO Ventures
TF Capital
TGP Investments, LLC
TH Capital
Thayer Ventures
The Banc Funds
The CoFoundry
The Column Group
The Engine
The Entrepreneurs' Fund
The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
The Firefly Group
The Firmament Group
The Garage Soho
The Hive
The Jordan Company
The March Fund
Thermi Ventures S.A.
Thin Line Capital
Think2Act Partners
Third Eye Capital
Third Point Ventures
Third Prime
Third Rock Ventures, LLC
Third Security, LLC
ThirdStream Partners LLC
Thoma Bravo, LLC
Thomas H. Lee Partners
Thomas, McNerney & Partners
Thompson Street Capital Partners
Thomvest Ventures
Thornblade Capital
Thousand Hills Venture Fund
Three Hills Capital Partners
Threshold Ventures
Thrive Capital
Thuja Capital B.V.
Thule Investments
Thurston Group
TI Strategic Relationships & Ventures
TIA Ventures
Tiantu Capital
TiE Angels
Tiger Infrastructure Partners LP
Tightrope Capital Partners
Tigris Ventures LLC
TIH Investment Management Ltd.
Tilia Holdings
Tillery Capital
Tillridge Global Agribusiness Partners
Time For Growth
Timepiece Capital Inc.
TIMIA Capital Corp
Tinicum Capital Partners, L.P
TiVenture SA
TJNS Capital
TL Ventures
TLcom Capital LLP
TLV Partners
TMG Capital
TMT Capital Partners, LLC
TNB Ventures Pte Ltd.
TNP Partners Corporation
Toba Capital
Tohoku Innovation Capital Corporation
Tokarz Group
Tola Capital, LLC
TomorrowVentures, LLC
Tondu Corporation
Tonka Bay Equity Partners LLC
Top Renergy Inc.
Top Taiwan Venture Capital Management Co. Ltd.
Topmark Partners
Topspin Consumer Partners
Topspin Consumer Partners
Torch Capital
Torque Capital Group
TorQuest Partners Inc.
Torqx Capital Partners
Torrens Capital
Torrey Pines Investment
Tosca Debt Capital LLP
Total Capital Partners LLP
Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures
Tower Arch Capital
Tower Three Partners LLC
TowerBrook Capital Partners, L.P.
Town Hall Ventures
Townsend Capital, LLC
Toyota Ventures, LLC
TPE Boulder
TPG Capital
TPG Capital Asia
TPG Capital LLP
TPG Growth
Traction Capital
Tradebot Ventures, Inc.
Trailhead Capital
Trammell Ventures
Trans-Pacific Technology Fund
Transamerica Ventures, LLC
Transferator AB
Transformation Capital
Transition Capital Partners
TransLink Capital
Translink Investment
Transmedia Capital LLC
Transom Capital Group
Traub Capital
Treadstone Partners, LLC
Tree Line Capital Partners, LLC
Treehouse Capital, LLC
Tregaron Capital
Trellis Capital Corporation
Trellis Partners
Trendlines Group Ltd.
Treo Ventures
Tresmares Capital
Trestle Partners
TREUN Capital
Triad Investments LP
Triangle Angel Partners
Triangle Digital Ventures
Triangle Peak Partners, LP
Triangle Venture Capital Group Management GmBH
TriArtisan Capital Advisors LLC
Triathlon Medical Ventures
Tribeca Venture Partners
Trident Capital
TriGate Capital, LLC
Triginta Capital GmbH
Trigon Equity Partners GmbH
Trilantic Europe
Trilantic North America
Trilogy Equity Partners
Trilogy International Partners, LLC
Trimaran Capital Partners
Trind Ventures OÜ
Trinitas Private Equity
Trinity Capital Investment, LLC
Trinity Hunt Partners
Trinity Private Equity Group
Trinity Ventures
Triple Creek Capital
Triple P Capital
TriplePoint Capital
TriStar Health Partners
Tritium Partners, LLC
Triton Beteiligungsberatung GmbH
Triton Pacific Capital Partners, LLC
Triton Ventures, LLC
Trive Capital
Trivest Partners, L.P.
TriWest Capital Partners
Trocadero Capital Partners
Trolley Venture Partners
Troy Capital Partners
TRP Capital Partners
Trucks Venture Capital
True Beauty Ventures
True Green Capital Management LLC
True North Co.
True North Equity, LLC
True North Venture Partners, L.P.
True Ventures
True West Capital Partners
True Wind Capital Management, L.P.
TrueSight Ventures
Truffle Capital
TRUMPF Venture GmbH
Trust Ventures
TruVenturo GmbH
TSG Consumer Partners LLC
Tsing Capital
Tsinghua Holdings Capital
Tsingyuan Ventures
TT Capital Partners, LLC
TTV Capital
Tuatara Capital, L.P.
Tuckahoe Holdings
Tuckerman Capital
Tuesday Capital
Tufts Health Ventures
Tuhaye Venture Partners
Tullis Health Investors
Turenne Groupe
Turn/River Capital
Turnbridge Capital, LLC
Turnspire Capital Partners LLC
Turnstone Capital Management LLC
Tuscan Ventures
Tusk Venture Partners
TVC Capital, L.L.C.
TVM Capital Healthcare Partners Ltd.
TVM Capital Life Science
TVM Life Science Management Inc.
TVS Capital Funds Ltd.
TVV Capital
Twin Bridge Capital Partners
Twin Brook Capital Partners
TWJ Capital LLC
Two Sigma Ventures
TWV Capital Management, L.L.C.
TXV Partners
Tyche Partners LP
TYLT Ventures
Tyree & D'Angelo Partners
Tyrol Equity AG
TZP Group
U.S. Venture Partners (USVP)
UA Venture Capital Fund, LLC
Ubiquity Ventures
UCB Ventures
Ufenau Capital Partners AG
UFG Private Equity
UI Gestion
UK Innovation & Science Seed Fund
Ulu Ventures
Ulupono Initiative
UMC Capital
Uncork Capital
Underscore VC
UNEXO Capital Investissement
Unilever Ventures
Union Capital
Union Grove Venture Partners
Union Investment Partners
Union Park Capital
Union Square Ventures
Union Tech Ventures
Unique Investment Inc.
UniSeed Pty Ltd.
Unison Capital Inc.
Unitas Capital Pte Ltd.
United Generations, LLC
United Orient Capital Pte Ltd.
United Ventures SGR SpA
Unity Point Health Ventures
UnityPoint Health Ventures
University Venture Fund
University Ventures
Unshackled Ventures
Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners GmbH
Unusual Ventures
UOB Venture Management Pte Ltd.
UP Partners
Updata Partners
Upfront Ventures
UPS Ventures
Upside Partnership
UpStart Ventures
Urban Innovation Fund
Ursataur Capital Management
US Renewables Group, LLC
UT Horizon Fund
UTokyo Innovation Platform Co. Ltd.
V Star Capital
V-Bio Ventures
Vaaka Partners Oy
Vaekstfonden (The Danish Investment Fund)
Vala Capital
Valar Ventures
Valesco Industries, Inc.
Valhalla Partners
Validor Capital LLC
Vallis Capital Partners, SGPS, S.A.
Valor Capital Group, LLC
Valor Equity Partners L.P.
Valor Ventures
Valterra Partners LLC
Value Italy SGR S.p.A.
ValueStream Ventures
VAM Investments Group s.p.a.
Vance Street Capital LLC
Vandewater Capital Holdings
VanEdge Capital Inc.
Vangoo Capital Partners
Vantage Capital
VantagePoint Capital Partners
Vantedge Ventures
Vanterra Capital LLC
Varsity Healthcare Partners
Vault Capital
Vaultier7 LLP
VC23 Investors
VCDE Venture Partners GmbH & Co. KG
VCFA Group
VE Partners
Vectis Private Equity
Vector Capital
Vecturis Equity GmbH
Vedanta Capital LP
Veddis Venture
Velo Partners
Velocity Capital Fintech Ventures
Velos Partners
venBio Partners LLC
Vendep Capital
Vendis Capital
Venista Ventures
Venquest Capital Partners
Vensana Capital
VenSource Capital LLC
Ventech China
Ventegis Capital AG
Ventura Capital
Venture Capital Fund of New England
Venture Investors LLC
Venture Labo Co. Ltd.
Venture Management, LLC
Venture Philanthropy Partners
Venture Reality Fund
VentureHouse Group, LLC
VentureTech Alliance LLC
VentureWave Capital Ltd.
Ventus Funds
Verdane Capital
Verge Fund
VergePointe Capital
Veris Investments
Veritas Capital
Verizon Ventures
Verlinvest S.A.
Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET)
Vernon & Park Capital, L.P.
Verod Capital Management
Versa Capital Management, LLC
Versant Ventures
Version One Ventures
Verso Capital
Verstra Ventures
Vertex Growth
Vertex Ventures
Vertex Ventures China
Vertex Ventures HC
Vertex Ventures Israel
Vertica Capital Partners
Vertical Group
Vertical Venture Partners
VERTU Capital
Verus Investment Partners, LLC
Vesalius Biocapital III Partners SàRL
Vesalius Ventures
Vesey Street Capital Partners, L.L.C.
Vespa Capital LLP
Vespucci Partners
Vestar Capital Partners
Vestech Partners LLC
Vestel Ventures
Vestigo Ventures LLC
Veteran Ventures Capital, LLC
VGC Partners LLP
VI Partners AG
VIA equity
Viburnum Funds Pty Ltd.
Vicente Capital Partners
Vickers Venture Partners
Victor Capital Partners
Victoria Capital Partners LP
Victory Park Capital
Victress Capital
Vida Partners Sdn. Bhd.
Vida Ventures
Vidici Ventures
VIG Partners
Viking Venture
Vincera Capital
Vine Alternative Investments
Vine Street Ventures
Vintage Investment Partners
Viola Credit
Viola FinTech
Viola Growth
Viola Ventures
Virginia Active Angel Network, LLC
Virgo Capital
Virtus Inspire Ventures
Vis Mundi
Viscogliosi Brothers LLC
Vision Brazil Investments
Vision Capital LLP
Vision Knight Capital (China) Fund I, L.P.
Vision Ridge Partners, LLC
Visionary Ventures
Visionnaire Ventures
VisionTech Partners, LLC
Vista Equity Partners
Vistara Capital Partners
Vistria Group
VisVires New Protein
Vital Venture Capital, LLC
Vitamina K Venture Capital S.C.R, S.A.
Vito Ventures
Vitruvian Partners LLP
Vivo Capital
VIY Management
VLX Ventures
VM Capital GmbH
VMG Partners
VMS-REB 3 Beteiligungen GmbH
Vnet Capital Co. Ltd.
VNT Management Ltd.
VOC Capital Partners B.V.
Vocap Investment Partners LLC
Vodia Ventures, LLC
Voima Ventures Ltd.
VoiVoda Ventures
Volante Capital Advisors, LLC
Volati AB
Volcanics Venture
Volcano Capital, LLC
Volery Capital Partners
Volition Capital
Volito AB
Volpe Capital
Volpi Capital LLP
Volta Ventures
Volvo Group Venture Capital AB
VOPNE Capital
Vortex Capital Partners
Vortus Investment Advisors, LLC
Vorwerk Ventures
Voyager Capital
VR Equitypartner GmbH
Vspeed Capital, LLC
VTB Capital
VTC Industriebeteiligungen GmbH & Co. KG
VTF Capital
Vulcan Capital
Vx Capital Partners
Vynn Capital
W Capital Partners
W Fund
W Investments
W&W brandpool GmbH
Waarde Capital
Wadi Ventures
Waha Capital
Wakestream Ventures
Walden International
Walden International China
Walden International India
Walden International Israel
Walden International Singapore
Walden International Taiwan
Walden Venture Capital
Walter Capital Partners
Walton Street Capital, L.L.C.
Wamda Capital
WAMEX Private Equity
Wand Partners, Inc.
Warburg Pincus Asia LLC
Warburg Pincus do Brasil Ltda.
Warburg Pincus International LLC
Warburg Pincus LLC
Warren Equity Partners, LLC
Warsaw Equity Group
Warwick Capital Group, LLC
Wasena Capital Management, Inc.
Washington Equity Partners
Water Street Healthcare Partners, LLC
Waterland Private Equity Investments B.V.
Waterline Ventures, LLC
Waterman Private Capital
Watermark Capital Partners, LLC
Watermill Group
Waterous Energy Fund
Waterton Global Resource Management
Watertower Group
Watervale Equity Partners
Watervein Partners
Wattle Hill Capital
Waud Capital Partners, LLC
WAVE Equity Partners
Wave Ventures
Wavecrest Growth Partners
WaveDivision Capital
Waveland Investments, LLC
Waveland Ventures, LLC
Wavemaker Partners
Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health
Waverley Capital
WayPoint Capital Partners
Weatherford Capital
Weber Capital Management, LLC
Webster Equity Partners
Wedbush Capital Partners
Weight Partners Capital LLP
Weinberg Capital Group
Weinberg Capital Partners
Weld North LLC
Welkin Capital Management (HK) Ltd.
Weller Equity Partners
Wellington Partners Venture Capital GmbH
Wellspring Capital Management, LLC
Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe
Werklund Ventures
WERU Investment Co. Ltd.
Wesley Clover International Corporation
West Allen Capital
West Coast Equity Partners
West End Holdings, LLC
West Lane Capital Partners LLC
West Nonpublic Holdings
West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund, Inc.
West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust (JIT)
WestBridge Capital India Advisors Pvt. Ltd.
Westbridge Capital Ltd.
WestBridge LLP
WestCap Group
Westcap Mgt. Ltd.
Western Digital Capital
Western Investment Fund
Western New York Impact Investment Fund
Western Technology Investment
Westhook Capital, LLC
Westlake Village BioPartners
Westly Group
Westshore Capital Partners
WestSummit Capital
WestTech Ventures GmbH
WestView Capital Partners
Westwave Capital
Wexford Capital LLC
Wexford Capital Partners, LLC
WGD Capital, L.P.
Wharton Equity Partners, LLC
Wheelock Street Capital LLC
White Birch Capital Partners, LLC
White Cloud Capital Advisors Ltd.
White Deer Energy
White Oak Group Inc.
White Road Investments
White Star Capital
White Wolf Capital LLC
Whitecap Venture Partners
WhiteHorse Capital
Whitehorse Liquidity Partners
Whiterock Finance
Whiz Partners Inc.
WI Harper Group
WI Harper Group
WI Harper Group
Wicks Group of Companies, LLC
Wiegers Capital Partners, LLC
Wild Basin Investments
Wildcat Venture Partners
Will Ventures
Willis & Smith Capital, LLC
Willow Tree Credit Partners
Willowridge Partners, Inc.
WILsquare Capital LLC
Wincove Private Holdings, LP
Wind Point Partners
Wind River Holdings, L.P.
WIND Ventures
Windcrest Partners
Windham Venture Partners
Windjammer Capital Investors, LLC
WindRose Health Investors, LLC
WindSail Capital Group, LLC
Windsor Essex Angel Network
Windsor Private Capital
Windspeed Ventures
Wing Capital Group
Wing Venture Capital
Wingate Partners
Wings Capital Partners
Wingspire Capital, LLC
Winklevoss Capital
Winnebago Seed Fund
Winnick & Company
Winona Capital Management, LLC
Wipro Ventures
WISC Partners, LLC
Wisconsin Investment Partners, LLC
Wisdom Capital Partners, LLC
Wise Equity SGR S.p.A.
Wise Road Capital
Wisemont Capital
Wittington Ventures
WJ Partners, LLC
WM Partners, LP
WMU Biosciences Research & Commercialization Center
Wolverine Venture Fund
Women’s VC Fund II
Wonder Ventures
WONIK Investment Partners Co. Ltd.
Woodcrest Capital, LLC
Woodlawn Partners
Woodside Capital Partners
Woodward Angels
Workday Ventures
Workhorse Capital, LLC
World Innovation Lab (WiL)
World Trade Ventures
WP Global Partners
WRB Serra Partners
WRF Capital
WRV Capital
WV Ventures
Wynnchurch Capital
Wyvern Seed Fund
X-Ventures Zrt.
X2 Equity GmbH
Xandex Ventures
Xenia Venture Capital
Xeraya Capital Sdn. Bhd.
Xevin Investments Sp. z o.o.
XG Ventures
Xiang He Capital
XL Innovate
XMI Capital
XPND Capital
XPV Water Partners
XR Invest
XSeed Capital
XVC Venture Capital
Xyence Capital SGR SpA
Y Combinator
Yaletown Partners
Yamaguchi Capital Co. Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley, Inc.
Yankee Hill Capital Management, LLC
Yao Capital
Yellow Point Equity Partners LP
Yellow Wood Partners
Yellowstone Capital Partners, LLC
Yenni Capital, Inc.
YF Capital
YFM Equity Partners
YFY Biotech Management Company
Yi Capital Inc.
YL Ventures
Yonjin Capital LLC
York Private Equity
Yorkshire Equity LLC
Yorktown Partners LLC
YourNest Angel Fund
Ysios Capital Partners SGECR SA
Yuanta Investment
Yukon Partners
Yunqi Partners
Yushan Ventures
Yuuwa Capital LP
Z Capital Group, LLC
Z Venture Capital
Zana Capital Pte Ltd.
Zelkova Ventures
Zenith Group
Zeno Ventures
Zenyth Partners
Zephyr Management, L.P.
Zero2IPO Group
Zetta Venture Partners
ZFHN Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn GmbH & Co. KG
Zhejiang Sino Wisdom Investment Co.,Ltd.
Zigg Capital
Zino Ventures
Zitelman Group
ZJM Equity
ZMT Ventures
Zone 5 Ventures
Zouk Capital LLP
ZS Fund, L.P.

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